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10 Common Mistakes with Hiring Solar Installers and How to Avoid Them

Recent studies show that the U.S. solar market will grow 40% more by 2027. To make the most of solar panels, you need to know the common mistakes with hiring solar installers. If your residential solar system is not secure, there’s a risk that it will break or the structure will need to be replaced frequently.

So, the first step is to look at the options for solar installers. Then, start reading online reviews and comparing solar installation costs. But, if you’ve never installed solar features, it’s easy to get distracted by a cheap deal and forget the contract’s fine details.

This article will give you an overview of how to find the perfect solar installer without worrying about quality and safety.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes With Hiring Solar Installers

Research is key when searching for a new company to hire for solar installations, but it can be time-consuming to look at several company profiles. To make it simple, start by writing a list of the top results from Google and work your way through them in order.

This gives you the opportunity to check off the companies without a website and focus on the other options.

  1. Not Doing Your Research

Even though solar panels are the future of energy consumption, you might be wondering if it’s a good option for your home. The best solar installation experience is when you have a knowledgeable team of professionals with the right skill set. Before you finalize your choice of solar panels, it’s important to research the benefits of using solar energy.

One significant benefit of solar panels is that it saves you money on your energy bills. Plus, using this type of energy is better for the environment. So, to get the benefits of solar power, you need to hire a respectable installation company. Look into options in your local area that specialize in home services.

This way, you’ll find a company that will be able to attach the solar panels correctly to your property.

  1. Only Getting One Estimate

As a general rule, it’s good to have at least three estimates from different companies. Three estimates allow you to compare and contrast the value of the service and explore the average rate. If one company charges double the amount of other services, then you know it’s too expensive.

You need to examine all the services included in the price, such as the initial consultation, materials, and experience. Professional solar installers will charge more if they are highly skilled. One tip for avoiding mistakes with hiring solar installers is to get the estimates before scheduling a meeting.

If you wait until you meet the company, you’ll have to pay a fee, which will cost more.

  1. Forgetting About References

References are essential for solar installation services as they are a good indication of the quality of work. When a company has no positive references, it’s a bad sign, and you should avoid working with this company. Be careful about checking the descriptions from clients for customer service and project timelines.

Reading through references is a great way to clarify how long the installation process is and allows you to budget for the work.

  1. Hiring Without Insurance

Insurance is crucial for working with service professionals when they work with heavy equipment and do risky jobs like installing solar panels. All professional solar companies should have liability insurance that covers damages if they occur. The insurance is typically displayed on the website.

But, if you can’t find any information about insurance, contact the team and ask about their type of coverage. Another policy to look for is worker’s compensation, which protects employees on the property. You won’t need to pay for treatment if there’s an accident.

  1. Paying Before Work Is Complete

One huge red flag of any solar installation company is when they ask for payment without completing the work. It’s normal for companies to ask for a deposit if the job takes longer and costs a lot of money. But, a business should never ask for full payment without finishing the project.

You should ask the company about installments as it’s common for clients to be able to pay in different amounts. Normally, you pay a deposit and then several payments until the finished installation. This way, you’re protected if employers don’t show up or the work is poor quality.

  1. No Written Contract

It goes without saying that you need a written contract for solar installation. A simple phone call is insufficient to outline the process and cover costs. You must have the various features on a contract so the company is transparent about extra fees and the timeline.

For example, if the contract says the solar panels will be installed in a month, the company needs to stick to the agreement. Otherwise, you could pay for work that takes two months to finish instead of one. After you receive the contract, make copies and keep the paperwork somewhere safe.

If the contract is digital, send it to your inbox and download it onto your desktop. But it’s always a good idea to have digital and paper copies of important contracts so you can refer to them when necessary. It’s also

  1. Absent During Installation

It can be challenging to be present for every moment of the installation, but you should try to be there as much as possible. This is an excellent way to have control over the process and to check that the rest of the home is not damaged. Talking with employees during the process will help calm any concerns you may have about the materials.

Ask the team about the installation and follow-up maintenance so you know what to do when the solar panels are attached. You’ll need to prioritize cleaning solar panels to keep them free from dirt and to ensure they run smoothly. Another way to look after the solar panels is to book regular checkups.

Once the solar panels are installed, you must keep monitoring them and double-check that they aren’t broken. But, as most solar panels are placed on the roof, it’s important that you don’t try to examine them without help. Professional maintenance companies will ensure that the solar panels are safe and they will have the correct equipment for climbing onto the roof.

  1. Picking Cheap Services To Save Money

Low prices can be appealing if you have a tight budget and time pressure. Hiring a cheap service means you’ll get an installation that isn’t the best quality, so it will break quickly and need a lot of maintenance. The additional costs end up being more expensive than the original installation.

Negotiation is helpful if you’ve installed solar panels before and know the process. But, you should be confident when negotiating and realistic with the price estimate. If the business is willing to negotiate for several properties or include a cleaning service, you could save money without sacrificing the quality.

  1. Choosing Unlicensed Workers

Unlicensed workers are often associated with low prices as they don’t have the qualifications to market themselves as professionals. Installation companies with experience have up-to-date licenses placed on their website. This is essential as you don’t want to have an unprofessional working on the structure of your home.

A license is also vital as it proves the workers have been trained to handle equipment correctly without causing injuries. These professionals can provide recommendations for cleaning services and walk you through the different features of solar panels. So, you can learn about tips for the future and upgrading solar panels when the time is right.

  1. Asking the Wrong Questions

The first contact with a company sets the tone for the rest of the project. So, you need to take the opportunity to ask important questions and cover all the aspects of the installation. Some of the basic questions are the timeline for the complete installation and what warranty is offered for the service.

But here are other questions to keep in mind when hiring a solar installation company:

  • What are the payment terms?
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
  • Can I see the references?
  • Do you have examples of previous installations?
  • Where can I find out about your insurance?
  • Could you tell me about your qualifications?

If there’s anything else that comes to mind, don’t be afraid to ask during the initial call or in an email. This shows that you care about the quality of work and want to pay for the best service.

Book a Cleaning Appointment for Your Solar Panels

The world is constantly looking for new ways to cut energy consumption and provide efficient solutions to residential properties. Installing solar panels is a good step towards saving money and optimizing the space of your home.

Our cleaning services are great for maintaining your solar panels after the installation process. Avoid these mistakes with hiring solar installers so you get reliable employees that show up and are transparent with their policies.

Look on our blog to learn more about caring for your newly installed solar panels.