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ZeroDown Software: Pioneering Ultra High Availability for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Empowering Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments!

In today’s digital landscape, businesses often rely on a combination of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud resources to run their applications and services. Managing this complex hybrid and multi-cloud environment requires a centralized control point that ensures high availability, reliability, and efficient resource allocation. The High Availability Control Point serves as a centralized management and monitoring solution that helps organizations achieve their objectives.

ZeroDown Software here stays at the cutting edge by staying close to customers – to design and deliver the right technology solution for the right customer needs at the right time. Today, ZeroDown is in a very strong position to build from its core of ZeroDown SafeHouse Technology and apply this solution to a variety of IT and societal needs and requirements.

In an interview conducted between Insights Success and Alan Gin, Co-founder and CEO of ZeroDown Software, Alan explains how the team at ZeroDown builds solutions based on current technology trends.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Can you provide a brief overview of your company and its primary areas of focus within the tech industry?

ZeroDown Software, an application-first pioneer for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions in the field of business continuity and disaster recovery, traces its roots back to the early 2000s. Founded by a team of visionary entrepreneurs with extensive experience in auditing, security, data center telecommunications, and IT infrastructure, the company sought to address a pressing issue faced by organizations worldwide: downtime.

Downtime has always been a significant concern for businesses. Even a few minutes of downtime can result in substantial financial losses and damage to a company’s reputation. Traditional disaster recovery solutions were cumbersome, costly, and often ineffective. The need for a more innovative approach became evident.

ZeroDown Software’s founders envisioned a new paradigm where a combination of virtualization, cloud computing, and advanced replication technologies could be combined to completely eliminate downtime and data loss. This vision laid the foundation for ZeroDown Software’s groundbreaking SafeHouse Technology in 2023.

What do you believe sets your company apart as one of the most innovative in the tech sector for 2023?

ZeroDown® Software is the only solution in the world today that provides Ultra High Availability™ for hybrid and multi-cloud. ZeroDown’s SafeHouse Technology guarantees zero downtime to all business applications and data running on any IT infrastructure with one solution.

  • Full business assurance before and during any outage
  • Recovery to immediate transaction states (RPO=ZERO)
  • Zero data or transaction loss & zero data sync up issues
  • Non-intrusive, agent-less software that is easy to implement and support
  • No inevitable delay and disruption from executing disaster recovery plans
  • Operational resilience during a cyber-attack and breach

How does your company stay updated with the latest technological trends and advancements?

It all starts with customers. ZeroDown Software itself was formed solely based on the need to solve a major challenge that has faced customers across the world in IT now for decades, which is data loss and downtime. Listening to customers on what they want and need and where other solutions in the past have fallen short provided the blueprint for ZeroDown Software to follow to build solutions based on current technology trends.

ZeroDown Software’s executive team is very active in the IT community and brings with it hundreds of collective years of IT experience and relationships. Key through all of this is strong global partnerships with some of the largest and most influential technology companies in the world, who have all embraced ZeroDown Software as a key part of their portfolio ecosystem.

Keeping engaged with our industry peers allows us to stay on top of the latest technology trends and be early in the discussion on what those organizations are seeing and hearing from customers.

Could you highlight some of the significant achievements or milestones your company has reached in 2023?

Building off the foundation of their unique SafeHouse Technology, during 2023, ZeroDown inspired and pioneered the first-of-its-kind multi-vendor collaboration of industry-leading organizations to redefine the approach to operational cyber resilience.

The SafeHouse Initiative was formed as a joint partnership of insurance and industry-leading technology providers, providing open access to thought leadership, knowledge, and expertise on cyber security and ransomware protection. The SafeHouse Initiative provides open access to an online platform for all organizations, from SMBs to enterprises to government agencies, with open access to the same level of knowledge and best practices to help evaluate, prepare, and implement a strategy for both operational and application resilience for businesses of all sizes.

How does your company approach research and development to stay at the cutting edge of technology?

ZeroDown Software stays at the cutting edge by staying close to customers – that has always been our approach to designing and delivering what we feel is the right technology solutions for the right customer needs at the right time.

Much of this comes from the years of industry experience of our organization, but we also put a strong emphasis on open collaboration with our industry peers to harness and leverage their expertise and insight as well.

Having no ego in our approach to designing and delivering strong solutions for customer needs allows us to work openly with a large ecosystem of the largest IT organizations in the world and, through this, gain invaluable insight into what new technology solutions are coming next to stay on the cutting edge.

Considering adaptability and resilience, how has your company demonstrated adaptability in response to the rapidly evolving tech landscape in 2023?

We live in a modern connected world with most companies and average citizens relying on digital banking and financial management, not to mention just day-to-day commerce transactions. Protecting digital information and assets for both the company, the government, and individuals is a key requirement to keeping today’s modern connected world moving.

Addressing cyber security is a daunting task, and no one organization today has all of the solutions available to address the problem end-to-end.

In September 2023, Las Vegas, for example, was the target of a widespread Ransomware attack that impacted not only the casinos and hotels but the citizens staying in those locations as well, and the threat of digital cyberattacks only continues to grow.

ZeroDown SafeHouse Technology ensures the most critical asset, the applications and data itself, are protected, always available, and never have data loss. Through the SafeHouse Initiative, ZeroDown is bringing in other industry leaders to fill out the defense against Cyber Attacks using the best of breed of what each organization does and bring it together in an open and centralized forum to be leveraged.

Which emerging technologies do you believe will play a crucial role in shaping the tech industry in the coming years?

Our belief is the move to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) will shape the future of the technology industry, and we’re just starting to see the tip of this wave forming now. This will be similar to the dot-com boom of the 1990s in that AI will create a massive new wave of applications across the world, accessed both locally and globally and digitally connected.

In this world, the need for continuous and seamless access to applications and data and guaranteed assurance of availability and security for those applications will become vital. AI is moving from just being for data scientists and niche use cases to becoming a mainstream major trend wave that will impact all aspects of our society and, with it, the technology industry as a whole.

Just as all CIOs today are asked about their cloud computing strategy, moving forward, it will be what their strategy is to harness and take advantage of modern AI.

How does your company prioritize the needs and preferences of its customers in the development of tech solutions?

Everything we do at ZeroDown Software starts with looking at the needs of the customer and working back to design the solution. Too often in the technology industry, we, as vendors, develop a solution and then seek to find a customer for that solution. The better approach is to find the customer’s need and build a solution that meets that need.

In our case, with ZeroDown Software, we saw and heard the clear need for a way to finally eliminate downtime and data loss for business applications, and this is what ZeroDown SafeHouse Technology does at its core.

As we’ve built off this core and added new capabilities to apply ZeroDown SafeHouse Technology in new areas, we again looked at current major customer pain points such as ransomware and security, leading to the SafeHouse Initiative being formed.

Moving forward, our intent is to maintain a laser focus on customer needs and let that guide our development priorities. And this will include working with strong, joint global partners whom our customers rely upon today to continue to maintain a strong partner ecosystem that represents what customers want and enjoy using today.

In what ways is your company incorporating sustainability and ethical practices into its tech innovations for 2023?

The SafeHouse Initiative.ORG is first and foremost focused on the 400M SMB customers who are underserved by the technology giants who focus all of their sales initiatives on Enterprise and Government opportunities. The insurance industry executives asked how we could assemble SMEs (subject matter experts) who understand the NIST controls for cyber insurance and create a curated education portal where no customers are tracked for selling purposes and no selling or marketing of products takes place. The founders of ZeroDown went to our decades of technology executives and recruited them to participate by providing IP and curated education content in the form of blogs, articles, podcasts, and webinar content that is a challenge for SMBs to locate. We engaged the WhiteHouse, CISA, and NIST to participate as well. Our goal is to protect the SMBs from becoming victims of Cyber and Ransomware attacks that would cripple and eventually put them out of business.

What are the key goals and aspirations your company has set for the future in terms of technological innovation?

ZeroDown’s goals and aspirations are to help improve the way people and businesses live, work, and operate every day across the world – by keeping open and continuous access to one of their most valued assets: Information.

We feel we are in a very strong position to build from our core of ZeroDown SafeHouse Technology and apply this unique, patented solution for a variety of IT and societal needs and requirements – as an example, the focus on cybersecurity throughout 2023.

As we look to 2024 and beyond, with the wave of AI growing and forming, we see an ever-increasing need for simple, seamless, and secure access to information being vital to allow the wave of AI adoption to form and flow without disruption and deliver all of the transformational benefits possible which we are just starting to see glimpses of today.

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