Why Dedicated Lines Are Essential To Businesses

As a business, you are only as professional as the services you utilize, which those you do business with also quickly use to form a first impression of your brand, as well as your offerings.

One major service that significantly affects your company every day is your internet service.

Companies with slow or repeatedly interrupted connections, not only risk a decline in productivity, which can cut into your profits, but it often also results in poor call quality during video conferencing, which can be a nuisance to other callers and also cost you business.

However, the faster and more consistent your internet connection, which dedicated lines offer, the more stable and reliable your operations for improved performance and greater confidence in your company.

The Benefits of Dedicated Lines

To establish a dedicated line, also known as a leased line, the internet provider simply runs a private cable connection directly to a property, providing the subscriber with their own private bandwidth connection that is reserved solely for their use. In doing so, it provides many benefits for businesses, including:

Increased Speed and Consistent Connections

Having a private bandwidth connection means businesses have access to the full bandwidth capacity, thus eliminating a drop in speed and performance due to tons of other subscribers utilizing the service simultaneously, which often results in paused file transfers and technological glitches on the company’s end.

Most leased lines also boast connection speeds of 10Gbits/s (10,000 Mbit/s) or more whether the subscriber is uploading or downloading, which is especially important for companies that frequently upload data into the cloud.

The service provider also utilizes fiber optic cables to run the connection to the company’s grounds, which results in higher frequency signals for superfast speed, as opposed to standard cable internet that utilizes copper wiring whose signal tends to degrade over longer distances, resulting in less than stellar performance in some areas.

Accommodates Video Conferencing, VoIP Calls, and More

Private internet lines are also uniquely equipped to handle various types of traffic, including heavy web traffic and emails due to their private connection.

It can also handle the bustling transfer of data between different offices, such as between different divisions within your company.

Broken calls are also never a problem with a leased line because it is also equipped to handle video conferencing and VoIP systems. In fact, many businesses have even chosen to switch their current telephone system over to a dedicated phone line, which also provides a cheaper alternative to traditional phone lines.

A Stronger, More Reliable Connection

A fiber optic line also ensures a stronger, more reliable connection when using the service because it is durable and more resilient than copper wire, which means less electrical interference.

Increased Security

Dedicated lines offer greater protection of your information and technology components because of its private access to the web.

Furthermore, if you are a cloud-based business, your critical resources and sensitive information are always at risk as it travels to and fro over a public connection to outside parties to manage via remote servers.

However, a leased line helps decrease the risk of your data being hacked as it transfers over the internet to third party operations because the connection is private, which means it is more secure, thus giving you greater peace when providing or using cloud-based services.

You can also set up a WAN for more secure communications and data transfers within your office.

Less Downtime

Private internet service also typically includes an SLA, which means should you encounter any major issues with your connection, it will be addressed right away, as opposed to having to wait days, to help eliminate downtime, which can be devastating, especially for businesses that rely heavily on the internet for core operations.

Many providers also actively monitor their leased lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that if the line falters or goes out, the Network Operation Center will be able to troubleshoot the problem immediately to get your service back up and running in the fastest time possible.

If you are tired of being the odd caller out during video conferencing and want to improve your professional image, so you are taken more seriously, consider switching to a dedicated line for a strong and reliable connection that is capable of handling all your business internet needs. Your clients will also appreciate the improved security, and your organization will too.

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