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Alessandro Cozzi, CEO, Wlit Spa

Wiit – Italian’s leading company in Private & Hybrid Cloud Services

Digital transformation is fundamental to remain competitive. To be able to use new technologies – just like IoT and Artificial Intelligence, companies recognize the value of innovation. Innovating means being ready to respond to changes in the market, to the needs of their customers. It means becoming nimble, reactive, and even dynamic towards new trends. One of the leading trends in the cloud transformation. The cloud is essential to bring innovations that would be too costly to develop completely by their own means. The utilization of Cloud services to assist Core processes for the company’s business is undoubtedly a paramount element. With a decade of encounter in managing all major international application platforms with an end-to-end approach, Wiit today is the company with the largest number of SAP certifications for outsourcing Operations services in the world.
A Strong Specialization in Outsourcing
Wiit has been founded with the intent of providing IT outsourcing services, primarily Managed Services, to mid and large corporates in Italy with an Operating Model based on efficiency, scalability, and service quality that was missing. Today, with Tier IV datacenters, the worldwide leadership on SAP Outsourcing certifications, and with a European presence in several countries, it can say that the company’s clients are running SAP in the safest Cloud provider worldwide.
Wiit leverages a business operating model that includes the full control of the entire Cloud provider value chain. The company strongly believes that only with the full control of assets, technology, processes, and competences is possible to guarantee real restrictive SLAs because customers can leverage, in case of a fault, the maximum control of the entire stack of competence and shorten the time-to-solution KPI. It adopts only Top technologies, keeping the company under continuous selective certification processes for security skills, international standards, and competencies.
An Excellent Leader
Alessandro Cozzi’s vision embraced since the early 2020’s the outsourcing trend and forecasted that companies would have look to, provider with dedicated SAP competencies for the management of their infrastructures. In that period outsourcing was already a reality in the USA where companies were starting to delegate to external providers the technical competencies that were not directly belonging to core business capabilities. In Europe, that journey started in 2010 with the provisioning of Hosting services not only to the Top 10 Italian companies but also to the mid-market.
An interview conducted between Insights Success and Alessandro Cozzi -CEO focuses on the core activities of the company. Below are the highlights of the interview:
How do your solutions differ from others?
Wiit is currently one of the very few companies in the world fully dedicated to Business-Critical Applications. This focus means a very specific set of service features:

  1. End to end value chain internal control: from datacenter to Sap Managed Services
  2. References on large and critical SAP landscapes
  3. Internal and dedicated SAP team with an average of more than 15 years of experience
  4. DC and technologies at the highest level of availability, security, and resilience
  5. SAP S/4HANA migration experiences

How are advanced technologies bringing disruption in data processing?
The strong enhancements in technology performances and the introduction of in-memory databases enabled in the last 5 years the shift to real-time data analysis and to ERP suites like SAP S/4HANA with embedded capabilities of end-user provisioning of real-time simulation scenarios. Their application for Logistic and Supply Chain processes, for example, improved dramatically business process control, enhancing consumer information, enabling real-time e-commerce, one-day shipping optimization, finally providing the company Top Management with real-time information on the global key performance trends
What technologies are you leveraging to make your solutions more resourceful?
From an asset foundation to hybrid and multi-cloud governance through Cybersecurity Wiit adopts only the best-in-class technology to deliver the highest SLAs. Tier IV datacenter with 99.995% reliability in multicountry datacenters, data storage running at 99.9999% availability, business continuity platforms with business processes time-navigation capabilities, multicloud software platforms to enable hybrid cloud governance, top gartner magic quadrant cybersecurity platforms integrated into its hybrid cloud model, are only a few examples of how many building blocks are needed to guarantee a real best-in-class hybrid cloud scenario.
What are the company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?
Wiit’s growth strategy is currently based on two pillars: Organic and M&A. Organic has always been a key driver of growth representing its capability to benchmark the cloud market growth, continuing to represent a cool & best in class offering for companies looking for non-stop business. Growth through M&A has become a key part of the company’s strategy. The company started 2 years ago with the consolidation of the Italian market with 3 very successful acquisitions that lead Wiit to gain the positioning in all the main industrial Italian areas with a large and well-established customer base.
Wiit’s second step in M&A was the startup of the Cloud4Europe project with the goal of extending in Europe it’s positioning in the Cloud dedicated to our Business-Critical Applications. At the end of September, the Project Cloud4Europe started with the acquisition in Germany of myLoc a Cloud provider based in Dusseldorf with a very large data center campus of 2.000 sqm and a large customer base to potentially leverage for upselling and cross selling. The company’s plan is to build up the portfolio for the SAP Cloud and cybersecurity offering in Germany.
Furthermore, Wiit is planning the immediate buildup of a new Tier IV datacenter certified Uptime Institute in Germany to support the security needed by business-critical platforms. The company’s overall European strategy is also considering our expansion in primary countries as France, Spain, and Netherlands to target the European leadership in Cloud for Critical Apps leveraging the first network of Tier IV data centers in Europe fully dedicated to platforms like SAP, e-commerce, logistics or vertical dedicated applications.