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10 Ways to Be a Top Class Mentalist

A mentalist is a person with strange abilities to describe a person’s nature, hidden facts, and perform tricks that defy reality. Mentalism can give you significant power in your social interactions and the ability to entertain people with a few tricks.
Anybody can learn mentalism. The only requirement is a mastery of human nature and a quick mental capacity to know what each signal means. This, coupled with the knowledge of how to use various accessories, will set you on the coveted path.
If you want to stand out from the rest, here are ten tips on how you can achieve that:

Start Small

Many mentalists make the mistake of taking on more than they can handle. However, you can overcome this by focusing on vital techniques. It helps you make connections within routines, familiarize yourself with methods and devices, thus building your confidence.
Starting small also involves trying out your performances with a limited number of people or with yourself in the mirror. Through this, you will learn how to handle rejection before going to the big leagues.

Build a Strong Foundation

Apart from a firm foothold on psychology, there are many other aspects of being the best at mentalism. These include techniques, devices, and effects.


Some of the popular effects are spoon bending, psychokinetic touches, and mind-reading.


Common techniques are psychological forces and peeks.


The devices are divided into two: secret and performative. Secret devices need not be expensive and essential to have when starting are loops, magic wallets, and nail writers.
Performative devices are:

  • Communication – It comes down to your character and how you win the audience’s attention. This involves the mastery of body language, eloquence, boldness, and skill expertise.
  • Storytelling – This is the ability to convince the audience to carry out your tasks.
  • Cold observation and inference – This helps give accuracy on how you read your audience and can also act as a distraction for other maneuvers such as peeks.

Tap into Resources

Exploring literature surrounding mentalism will show you the details of how to perform each of the maneuvers listed above.
There are online lectures and training videos at your disposal. Since it’s also essential to study the outstanding performances of the great mentalists, this will be useful.

Put in the Practice Hours

Practice Hours
Like many other skills, deliberate practice is a must. It’s vital to practice the skills and techniques until they become second nature. This not only awes your audience but also builds your confidence.
Have a schedule of what you’re going to do, plan reviews to recognize weaknesses, and don’t shy away from mistakes. Failure will give you the most learning points, which will rank you among the best.

Develop a Supreme Character

Character will make you unique in the way you present your performance. Merging this with your tricks makes it more believable to your audience. It also helps achieve the end you desire. That could be humor, excitement, or seriousness. You will, therefore, have to experiment to know what works best.

Build a Routine

Build a Routine
Always have some tricks you know by heart that you can do at any time. Experts recommend using a maximum of three so that you’re not overwhelmed. They should be in an order that boosts each other to capture your audience’s attention while capitalizing on their levels of awe.
You should always perform a routine on a real audience monitoring the overall effects and reactions, which you can use to tweak until you get the results you want. It, therefore, offers a chance to improve your technique.

1.  Connect with your Audience

After a performance, stick around to monitor the impact of your skills. This should act as a supplement to reading the audience while performing. It’s effectively conveyed by paying attention to the questions they ask and will help you see your performance from their perspective, thus improving.

2.  Develop Fluidity

Inevitably, you will make mistakes in front of an audience. What matters is how quickly you recover. Running the performance in your mind beforehand, taking note of potential setbacks, and planning for them will help you move seamlessly. This can include having multiple tricks up your sleeve, ready for any scenario.

3.  Build Relationships with Like-minded Mentalists

Mentors are invaluable in giving counsel and showing you pitfalls you should avoid. They can also help you get new ideas and strengthen your weak areas. While starting, they might connect you with gigs to help you practice as you rise in the industry.

4.  Never Stop

Don’t get carried away after the initial success. Instead, invest in yourself by buying equipment or accessories that make your work easier. This can also be through paying for a course or a resource that helps you improve your skills.
To prevent boredom, you can create or enroll in challenges that motivate you to be better. Also, it’s okay to take breaks but get back to it as soon as possible.


Being a top-class mentalist involves dedication, hard work, and patience. The list above can help pave your way towards that goal. Take it a step at a time, recognize your weaknesses, try everything to see what works, and never stop learning.


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