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WILD: Offering Perfect Digital Marketing and Strategic Solutions

Thinking of strategies to advance business’s appeal to the market is not an easy job. Marketers devote hours in brainstorming of new techniques to surge the popularity of their brand name. The use of digital marketing is said to be more influential, fetching better results than those of traditional marketing strategies. To be competitive these days, brands need to engage with customers regularly. Technology and social platforms have made it easy to do so and there seem to be no scarcity of opportunities for engagement. Your digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that will help you achieve your goal(s) using online marketing.
In simple terms, a strategy is just a plan of action to achieve a desired goal, or multiple goals. For example, your overarching goal might be to cause 25% more leads via your website this year than you drove last year. To target a local audience, or international ones, WILD, a digital marketing company can help you with ease; be it tailoring to exact audience demographics, such as gender, location, age and interests by being more effective and having a wider range of horizon to reach their goal of satisfied customers.
Knowing more about WILD
Wild is a Digital Business Maker. They help brands to grow online and increase their visibility. They create their client’s online identity by increasing sales for e-commerce website along with the increase in brand awareness; more reach and engagement in social media, more visitors on the customer website, helping them to spread their content, and receive leads, emails, online bookings, and event promotions. They work for big brands and small start-ups, along with SME, B-B and B-C in various industries such as retail, F&B, finance, law firm, entertainment, real estate, who are welcomed willingly with similar efforts of providing services. They are also involved in website creation, content marketing, and search engine optimization, social media management, paid ads, email marketing and online PR.
Contemporary Features in Digital Marketing Industry
The digital marketing industry continues to evolve rapidly; with features and trends changing constantly. Videos are incontestably the current trend on the social media, with the ambition of Facebook and Youtube to replace the TV industry in just a few years- the future of live broadcasting is on your social media! On the other hand, the difference between organic content and ads on Facebook & Google are becoming less and less evident. For example, on your Google search results, the Adwords Ads displayed are now almost similar to the organic results; the only difference is the tiny text ‘Ad’ in green, next to the link. For B-B businesses, the future is importantly inbound marketing, with the implementation of strategy of Content Marketing getting leads with white papers, blog articles, e-books, v-log to name a few. Chatbot technology will be an inevitable tool for communication, as it can be already seen on facebook messenger and certainly will soon mark its presence on Whatsapp.
People leading the torch of innovation in the field of Digital marketing
Lug Giround and Vivian Meriguet, Co-founders of WILD, applied their philosophy to each of their clients. They first stepped into the digital marketing in France, and started off by launching their own internet based projects back in 2006. Today, these early projects have a reach of millions of visit/month in over 15 languages. With diverse industries clumped together, the two co-founders and business partners have created, promoted and monetized to success, using digital techniques of Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. Further creating their impact, in 2014, WILD started offering digital business services, making solutions for third parties in Hong Kong.
Elements, Aiding to Stand Different from the Mob
The success of the agency was partly dependent on their approach to digital marketing and the consideration that each project is unique. ROI comes from fine-tuning a digital marketing mix, analysing results and iterating. The company does not sell packages with “x” amount of Facebook posts, or “y” amount of Google adwords campaign, but they offer only tailor-made solutions to their clients; they take care of their online business as if it were theirs.
They understand their client’s businesses and solve long term problems, certainly, making sure that they will understand the rules of the specific industry, their business models, customers, partners, goals and challenges. And apply the best solutions adapted to their very specific needs, by always trying to delight the clients by setting up strong KPIs and following their metrics closely.
Hurdles that went on to become Milestones
One of the key challenges is the recruitment, because it is not an easy task to find skilled people, with several years of experiences in Hong Kong in digital marketing. This is the main reason of deciding to investing a lot of efforts in training of their staff, trying to provide the team a time to participate in trainings, different courses and certifications related to digital marketing areas, with an aim of growing fast for clients, staff, and for the company. For this, they trace on attracting the best talent, creating the best team spirit and building stories of success with the clients making them cherish their efforts of providing the best services in the field.
Foresight, of the Rapidly Growing Field of Technology
The future is video and they are making their investments in video edition. However, content creation by text will never be abandoned and will always need a good quality content from copywriters; and this is why they also decided to invest more in a team of excellent copywriters in different languages.

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