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Winspire Solutions

Winspire Solutions: Delivering World Class ERP Solutions

Perspective of an IT Consultant and that of end users running the business are quite different. Technology can be learned quickly, but domain expertise takes years to develop. Winspire brings these two perspectives together to provide the best to its customers. Winspire specializes in providing industry vertical ERP solution in Distribution, Equipment Rental and Project Management Industries. It mainly focuses on South East Asia, Middle East and India markets. Along with ERP, Winspire also provides CRM, Business intelligence, E-Commerce, Cloud Infrastructure and Productivity solutions based on Microsoft Technologies. Its uniqueness lies in its high level of domain expertise in its chosen industry verticals with team members who have actually worked in those industries.
End to End Solutions 
Winspire provides end to end solutions including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 sales and Marketing, LS Retail, Power BI, Jet reports, Azure, and O365 for the industry verticals mentioned above. Besides, the company has its own e-commerce solution and industry vertical add-ons. It has its own IP for Distribution and International Trade which has several unique features including in-depth functionality to manage large scale and complex distribution business. The IP also has functionalities like principal and channel / end customer scheme management, e-commerce, advanced warehouse management including mobile based solutions, transportation, trade finance management, etc. Similarly, Winspire has highly verticalized solution for Equipment rental Industry, localized payroll solution for Singapore, UAE and India. Testimony from its current customers of these solutions gives required confidence and comfort to its prospective customers.
A Proven Leadership 
Winspire is the masterpiece of Jitendra Kulkarni, the Founder and CEO. Jitendra started Winspire in 2006 after leaving his job as a CEO of a billion dollar Distribution Company. The company was initially started with a clear focus on cost effective ERP solution for Distribution Industry. This was mainly due to his personal expertise and long experience of running a large distribution company. He evaluated various options and found Microsoft solutions the most suitable since they are easy to use and customize. Another reason for choosing Microsoft was its partner friendly approach and a great partner eco-system. The distribution industry solution was initially designed by him. Presently, Jitendra focuses on keeping abreast of what is happening in the industry in terms of new technology, business models and decide on the strategic direction of the company. He believes that continuous learning and transformation is the key to remaining relevant and this job is best done by someone who has the best view of the company. Another area he focuses on is recruitment and mentoring, since that is the foundation to success.
Drivers of the Growth 
During the course of time, Winspire learnt that staying focused is of vital importance. It helped the company develop higher level of expertise, which improved its productivity and helped it bring down the cost. Winspire got early success by focusing on distribution vertical. In a span of 3 years, it had over 40 customers in distribution.
Similarly, Winspire also believes in the importance of maintaining start up culture of innovation, risk taking, freedom, and empowerment. As the company grows, there is a tendency to become complacent and shift focus to day-to- day operations to drive the numbers. A company needs conscious efforts to maintain this culture which is so crucial for continued success.
According to Winspire, in consulting and services business, trust plays an extremely important role since it is a long term relationship. For Winspire to be successful, its team had to earn customer’s trust both in terms of the quality of its solution and itself as a company.
Admirable Recognitions 
Over the years, Winspire has received several awards / recognitions including partner of the year from Microsoft in 2010, 2011 and 2014, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICCI) leading Enterprise Award in 2013 and 2016, and Asia Top outstanding Enterprises award from Enrich in 2014.
Effects of Technological Changes 
With the fast pace of technological changes, Winspire always faces the challenge in adapting to the new technologies, training the team, and rolling out these to the market. There are always some teething problems when something new is introduced. Likewise, getting the right talent for a particular solution /technology is always a challenge.
Secondly, different geographies are at different level of maturity when it comes to technology adoption. For example, what works in Singapore may not work in Middle East and vice versa. Thus, Winspire tweaks its strategy by considering geography.
Transition to Cloud Solutions 
Jitendra believes that there is no other technology company which has as much global impact as Microsoft has. Its resilience, ability to respond to changing technologies and its marketing prowess has helped it remain dominant in the market for over 40 years. It is investing heavily in Cloud, AI and Machine Learning and businesses are already witnessing great results on the cloud front. Another plus of Microsoft solutions is that its spread of solutions like OS, office, cloud, database, Business Applications, LinkedIn, Skype and many more are integrated with each other and provide unmatched value to the customer. Winspire has already made transition to cloud solutions and is looking at adopting AI and Machine learning in the near future.
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