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zSpace: Transforming Learning Through AR/VR Experiences

Imagine a fifth-grade student holding a human heart in his hands, feeling the beat and discovering how it pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Or a third-grader building a virtual network of tracks and ramps and exploring how changes in gravity affect movement and velocity. Or thousands of high school students having lifelike learning experiences that help them build skills to earn industry certifications, such as certified medical administrative assistant or automotive technician, even before they graduate.
All of this and more is happening in thousands of classrooms around the world where students are learning with zSpace. zSpace combines elements of augmented and virtual reality to create lifelike experiences that inspire curiosity, create engagement and deepen understanding. zSpace enables experiential learning through student-centered activities that supplement and align with existing K-12 and career and technical education (CTE) curriculum in more than 600 school districts, medical schools and colleges and universities across North America.
Unlike most VR technology, students don’t need to wear headsets because zSpace is screen-based. The “mouse” is a stylus, which students use to pick up and move items right off the screen. Lightweight glasses transform items into 3D objects that can be seen by everyone wearing the glasses, or the student can cast images onto a screen for the entire class to view.
Moving Beyond the “Wow” Factor for AR/VR
zSpace is playing a pivotal role in moving the AR/VR industry beyond the “wow” factor to real value. Company CEO Paul Kellenberger said, “A students can put on a VR headset and take a field trip, but that is a solo experience. It doesn’t encourage making connections, creativity or collaboration. Our experience is created specifically for learners. It helps both children and adult learners share the experience as they dive deep into educational concepts that can now be explored virtually.”
zSpace creates a comfortable, interactive learning experience while allowing the user to see and collaborate with those around them. The all-in-one platform also includes learning apps with hundreds of standards-based activities aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and state standards.
Innovative, Creative – and Fun — Workplace
Under the leadership of CEO Kellenberger, a veteran of the edtech and tech industries, the Sunnyvale, California based company is keenly focused on its mission. The company’s team of more than 120 employees works in an environment where innovation is valued and rewarded.  In the spirit of the Silicon Valley, perks include competitive compensation and vacation, holiday and sick time packages; 401(k); and company supported benefits including family medical, dental, and vision coverage, plus payment of premiums for life and long/short term disability; flexible spending accounts for dependent care, transit and parking; and a fully stocked kitchen and weekly hot lunch.
The Future
The future is bright at zSpace. Every day, educators are finding new and innovative ways to use its technology to transform learning for their students. The company’s footprint in K-12 schools, colleges and universities is expanding as education leaders recognize the ways that learning with zSpace increases interest an engagement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and CTE (career technical education) careers, both major government priorities.
Named one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States by the Inc 5000 for two consecutive years, the company continues to grow at a rapid pace. Going forward, zSpace continues to be committed to continuing its history of delivering innovative solutions that improve student outcomes.
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