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Xeersoft: Taking the World by Storm with its Cutting Edge Cloud Solution

The advent of internet created a lot of opportunities for everyone. Big companies found new capabilities by integrating IT into their business processes which further streamlined their operation. Small enterprises were able to fulfil their computerization need through off the shelf software packages. However, there is this group of growing companies who outgrew their packaged software and yet they are not ready to spend multi-million dollars to acquire largescale enterprise software. XeerSoft, is rapidly growing from it’s infancy to one of the most sought after cloud solution provider. The company is set to take the world by storm with its state-of-the-art technology and become the no1. hybrid IT solution provider in Asia Pacific.
A Peep into the Shell 
XeerSoft’s solution has been deployed to businesses in multiple industries in Malaysia. These businesses are served and supported by XeerSoft employees distributed all over South East Asia. During the period when buzzwords like Cloud and SaaS weren’t a commonplace, XeerSoft amassed know-hows on industry leading intrusion prevention and detection techniques. With this, they were able to establish themselves as the first and the most trusted cloud ERP solution in Asia Pacific, especially Malaysia. The company currently offers Accounting, Inventory, Point-of-Sales (POS), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Time Attendance, Payroll, Tenancy Management and others.
Security Features Relating to Industry’s Best Practices
When it comes to security, we need to understand the attackers. Attackers aim for different things. Some aim for the sensitive data in order to sell them, some aim to cause maximum damage and some aim to disable in order to ransom their target. The first line of defence is to prevent their entry. This includes the usual firewall, blocking access to the resources and changing the defaults to something else. XeerSoft constantly patches and updates their software and their partners’ software.
Restricting what could be done on the server to prevent vulnerabilities created due to human complacencies. Another thing is to create honeypots so that the attackers will go for these fake loopholes so that security personnel could be alerted and could monitor their attack pattern while countermeasures are mounted. In order to harden the security further, XeerSoft hosts hacking competition in order to discover loopholes that are being missed by standard procedures. The second line of defence will be redundancy. This will be very useful during the worst case scenario when an attacker is able to gain entry and delete data in that particular server or disable that resource. XeerSoft developed sophisticated redundancy management to ensure that the disruption to the service is at minimum.
The Mastermind Behind The Company
Wong Wai Kit, Chief Executive Officer& Sales Director is a MBA graduate with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, serving more than 7,000 clients in major countries of Southeast Asia. He has headed government projects and managed accounting software, along with an experience in managing corporate financial solutions. He is also a University instructor who specialises in GST (Goods & Services Tax). He chose to build a business in the ERP field because he believes that by infusing his experience with the power of enterprise IT, it could uplift the competitiveness and growth of companies in the region. With increased competitiveness, the region will prosper more as a result.
Dare to Be Different 
As the adage goes, the best way to invent in the future is to build it. When you see a possibility, give it your all so that you could create the future. Train yourself to have discerning listening skills. You’ll need to separate genuine wisdom and good will advise, from naysayers because things are impossible until it’s done. This is true when the company started pursuing an opportunity that was entirely not related to its core ERP business. When you see something, pursue it to the end. A lot of people would like to do something that’s going to grow in S curve. The problem with this thinking is that, once you are able to see the S curve, it is already too late to enter!
Success Journey 
Being one of the first companies to carve out a new segment with a new business model is definitely not easy. At the end of the day, when people start to appreciate and buy your vision, it is extremely rewarding. The challenges include external and internal ones. As the leader of the market, we need to continuously innovate faster than our competitors. Internal challenges will be how do we continuously attract and retain A players.
Customers being the Business Partners 
The key to build a successful customer base and achieve long-term relationship with them is to anticipate, understand, and solve. They understand the root cause of obstacles blocking the path of their customers’ goals. They help to execute the solutions that will relieve the pain point and help them achieve their goals. Customers are not just customers instead they are business partners. Their growth results in company growth leading to success for both.
Inputs for Budding Entrepreneurs 
With the business landscape changing faster than ever, it is important not to have the fear of failure. What’s more important than that is, fail fast and fail frequently. That is the fastest way for you to find the next big idea.     

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