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Whizliz: One of the Most Trusted E-Commerce Platforms for Luxury Accessories

The current industry scenario in Indonesia is very conventional and traditional. The market is becoming too saturated as new players in the industry are following the system in the same old pattern. To be successful in the market, enterprises and businesses must create the market instead of to following the market. An independent survey suggested that in the current market position, the prices are not transparent and by creating this platform, shoppers can easily compare prices with one-another as the list of other merchants can be found on the web. One such company named is a trusted e-commerce platform for luxury accessories such as diamond, 18K & 9K gold jewelry, watches etc. The purpose of this website is to introduce luxury products into the mass market and changing people’s perspective that luxury accessories can be purchased digitally with ease.

Whizliz is a buying and selling platform with the widest range of luxury products that trends among the fashionistas. Whizliz or PT. Lino Walden Technology is a joint venture company between PT. Lino Putra Mandiri and PT. Walden Global Services, which has hundreds of interesting export quality products ranging from brand coveted fashion designers to product selection.

Three Musketeers/Masterminds of
The company is blessed to have three masterminds; Ivan Lingga, CEO, who has a background in finance degree from Ohio State University. He is way far passionate about technology and finance. Andrianto Sylviano, COO of has a management and strong finance background from Bond University and he is also highly experienced in product knowledge in jewelries. Thirdly, Ikin Wirawan, CTO, who holds a degree in computer science from UC Berkeley. Ikin is a highly knowledgeable personality with huge experience and immense expertise in software development and technology related programs.

“We are excited to have WGS as our partner to launch Whizliz,” commented Andrianto Sylviano, Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Whizliz. “We have a shared vision of being at the forefront of service and technology to provide the best experience for our clients.”

What really inspired them to establish their company is to disrupt the retail luxury industry and to give another level of new experience of shopping. Being an online company is its advantage in terms of reach; Indonesia is a huge market size country that has hundreds and thousands of islands. Many rural cities in Indonesia do not have access to shopping centre so people can easily shop online regardless of their distance.

“Web and social media engagement in Indonesia has become entrenched as part of the culture of young, successful working adults in the country,” observes Ikin Wirawan, founder of WGS. “We are confident that the quality of products and culture that Lino & Sons stands for is in line with the Whizliz brand.”

Out of the Box Services by Whizliz
The most significant difference between and existing competitors are their stocks that are readily available and has the largest selection of SKUs, as of record carries 1200 SKUs. Once the company receives its orders, they initiate their process within 24 hours and get them delivered within 2 business days. Furthermore, also offers reselling, so the company accepts buyback purchased merchandise with certain terms and conditions applied.

Another feature of WhizLiz is its guarantee on the purity of the jewelries sold. Traditionally, online and offline jewelers over-promise on its products’ purity, as it is impossible to tell without a laboratory analysis.

Challenges faced and Opportunities that are grabbed by
Patience and persistence. The company came across many hurdles and numerous  challenges during their establishment but firmly believes that every challenge has its silver lining and they said, “When we can overcome it, we become stronger and solid as a team.

As technology evolves, it is inevitable that the market becomes ultra-competitive. Information flows rapidly into everyone’s gadget daily, rather by every second, and at the end of the day, it is becoming an asymmetric system as eventually everybody comes to know. The opportunity is speed in terms of information and product delivery; shoppers can easily purchase through the platform. Nowadays, big companies are disrupted by fast evolving companies that can adapt to change. The main challenge of has to become faster and better than the existing company.

Clients Gained by
The added value with clients is firstly one stop shopping without hassle, as the platform offers a wide range of selection with different brands so the buyers might not be running out of options. Secondly is their retaining value, buyers can sell back their purchased products through the buyback program provided by

WhizLiz targets a growing pool of customers that are discerning with the luxury brands and products that they choose. To cater to this crowd best, in terms of products variations, WhizLiz can make anything from fashion to bridal jewelries. Besides having the widest options in the market, all SKUs are in stock ready to be delivered and received within days.

Future Lane of
The Company believes in achieving the targets of short term plans instead of focussing on the longer ones. will offer marketplace into public by allowing other merchants listing their products on the platform. The company is also looking forward to planning to organize a marketing campaign of offline pop-bazaar at major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and etc. The purpose of this program is to create brand awareness of their platform among the mass.

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