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Yoav Dror | CEO | Decentralized Vision Ltd.

YOAV DROR: Providing Ultimate Flexible Crypto Payment Solution

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography in order to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies often use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems. Meet PumaPay an organization which is a streamlined cryptocurrency payment system with its own cryptocurrency PumaPay mobile wallet app, a payment gateway called Business Console and the marketing hub, PumaPay Pride.
PumaPay is led by Yoav Dror, who is the CEO of Decentralized Vision Ltd, operating under the brand name PumaPay. Yoav has led the development of the company as it revolutionizes everyday cryptopayments through its comprehensive payment solution. With an MBA and over 20 years’ experience in heading online, high-transaction companies, his role has evolved with the development of the PumaPay company from its inception, through its ICO status, and to the established FinTech company it is known as today.
Manifold Perspective
PumaPay has a very focused solution that aims to address real pains affecting both merchants and customers today. The PumaPay PullPayment Protocol ultimately works to take the hassle out of accepting cryptopayments and, with their advanced billing models, their solution appeals to any merchant and their existing methods of conducting business. Not only this but with low fees and a friendly user interface, they have developed a solution that is usable for everyone.
Making the Best with what You Got
Yoav makes it a point to practice excellent communication with his employees; it’s an essential part of becoming a cohesive team with one shared vision. By bringing everyone together this way, it means we can work efficiently towards the same goal by pooling our collective skills, motivations, and capabilities. It is the best way to bring resourcefulness out of your employees as they will be aware of the end goal and can work to overcome any barrier they come across intuitively.
Technological Advantage for Staying Ahead
Yoav states, technology has become such a center-point in our lives and, by extension, businesses, it is the primary driver of change and progress. The top-valued companies in the world are technology companies and, as a result, more and more companies are making investments in new technologies to enhance and expand their organizations, with excellent results. At PumaPay, Yoav has seen firsthand that when companies invest in technology, there are reduced costs, more efficient workflows, increased security and, also enhanced productivity, to name a few. Businesses that will not align with the most advanced technologies will lose their ability to compete in the long run and will eventually vanish.
Dynamically Dealing with Modern Solutions
For Yoav it is as simple as developing a product that can evolve with the changing dynamics. Crypto is still relatively new and changes in regulation are still ongoing, so creating a product comprehensive enough to withstand these variations is very much essential. He has seen firsthand with the most recent EU 5AMLD regulations regarding customer identification for crypto wallets. Many companies did not have systems prepared for this. Still, the PumaPay solution will be ready to comply with this new regulation by May this year as Yoav considers customer verification to be an integral part of their onboarding process.
Sustaining Entrepreneurial Spirit
Yoav believes that maintaining entrepreneurship is easy when you’re inspired by the ever-changing technological landscape, blockchain technology especially. The never – ending developments in technology nurture entrepreneurial spirit and vice versa – it’s a positive feedback loop. With regular new updates and approaches in this field, so it is more about having the skills to transfer this new knowledge into new entrepreneurial ventures. However, it is also important to remember that even good ideas can easily flop without the right team behind you. You need to be able to visualize the end goal with your team if you want to sustain any business today. Evolving technology is essential, but so are the bright minds powering the idea.
Guiding Upcoming Leaders
Yoav states, a great leader should be one that exudes compassion, humility, and vision. Compassion, to understand and therefore communicate effectively with customers – see the world through their eyes and feel their pains. Humility, so you know when to pass the baton to another who’s skills may be better suited to the task. And vision, for being able to see things that do not yet exist. To understand your goals, to be able to explain it to others, and to predict for upcoming roadblocks with an accompanying plan. Yoav believes it is vital to have a deep understanding of each of these and the ability to know when they should be applied.
Yoav understands it is essential to know of two instances that may occur during your time as a leader. A leader should first know when to stick to their truth and move forward with their vision even if no one else can see what they see, and a leader also needs to know when it is time to cut their losses and change direction. For Yoav, being a successful leader is knowing which case is which. This is an art and one which is very hard to master. He hopes to master it himself one day.