You are currently viewing XNSPY vs. TheWiSpy vs. MSPY – Which One To Choose for Parental Control? 

XNSPY vs. TheWiSpy vs. MSPY – Which One To Choose for Parental Control? 

XnSpy, TheWiSpy, mSpy, the top Android monitoring apps of 2021, are in quite a competition to attain the first rank among top parental control apps. Therefore, if you have searched for a spy app or parental control app online, you must run across these top names in the spy app market.

Spyware applications are the best tools for monitoring cell phones of children, employees, or partners.  

There could be several reasons inciting people to peek into someone’s cell phone activities, such as ensuring safety or maintaining productivity.

Thanks to some of the best cell phone spy apps like XnSpy, TheWiSpy, and mSpy help people with their spying needs. 

People often need clarification while choosing the best Android spy apps among top competitors. Making the right choice is crucial to meet one’s specific monitoring needs.

In this article, we will discuss XnSpy, TheWiSpy, and mSpy in terms of major functions and features. We will also compare the pricing so that you can pick the best of the best Android spy apps.

To start this comparative review, we have segregated all the points into the following sections Parental Control.

  • Introduction – XnSpy, TheWiSpy, mSpy
  • Compatibility – XnSpy vs TheWiSpy vs mSpy
  • Top Features
  • XnSpy Features
  • TheWiSpy Features
  • mSpy Features
  • Pricing – XnSpy vs. TheWiSpy vs. mSpy
  • Conclusion – Which Spy App is the Best?

Let’s start discussing top Android monitoring apps and explore their amazing functionality and features in detail.

XNSPY vs. TheWiSpy vs. MSPY – Which One To Choose?
You gotta be wondering why we have picked XnSpy, TheWiSpy, and mSpy for comparison. Well, there is a simple reason, and that is popularity. All three of these top parental control apps have thousands of happy customers and a bunch of positive reviews.

However, for a person who knows nothing about spy apps, picking the best among these could be a difficult job. To help such people, we present this comprehensive review to compare the best Android spyware apps.

Continue reading and get insights on XnSpy, TheWiSpy, and mSpy apps.

Introduction – XnSpy, TheWiSpy, mSpy: 
While searching for a spyware program, people always want a spy app to monitor target devices within affordable subscription packages. Spyware is indeed helpful for mobile phone spying, but it depends on the end-user needs which spy app they choose for their spying tasks.

Here is the general Xnspy review along with TheWiSpy review and mSpy review.

XnSpy – The XnSpy review part of this article will elaborate on every quality this top spy app possesses, so read keenly.

XnSpy is an advanced cell phone and tablet monitoring app. It has gained popularity at a very high pace by delivering Android and iOS monitoring features. In addition, XnSpy delivers two major products, known as; parental controls and employee monitoring solutions. The XnSpy app offers quality spy features to control and monitor devices of almost every generation. Furthermore, it allows the users to access their target phones remotely and leaves no hint of the app’s presence to the target people.

TheWiSpy – If you’re seeking a reliable yet well-reputed Android spy app, then nothing can beat TheWiSpy. It is a high-end Android monitoring program, available to track popular Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Oppo, and others. In terms of spy tools and functionality, TheWiSpy is the only app that delivers 30+ spying features that work perfectly. It focuses on providing spying solutions for parental, personal, and corporate use. In addition, TheWiSpy app is hidden spyware that works in 100% stealth mode and doesn’t intrude in other cell phone activities.

mSpy – mSpy is one of the top parental control apps that help parents access their children’s cell phones and tablets. Compared to other parental monitoring solutions, mSpy delivers quality features to ensure online and offline safety. It protects children from cyber threats and secures them from physical dangers by updating parents about their kids’ whereabouts 24/7. The mSpy app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The mSpy review revealed that it helps parents monitor smart devices and enables them to control children’s digital usage remotely.

Compatibility – XnSpy vs TheWiSpy vs mSpy: 
Spyware compatibility is the ability of a spy app to support certain mobile devices. It means that the compatibility decides whether or not the specific spyware supports your target device. Let’s check the compatibility of top Android monitoring apps and see which devices they support and don’t.

XnSpy Compatibility – XnSpy app is the paradigm of compatibility. It supports Android OS and iOS, which are the most frequently used smartphone system software. It can track cell phones and tablets. XnSpy app supports Android OS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10, 11. For iOS devices, operating systems 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, up to 14.7.1 are supported by the XnSpy app. Note that some features of the XnSpy app do not work without rooting. So, in that case, you require rooting the Android device you desire to monitor. Jailbroken and non-jailbroken, all Apple devices are supported by the XnSpy app.

TheWiSpy Compatibility – TheWiSpy app is only compatible with Android devices. Its iOS monitoring solution is expected to launch very soon, but you can only track Android phones and tablets with TheWiSpy app for now. Android devices with OS 4.x up to the highest version are trackable with TheWiSpy app. You can track Samsung, Sony, Vivo, Oppo, and other Android devices with TheWiSpy app. The best quality of TheWiSpy app is that it does not demand rooting for any of its features.

mSpy compatibility – mSpy is a strong and one of the best parental control apps. Like XnSpy, mSpy also supports Android and iOS smart devices. But, unlike XnSpy and TheWiSpy, it offers a very limited list of spying features. However, the mSpy app does not require rooting for Android monitoring, and there is no such demand for jailbreaking for iOS devices. mSpy offers both jailbreak and non-jailbreak editions. Android OS versions 4.x and above are compatible with mSpy apps. Whereas iOS versions 7-9.1 are compatible with the mSpy jailbreak edition. The no-jailbreak edition of mSpy is available for almost every iOS device.

Top Features – Which Spy App Offers More Features? 
Spyware apps stand out as the best monitoring solutions based on the features they provide. Compared to other spyware programs, XnSpy, TheWiSpy, and mSpy turned out to be the best brands for providing comprehensive quality spy tools.

But which app among these three is most advanced?
Let’s find out. 
XnSpy Features – XnSpy review is incomplete without mentioning its striking spy features. It offers a long list of spy tools that can monitor and control cell phones in no time. Here are the core features of the XnSpy monitoring app that excel this app in the market.

  • Phone Calls & Contacts Monitoring
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Surround Recording
  • SMS Message Tracking
  • Instant Messenger Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • Keylogging
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Browsing History Monitoring

The XnSpy app offers several other mobile monitoring features to remotely spy on someone’s cell phone and tablet. It sends instant alerts on mobile phone activity to the end-user. You can view real-time data through the XnSpy control panel.

TheWiSpy Features – Most people reading this TheWiSpy review come here to get details about its stunning spy features. The claims of TheWiSpy being the best Android tracker app are 100% true. Indeed, the TWS app offers extra spying tools than any other spy app.
So, let’s take a look at its advanced spy features.

  • Call & Surround Recording
  • Call Blocking
  • Contacts Monitoring
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Viber Spy
  • Facebook Spy
  • Instagram Spy
  • Gmail Tracking
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Remote Screen Lock
  • Keylogging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Camera Spy
  • Browsing History Monitoring
  • Screen Recording
  • Screenshot Capture
  • App Monitoring
  • Voice Message Recording

It is somehow impossible to mention all 30+ features of the app in this TheWiSpy review section. However, we have mentioned those that are in great demand. TheWiSpy provides remote access to its users to monitor and control the target device’s cyber activities effortlessly.

mSpy Features – mSpy app is a powerful parental control tool to secure children from illicit content and online perpetrators. mSpy parental control features are best in class providing parents with easy yet sneaky access to their kids’ devices.
The following are the top spy features of the mSpy app:

  • Call Monitoring
  • SMS Tracking
  • Instant Messenger Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • App Monitoring & Blocking
  • Screen Recording
  • Keylogging
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Browsing History Monitoring

mSpy app offers other digital monitoring features, including email monitoring, web filtering, WiFi tracking, and many others. In addition, it gives parents complete access to their kids’ smart devices to secure their children from roaming cyber dangers.

Pricing – XnSpy vs. TheWiSpy vs. mSpy:
The pricing section of XnSpy review, TheWiSpy review, and mSpy review is an important part that needs all your attention. Note that we are only mentioning the pricing of Android monitoring solutions for these top spy apps.

XnSpy Pricing Details:
The XnSpy app offers flexible subscriptions in the form of basic and premium editions.

XNSpy Basic Edition:

  • Monthly Plan:$29.99
  • Quarterly Plan: $14.99
  • Yearly Plan: $59.99

XnSpy Premium Edition:

  • Monthly Plan:$35.99
  • Quarterly Plan: $59.99
  • Yearly Plan: $89.99

TheWiSpy Pricing Details:
TheWiSpy offers the most affordable subscriptions in the whole spy app world. Users can choose from three different pricing plans, which gives them many options to opt for the features they want.

TheWiSpy Basic Edition:

  • 1-Month License $29.99
  • 3-Months License $59.99
  • 6-Months License $89.99 

TheWiSpy Premium Edition:

  • 1-Month License $39.99
  • 3-Months License $69.99
  • 6-Months License $99.99 

TheWiSpy Platinum Edition:

  • 1-Month License $69.99
  • 3-Months License $119.99
  • 6-Months License $149.99

mSpy Pricing Details:
mSpy app offers three subscription options under the premium plan. Users can pick one month to 1-year subscription depending upon their needs.

mSpy Premium Edition:

  • 1-Month License $49.28
  • 3-Months License $82.95
  • 1-Year License $139.57

Conclusion – Which Spy App is the Best?
Finally, we have concluded after considering all the functions, features, and other attributes of top Android monitoring apps 2021.

TheWiSpy is the best choice for Android monitoring, as per our research. It is affordable than other spying solutions and offers the most advanced spy features compared to the other two spy apps. Moreover, its parental and corporate solutions empower parents and business owners to protect their kids and businesses remotely.

We hope that this comparative review of Xnspy vs. TheWiSpy vs. mSpy would help you pick the right spy app for your spying needs.