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Zadara: Solving IT Challenges with Storage as a Service (STaaS)

The rise of cloud storage has introduced the idea of paying for storage based on capacity and time – otherwise known as consumption-based charging. The future will see storage moving to be a chargeable commodity that is consumed and paid for on demand.
Zadara Storage is applying the pay-as-you-consume to data center-grade storage.  In doing so, it is opening the door to tremendous new options for the customer.
Nelson Nahum, Co-founder, Zadara Storage is a multiple patent holder who has spent over 20 years in creating innovative storage systems.  He was formerly a fellow and VP of software engineering at LSI Corporation, and CTO and co-founder of StoreAge Networking Technologies, which was acquired by LSI.  He holds a B.Sc.EE from the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology.
Storage that Evolves With Your Business
Zadara Storage Cloud technology brings the robust features, security and capabilities of enterprise storage to the cloud, and conversely brings cloud flexibility and economics to on-premises environments.  It provides a common OpEx platform for any storage type – object, file or block; any storage location- on-premise, public, private or hybrid configurations; and any storage protocol – iSCSI, iSER, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, or S3.  Zadara’s unique approach to dedicating resources provides the economic and scalable benefits of multi-tenancy, with the guaranteed performance and security of single-tenancy.  Solutions include:
Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSAs) that enable cloud-based storage to deliver the same features and benefits of the traditional enterprise storage now powering enterprise data centers. As a result, business databases and applications can be moved to the Cloud to achieve unsurpassed scalability, reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance.
ZIOS™ Intelligent Object Store services- provide private, as-a-service, object storage with Zadara’s hallmark isolated resources. ZIOS capacity is infinitely scalable and the performance scales equally, as capacity grows. The product is S3/Swift compatible, and provides different levels of administrative access as well as charge-back billing. ZIOS runs on Zadara clouds and shares the same infrastructure as Zadara’s block and file services VPSA™ solution.
Zadara Container Services (ZCS) open up new possibilities by putting Docker containers inside your storage for lightning-fast performance, task automation, and application high availability.
Zadara’s Backup to Amazon S3 (B2S3) feature enables VPSA customers to create an automatic, snapshot-based, continuous, incremental backup to low-cost, and Amazon S3 object storage at a click of a button. The B2S3 feature eliminates the need for host-based backup software.
VPSA Multi-Zone High Availability (HA) is Zadara’s geographically distributed replication option. It allows, both on-premises and cloud customers have the option to geographically distribute their data for a truly high-availability storage solution.