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Zappi: A Leading Automated Consumer Insights Platform

Contrary to popular perception, it is a very hopeful time to be a market researcher. Although time and budgets are squeezed, an opportunity has presented itself to embrace innovation. Tech is already enabling researchers to do more, think more, and do analysis that wasn’t possible in the past.
Business leaders need to watch out for the synergy between AI and data integration. Here lies the future of many developments that could change the business landscape as we know it. One company building the future of marketing research by using AI technology is Zappi.
Zappi is built for marketers and insights professionals who respect the voice of their consumers as the most influential part of their decision-making process. Zappi automates the collection and modeling of data using proven market research methodologies; from audience configuration to reporting. It understands data at a semantic level, and drives meaningful analysis in realtime via an intuitive interface. Zappi learns the business goals of clients in a cumulative manner, growing more strategic with more use.
Ultimately, the platform envisions a more intelligent future. According to Steve Phillips, CEO, “Our mission is to help clients build more effective brands, produce stronger products, and develop the ability to adapt in ever-changing markets utilizing the best consumer insights.”
Steve has lived in and worked across four continents with a focus on international research. His work on Consumer Purchase Journeys has won multiple awards and he has been a regular speaker on this topic at industry events.
He has become a devotee of Behavioral Economics and his work on the impact of this thinking won the ESOMAR Best Paper award in 2011. He has also won the ‘Best New Thinking’ award at the MRS Conference, and became a recipient of both the ARF Great Minds certificate and the industries Innovation award.
When Steve is at work, he is known to be many things. Most importantly a technology enthusiast and forward thinker, his dedicated pursuit doesn’t take away from who he is and everything he loves about life! In his spare time, Steve also runs a local cricket team.
We asked Steve about the biggest threat looming in the sector of market research and his views were insightful. Steve said, “There is a perception that technology is one of the biggest challenges for the market research industry. However, market researchers are in dire need of faster, simpler, and more economical research in order to keep a seat at their companies’ tables. Technology especially around AI, can help – only if it’s truly accepted as valid.”
His views are echoed in the industry and the latest research supporting the need for a quality big data solution to uplift the market research industry. Recently, AMA research titled, “The 2017 Q3-Q4 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report” stated that “technology and innovation are the biggest challenges facing the market research industry. Market research suppliers report feeling threatened by the pervasiveness of fraudulent survey respondents, disillusionment with the actionable value of Big Data, skills shortages in advanced statistical modeling, and the looming threat of AI eliminating research jobs.”
According to Steve, the future of research automation will take place on one of the few major platforms. Steve envisions Zappi to be that platform. Under his leadership, Zappi engineers are building new capabilities and getting clients to conduct their research and collect data at one place.
The company hopes to make clients realize that using a single platform is more beneficial as opposed to using an array of limited and unconnected providers. Additionally, the Zappi team hopes to provide a clear understanding of their extensive capabilities to clients via proven results. The groundwork for Zappi’s progress and vision was laid out in 2010 when Steve identified that there was little demand for further methodological innovation in market research and spotted an opportunity for new thinking around tech instead.
In 2013, he imagined an automated ‘app store’ for buying and selling self-serve research solutions. He founded Zappi and shortly thereafter, Intellection Software CTO, Dave Birch, saw the value in this proposition and joined as technology partner.
Ahead of launch, his newly found team spent a year in development, testing new research tools, reporting software, and the website. The following years were spent establishing meaningful partnerships with research providers leveraging their IP.
Zappi has now built the world’s most power consumer insights platform, capable of simplifying complex metaanalysis projects. The company frequently speaks of its ethos around machine learning: augmented intelligence trumps artificial intelligence, and infusing advanced tech with codified human expertise to deliver exceptional results.
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