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Wildix Communications: The Next Big Thing in the Market of Unified Communication

Unified Communications integrates all the enterprise communication services, including instant messaging, present information, voice and IP telephony, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, speech recognition, audio, web and video conferencing. With its own share of advantages and shortcomings, UC is expected to grow even further. So, with its share of solutions Wildix Solutions enters the market. It is a multinational company, that develops browser based Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products. The company completely depends on the network of Certified Business Partners who install Wildix systems in Europe and in US.
Simple and Efficient Communication Tools
Wildix solution targets small and medium business, with a small user base of 50 to 1000 users, that need to deliver their employees and collaborators with capable yet uncomplicated to use communication tools. Wildix designs its products such a way that it can be installed easily and the maintenance costs remains low. The company provides a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing features like video conference, chat and user presence, and at the same time, reduce operating costs.
Unlike most other solutions, that are available in the market, the organization offers a complete range of Hardware products and Unified Communications and Collaboration features. It has been the first vendor to fully integrate WebRTC for direct audio and video communication support in the web browser without the need to install any software or configure VPN. Additionally, Wildix solution is brilliantly simple and employees who lacks any technical background can use the most advanced functionality, which eventually results to low abandon rate among users and in positive return on investment.
Dynamic Leaders
Stefano Osler, CEO of Wildix, started his professional carrier by working on software development and analysis in the field of human-machine interaction. Back in 1998, Stefano founded his first company named as Intellicode, that is now operational in the market. In 2000, Stefano started working on the development of a new communication system and completely dedicated himself to project management activities.
Stefano took the opportunity of the Italian Convention that draws more than four hundred participants, 24 vendors and press from every technical magazine to announce the inauguration of the US Headquarters and to introduce Mr. Robert Cooper as the Managing Director of Wildix US.
Both Stefano and Robert landed in US at the recommendation of Gartner, they wanted to continue their expansion plans and launch in the United States which was the birthplace of the technology, thanks to the strong recommendation from Gartner consultancy team. The US market is a vital market for the company, not only for revenue but because it validates Wildix’s technology and business strategy in becoming a global company. Robert came into focus while the company started exploring a relationship with a partner in US and soon it became clear that his experience, leadership skills, and market awareness made him the right person to lead initiative in the United States of America. Soon Robert spoke to the group emphasizing the importance of the strong and growing Wildix partner eco-system and why this unique collaborative and social, partner community is a valuable key to Wildix’s success. Later, Robert opened the US headquarters in Columbus Ohio and started building out the US team. It was due to his leadership Wildix had a brilliant jump start in the market.
Trends that are Driving the Market
According to Wildix, most of the people touted the advantages of Unified Communications for far too long however, none was able to deliver a real UC platform. Recently, UC vendors have started realizing that Unified Communications also requires collaboration and embodies all the communication types, voice, video, presence and chat. Although some now have started to embrace this concept, they still struggle with understanding that adding more and more applications into the equation only makes the matter worse. The company also adds, the whole purpose of having UC and collaboration capabilities is so that clients can respond, react, engage quickly and efficiently from anywhere.
Developing Front Edge Communication to build the Road to Future
Wildix strongly believes in innovation, and being a company that develops front edge communication systems, the product it develops is the one that it daily uses at work. Before making a tool available for clients, usually it passes an internal usability test inside the company and the employees of Wildix are the first one to try that out.
The organization believes that more vendors soon will begin to seek new ways to integrate all of the applications into a Real Unified Communications and Collaboration platform. However, due to exponential growth of business demands any delays in shifting architecture can prove be deadly for some of the brands that are available in the market nowadays. Wildix also thinks, browser based communications platforms will soon start to dominate and newer entrants will soon flood the market, driving down value for traditional vendor offerings.

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