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Cyril Tuschi | CEO & Founder | you-VR

you-VR: A Worldwide VR Multiplayer Solution Provider

Founded in 2015, You-VR is a solution provider for the entertainment industry (LBE) and added multiplayer B2B solutions. Founding the entertainment brand Vonderland for international content production is the third major step of You-VR.
B2B XR solutions are thriving very healthy and also the entertainment out of home solutions. You-VR plans to offer a system for home XR so that all games and applications can be played without a hassle, due to our software SyncReality for auto-adaptive playfields.
Cyril Tuschi with senior level experience in Film Production and Story development always thrives for stories bigger than life. This is the reason behind the contentious addition of AR/VR to the company’s production tools.
The Inspiration behind the Initiation 
Initially, while working on a Film project in Hong Kong, Cyril saw that all the topics discussed on the conferences he attended in Europe, were already implemented and scaled in HK and China. Also, when he experienced full-body avatar multiplayer VR for the very first time, he understood that it is crucial to plunge into immersive worlds always with other people—once you have a companion on this virtual uncharted territory, the unknown fields become less unknown, when you have a real person next to you. After this key experience he made the decision to only develop social VR multiplayer experiences.
Unique Products and Services 
You-VR offers, primarily, multisensory XR for theme parks and corporate B2B solutions for training and education, be it multiplayer with wind, heat, vibration, scents and full body avatars.
For home XR, the company synchronizes the real world with the virtual. With their product SyncReality, the content will be placed automatically within its Auto-Adaptive Playfields and the algorithms will do the placement in an aesthetical and dramaturgical manner which increases the quality of the experience.
AI, IOT and 5G will create the metaverse, where a virtual layer will be placed over the reality. It will be crowd sourced and steadily expanding.
Off course all topics privacy, “opt-in-as-a-standard” and health tests will be mandatory to build up a trustful relationship with the customers.
Best Solutions for Clients 
The biggest benefit for the B2B and LBE sector is the highest multisensory immersion within an affordable and scala ble setup. Another huge advantage for the clients is a long tradition in storytelling and technology. The company builds interactive storyworlds, rooted in classical storytelling.
The XR industry is pretty well accelerating in the fields of hardware and utilities, but still quite flimsy, if we look at content and new ways of creating experience spaces. Exactly that is the strength of You-VR– building creative bridges between linear content and interconnected storyworlds. Be it for training, education and onboarding or commerce and entertainment.
Since You-VR is a company with a holistic approach, it can offer full service solutions, from technology advice, ideation and straight forward prototyping, content production, as well as marketing and servicing of the finished experiences.
The Future Roadmap
You-VR founded in Berlin an Entertainment Branch under the brand name VONDERLAND. Within one year the company established creative satellites in Frankfurt (art & advertisement), Munich (R&D for auto-adaptive in-car entertainment), Shanghai (Location Based Entertainment und Brand Experience Centers) and LA (Content Development).
The main focus of the company at the moment is to developing a system and content for “Connected Entertainment”, which expands entertainment IP or products, as well as educational content to a broad variety of interactive Media, as AR apps, projection mapping, elastic content for synchronized in-vehicle content, multisensory multi-player XR and theme park attractions. All these media platforms are interconnected via You-VR’s cloud backbone, so that the user can grow parallel to the ever-expanding transmedia experience.
One unique own product of You-VR is in development at the moment, to be integrated into the Vonderland “Connected Entertainment” System: SyncReality.
There are still many hurdles, to experience VR applications at home: no space, too much furniture, no haptic feedback. The new platform and product SyncReality will solve all these problems. SyncReality will turn every home into a micro themepark by synchronizing the real world with the virtual – all obstacles become game objects and all IoT devices SFX-Elements of the experience.
To prove the power “Connected Entertainment” can have for the original IP and the current hyper-diversified market, we are in the middle of pre-production of an international “Connected Entertainment” use case, accompanying a film premiere of a children’s blockbuster by a US major film studio.
Also in the pipeline is a second use case together with our connected in-car entertainment partner Holoride. Together with Holoride and Shanghai branch of Vonderland, You-VR is aiming at a market entry of its mutual content development projects for in-car entertainment in China.