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Zingtree: Architect of Incredible Decision-making Tools and Scripts that Saves Time and Money

Zingtree is a burgeoning startup that provides interactive decision trees to clients. Its powerful online toolkit allows anyone to create interactive decision trees that save both time and money. As a highly intuitive platform for call centers to tap into, a guided Zingtree script can navigate agents through their customer conversations, and provide comprehensive data about every call. The use of an interactive script during customer interactions decreases AHT (Average Handling Time) and offers compelling insights into the efficiency and results for a group of agents, or even drilling down on an agent-byagent basis.
Brain behind Zingtree 
Bill Dettering is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zingtree. He is a learning enthusiast whose focus always remains in developing cutting-edge technological solutions. He has a successful history of establishing and running many technology focused companies. Bill’s passion and focus to provide priceless services to call centers, and other organizations is the prime reason behind his stupendous entrepreneurial success streak.
The Incredible change that led to the Birth of their Flagship Online Toolkit 
Zingtree was initially borne by an existing consumer software company that Bill had founded in the early 2000’s. While looking at ways to address the rising cost of customer support and repetitive tickets that were delivered on a daily basis, the company decided to hard code decision tree troubleshooters as part of its online support process. What happened next was an incredible change and improvement in the support efforts; immediately, they saw a 25–30% reduction in the number of tickets received. This drastic reduction led them to the conclusion that many customers preferred to self-solve their inquiries and issues at any time, provided a guided online solution. This “Aha” moment initiated the development process of a simple-touse toolkit that allowed anyone to build their customized decision trees.
Easy-to-Use Characteristic to soar its Popularity 
Coming from a consumer background, Zingtree focused on developing a platform that does not require IT involvement. With its online-toolkit, content, and support, managers can easily build and manage their decision trees and agent scripts without the need of back-end developers and technical knowledge. Zingtree has received numerous comments from customers as to how fun and easy Zingtree’s solution is for creating, customizing, publishing, and managing decision trees online. From the initial launch of Zingtree, they discovered very quickly that customers had many and varied customer support needs that could ultimately be streamlined, simplified, and improved. The idea of interactive troubleshooter-style trees for selfhelp technical support quickly expanded into other exciting areas. Call center companies started engaging with Zingtree for building, and testing guided agent scripts for their teams. Currently, 50% of the Zingtree customers are either call center companies or businesses that have employees who specifically use Zingtree for agent scripting purposes. As businesses see the benefits of a script as a guide for their agents, as well as an excellent tool for training and onboarding, they delve a little deeper into the use of customer-facing decision trees. This theme has become more common as companies are looking to streamline all organizational processes including the ability to provide immediate and unattended answers for self-solving.
A Comprehensive Tool 
While Zingtree is designed to be intuitive and straightforward for anyone to use, it is incredibly robust when you take a look under its hood. From in-depth reporting and analytics to single sign-on capabilities to complex logic solving; the Zingtree toolkit provides the most comprehensive decision tree making tools in the industry. Customer is the King In addition to Zingtree’s powerful technical abilities, their products have always been customer-driven. They always focus on introducing innovative features in their products. The founder’s B2C background gives inspiration to its employees and helps them realize that customers are indeed the key for long-term success. Zingtree listens to its customers’ needs on high priority and promptly provides innovative solutions with fresh ideas.
High Quality Products with Flexible and Affordable Pricing 
Being customer-driven in this industry is a significant component when it comes to competitor differentiation. Zingtree has established its services at realistic pricing in comparison to the competition, offering a flexible pay-asyou- go pricing model in which a customer is charged only when an agent works. As opposed to a fixed cost per agent, month or year (whether the agent works or not), the flexible creditbased model has proven to be very favorable and more cost-efficient for call centers and other organizations. (Fixed pricing is also available to customers who prefer it.) Like many consumers today, Zingtree’s customers appreciate a high-quality product at a fair price while also getting a fast, personalized customer support experience. Zingtree firmly believes that customers should have access to the product to determine if it is the right solution that will meet their needs or not. For this reason, Zingtree provides a 30-day trial, so that a prospective customer can sign up and create as many guided scripts and interactive decision trees as they want. Trial holders can also have as many agents using Zingtree during the trial period as they need. This unlimited, free access has been priceless to customers as they are exploring features and solutions that will help them drive greater efficiency in their business lines, and ultimately save them vital money.

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