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WiiT: The Critical Private and Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider for Business Applications

The SAP industry has become the backbone of various businesses. Not only it has sped up innovation in the industry but more importantly, it has delivered operational efficiency and unparalleled insights into business operations.
Wiit is leading this revolutionary transformation in the business operations with Hosted Private and Hybrid Cloud services for corporates. The company delivers optimum efficiency to its clients who are looking for security, competence and business continuity solutions. Its expertise lies in being a mentor to its clients and it continues to deliver extraordinary results with advanced PaaS services.
The company adopts a pragmatic approach towards cloud adoption which puts its clients at the helm of their core business. Wiit has adopted a strategy to combine various cloud solutions including the full Managed Services stack for critical applications and also core Oracle and Microsft application suites. This combination is ideal for global conglomerates which rely on these suites to tackle core challenges faced every day. The integrated approach helps businesses achieve maximum productivity with absolute ease.
A Trustworthy and Reliable Stature 
Wiit has also become synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness over the years. The company has nurtured a transparent environment with its clients, wherein it has often stressed the importance of the direct and full control of Critical SLAs. In return, Wiit has delivered exceptional services with creating and developing customised industry specific applications in order to meet unique demands and challenges.
This commitment to its clients has differentiated Wiit from major corporations who simply devote themselves partially to the growing demands of cloud services. The company owns and operates its data centres and internally handle competency demands which directly result in high levels of customer satisfaction and build up of trust over the years.
An Energetic Leadership 
Wiit was founded at the beginning of 2000 by Alessandro Cozzi, the Founder and current CEO of the company. He envisioned the company as a high-level player in the outsourcing business and lead it to reach extraordinary heights with his energetic approach. He has often been described by his colleagues as an inexhaustible source of energy and inspiration for the Wiit team and he continues to lead the team to with a relentless focus on broader objectives.
The company is listed at Borsa Italiana, London Stock Exchange to help it fulfil its glorious journey of becoming the leading cloud player for business-critical applications. Alessandro currently is working on expansion plans for Wiit initially in Europe and then US through M&A process. He aims to double the revenues of the company in the next 2 years.
A Rising Tide and A Swift Response 
Advancing SAP technology is creating numerous opportunities for businesses and these opportunities often come with their own set of challenges. There is a golden opportunity and a brewing challenge waiting on the horizon for businesses heavily relied on SAP technology. The challenge is the SAP Hana and S/4 HANA migration. The Hana migration presents an opportunity to move to a high performance platform that embeds a groundbreaking approach to share information. Hana migration can offer real-time, integrated data and information, the new real time production scheduling, multiplant production simulation to businesses. Additionally, it integrates these various capabilities under a single umbrella to deliver a holistic and integrated way to move forward for businesses. However, all these opportunities require companies to change the way their IT departments deliver performance and change SLA.
Wiit enables its clients to acquire and integrate new approaches like Hana migration with new competencies, new technologies with a swift and effortless integration. The company equips its clients with private cloud solutions which allow them to invest their energy and efforts towards their core business objectives. Wiit understands the growing trend in the industry where more and more businesses are interested in focussing on outsourcing their non-core functions to an expert third party and specialize in delivering their products and services. With its understanding of the tide that is sweeping the industry and its swift response, Wiit is bound to take the industry by storm with a clear focus and strategy in place.
A Next-Gen Solution To Meet Growing Demands 
Business constantly requires innovation to meet growing demands. Currently, cloud solutions are expected to deliver speed, scalability, compliance solutions and security. Wiit has devised a strategy and a concrete plan action to meet these demands with innovative solutions. The company offers hybrid cloud to drive innovation and balances business requirements with security to deliver a near perfect solution. Using these hybrid-cloud solutions, companies are no longer expected to focus on pure technology, on hardware but can avail the benefits nonetheless by moving their operations to cloud management and governance.
Moreover, Wiit has made a security its top priority in a changing world where cyber security is not only absolutely essential for delivering performance but also protects the long-term interests of businesses from potential legal liabilities. Wiit has developed a fully integrated approach to cybersecurity that embraces technology defences, h24 managed services for NOC and SIEM, advanced security options like DDoS with a 360° for compliance. The company has also managed to deliver a next-gen integrated approach to companies who are looking for a fully integrated solution to avail a wide range of services. Companies who are troubled by different cloud offerings can find solace in Wiit offerings as the company offers a new global governance of the multicoloured experience and helps businesses overcome the barrier of isolated cloud experience laden with insufficient capabilities.
Calibre Backed by State-of-the-Art Technology 
Wiit has since its inception relentlessly pursued cloud strategy to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Its pure focus on being the top cloud player has enabled the company to make continuous improvements to its portfolio. The relentless drive today has evolved to a point where the company successfully delivers end-to-end solutions to prestigious clients all over the world. The leadership at Wiit believes in following the strict protocol of SLAs involving control and governance of the entire value chain. The company backs up its calibre with top-notch assets like a Tier IV Datacenter to deliver highest performing SAP-certified solution worldwide.
Similarly, the company delivers a combination of Private, Hosted and Public cloud, more commonly known as Hybrid cloud solution to further its commitment to its clients.
With its current capabilities, the company delivers a competent solution to clients 365 days a year. Additionally, the company has set the benchmark in the industry and been recognised by SAP for raising the bar for SAP solutions worldwide. The company currently holds certifications in ITIL standards (ISO 20.000), security (ISO 27001), business continuity (ISO 22301), governance & controls (ISAE 3402) and promises to raise the bar even higher in future.
The company promises to register outstanding growth in the future for some key initiatives and strategy adoptions from the past. Wiit has adopted a fully integrated approach and control to benefit its clients. Additionally, the competence and references the company draws are top of the world when compared with global competitors and the company has adopted an innovative approach to make innovations a norm in the industry for progress. In future, Wiit would expand its business model in Europe to bring the same innovation and outstanding experience to European businesses. Furthermore, the company is likely to retain the loyalty of its existing customer who have tasted the fruit of a reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity solution which is a unique offering in the market.
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