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Xpandion: Ongoing Improving of the SAP System

Every established company is disciplined by their good management, staff members and the implementation that have been executed at the right time in a perfect way. We often think of exactly how such companies raise values in the industries at such an early stage. Well, the only thing which we need to focus on is- Never Give Up! No matter how tough the path you come across or how much savings you put on a portal, one should always believe that a miracle will soon happen in your life. This is how the team at Xpandion dreamt off when they lit up an idea that enlightened the company with numerous clients.
Xpandion is a leading provider of ERP usage inspection solutions, delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into SAP and non-SAP systems, significantly improving security, optimizing licensing usage and enabling GRC/SOX compliance. Available in cloud or on-premises, Xpandion Profile Tailor™ Dynamics suite is implemented rapidly and does not require any changes for monitoring systems. They work hard to update their software consistently in order to keep up with the most current industry standards and the constant changes, including SoD, ISO and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Transformation of Xpandion from 2007
Xpandion was founded in the year of 2007. It’s been 10 years that the company is fundamentally providing user access control in a unified cloud and on-premises environment, controlling ERP security and authorizations, optimizing SAP licensing, and along with it, is easily maintaining GRC and Segregation of Duties (SoD) compliance. Xpandion is a fair and responsive employer who respects their employee’s needs and provides them with a safe and enjoyable workplace.
Xpandion is constantly investing time and resources in researching new technologies and incorporating them into the software. Xpandion software is mobile-friendly, supports in-memory capabilities for better performance and uses the newest development standards. As one of the first companies to embrace cloud-technology for enterprise software, Xpandion offers both on-premise and a cloud-version of its software, giving customers the ability to choose the most suitable solution for their organization and to move between solutions according to their current and future business needs.
Xpandion’s approach to sales is a bit different than others. The company’s main motto is to give value to each of its customers and provide them ultimate satisfaction. This is the reason that in some cases, organizations will approach Xpandion and will receive advice on whether or not Xpandion’s product is a good fit for them.
Customer Care Makes Xpandion Unique
Ideas are often one and the same, but being able to understand and solve customer issues and ultimately implement solutions makes the company shine even in the dark. Xpandion, which is a leading company in the ERP industry, maintains its unique stature only because of the expert services and company management. Together with its partners globally, Xpandion provides software solutions for increasing SAP Security and controlling SAP Authorizations, which is also a strong infrastructure for performing multi-platform role redesign projects.
Later, they also started providing ProfileTailor License Auditor, which delivers real time visibility of actual SAP license usage and simplifies licensing models, enabling better management of licenses and achieving full control of SAP usage. LicenseAuditor also monitors usage of SAP software engines and recommends the right license for each one. Last but not least, LicenseAuditor monitors licensing risks like duplicate logins and Indirect access, which can result in high licensing costs if not treated before an audit.
Xpandion is also on the peak of the compliance market by providing ProfilesTailor GRC which enables compliance with GRC/SOX and SoD requirements, identifying violations on static and dynamic levels of granting authorizations to users, supporting authorization related processes and solving violations from SoD rules. Xpandion’s unique technology enables customers to find the best authorization role to grant to users in a matter of seconds, and to really solve SoD conflicts instead of just creating compensating controls.
Xpandion customers are at ease knowing that their products are certified by SAP and that they will continue to get value from Xpandion for years. Xpandion products hold two certifications in the SAP world – one for SAP ECC Netweaver and one for SAP S/4 HANA, which promises customers full support for their existing SAP products and also for their future ones. Xpandion is continuously in contact with SAP to ensure that the software is compliant with SAP’s next steps and direction.
Not a boss, but a leader of Xpandion
Moshe Panzer, Founder & CEO of Xpandion has over 20 years of impressive experience in the SAP industry and is recognized as an SAP expert. Moshe has also contributed his skillful knowledge to the position of Project Advisor and Project Leader for large private multinational corporations and small startups. Additionally, he was also a proud senior SAP consultant before commencing Xpandion in 2007. Including Xpandion, Moshe diligently established three software companies.
Having graduated from the Technion and Clark University, Moshe strongly believes that he has an ability to improve the lives of people through software solutions. This keeps him charged to develop more software and to help numerous individuals and organizations. Moshe restlessly looks to forage those organizations that are still working manually on those tasks, which could be easily executed with a few clicks of the mouse and having the intelligent software behind the scenes doing all the hard work.
Sharpening on Future Challenges
Xpandion is persistently working on their development to self-upgrade the system through planned changes and updating its applications with the changes in the industry. Xpandion software uniquely operates inside customer’s premises on a private cloud or in a secured public cloud as well. Due to customer requests, the software supports multiple SAP products, including SAP Business Objects and SAP Success Factors, and also non-SAP products like Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Infor M3, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Navision and SalesForce.
The company also aims to provide the best services and develop the best product for each of their clients. They are methodical, diligent and attentive to the small details. This gives an organization the ability to upgrade their core software easily, as well as continuously acquire new features and capabilities. Xpandion and its partners provide a great customized solution with impeccable services and this is what makes them unique from the competitors in the industry.

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