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XTIVIA: Performing Innovative Solutions

The world of technology is driven by innovation. Enterprises must survive the impact of growing competition in saturated markets. Companies are pushing their boundaries to create products and services that deliver maximum value to their customers; innovative technology is the fulcrum that this shift rests on to deliver stellar customer experience. The demand for expert service providers is, accordingly, on the rise to help companies achieve their goals more effectively by leveraging these technological innovations and, additionally, by enhancing the performance of legacy technology investments.
XTIVIA is a premier technology innovation and integration company known for delivering leading-edge solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements, regardless of project complexity. XTIVIA aims to deliver customized, quality technology integration and innovation solutions through long-term relationships with the B2B enterprise customers. It brings next-level business operations to reality through Application Development, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Database Support & Management, Enterprise Information Management, Digital Experience Solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning. The company believes its success is derived from a demonstrated ability to deliver deep expertise via professional services; this deep expertise empowers customers to leverage their chosen technology successfully, competitively and profitably.
A Leading Edge of XTIVIA 
Dennis Robinson is the CEO of XTIVIA, leading the company since 2001. He has more than 25 years of experience with an emphasis on P&L performance, financial management, marketing strategy, strategic business planning and development of information systems and technologies. His philosophy of assisting customers in achieving their performance targets through technology, regardless of project nuances, has become a hallmark of XTIVIA’s success. This has also led to recruiting and retaining the most qualified workforce available, making XTIVIA’s breadth and depth of technical expertise unparalleled. Personally, he is a husband, father and a fan of ‘all things steampunk’.
Prior to XTIVIA, Dennis was the Vice President of Worldwide Xceed Group, Inc. He held the same position for technical sales in Sterling Carteret, Inc., where he worked for three years. Dennis was the Director of Operations for Walmart, where he established the first UNIX operations for 24/7 availability for 35 distribution centers. Previous to that, he was with FoxMeyer Drug. Dennis held several roles in IT, including establishing a new data center for FoxMeyer customers and partners. As a result of his personal experience, he understands technology from frontline accountabilities through complex integrations and maintenance.
Building Bridges 
Technology is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. The only competitive differentiator for companies in today’s digital business landscape is delivering a unique, seamless and delightful customer experience. In order to deliver that level of personalized customer experience on a mass scale, companies need technology. Enterprises use more than 1,000 applications in their IT architecture today – simply to run their operations – and all of them need to be implemented, integrated and maintained. A minor change in any part of the system can lead to consequences. Taking these factors into consideration, XTIVIA helps B2B enterprise customers bridge their current and new technology with their business goals. The in-house experts in XTIVIA take on and deliver technical projects to its customers, working with the nuances they find ‘under the hood’ of the current IT architecture, so their customers can deliver greater value and a personalized experience to their clients and users.
XTIVIA goes the extra mile for customers by delivering on projects and making deep expertise accessible as needed. Special areas of focus that support XTIVIA’s success include SEO, cross-selling within the existing customer base and being strategic in all aspects of digital brand presence and marketing. Dennis coined the term “Stop, Drop and Dial” to prioritize form submissions that come in through the website and/or social channels.
Agility is the Key 
According to XTIVIA, agility is the key for companies to meet dynamic customer needs and conversations. The complexity involved in designing today’s technology platforms requires deep expertise in multiple areas. Companies need to have technical skills available and demonstrate success in implementing digital solutions. XTIVIA believes customers not only need access to these skills but also for technical experts to understand their business goals and speak their language. Service vendors like XTIVIA must be able to speak about technology as well as how potential solutions suit their customers’ needs, connect with disparate systems, and ensure cohesive data flow for a unified view of the customer journey as well as provide robust business intelligence.
Embracing Changes 
In XTIVIA’s early days, the CEO handled marketing and sales while the CTO focused on projects and customer relationships. Everyone wore multiple hats to get to the point where XTIVIA could attract and afford the right talent to build its infrastructure. The projects during startup were smaller in size as the company built its customer base and references. Over time, everything changed – the size of the projects, the number of staff, the breadth of services and more that comes with healthy company growth. However, the philosophy of the company did not change because the focus is on doing right by XTIVIA’s customers. It’s about meeting customers where they are with their specific needs, wants and requirements. Ultimately, XTIVIA’s passion is around making customers successful, through not only quality project implementations but also through building trust, loyalty and relationships that stand the test of time.
Constant Support 
XTIVIA is committed to creating the solutions that customers need to achieve their business goals. Inherently within that commitment is XTIVIA’s consistent and reliable support to innovate, implement, integrate and troubleshoot technology within the customers’ IT landscape. Future growth of the company will depend on this focus as well expansion into new technologies and services through company mergers and acquisitions.
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