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WhiteSource – Creating New Business Avenues with Open Source Components

As businesses continue to evolve and digitize their offerings, companies are moving towards cloud systems in large numbers. Thanks to SaaS technology, there has been a profound shift in the way that businesses are offering their software solutions. By incorporating real-time analytics and faster innovations, businesses are able to customize the site experience for everyone. Not only is it affordable and flexible, SaaS technology is transforming the way services are being provided by companies.
WhiteSource is one of the leading global providers of “Software Composition Analysis” tools. It has a vision to empower businesses to develop better software by utilizing the power of open source. Founded in 2011, it is headquartered in New York and has offices in Boston and Tel-Aviv in Israel. It is the only company providing all-in-one licensing, security, quality, and reporting solutions for managing open source components. Industry giants like IBM, Microsoft and others trust WhiteSource to secure and manage the open source components in their software. It has been recognized by Forrester as the best current offering in their Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Wave™ report in 2017. Microsoft and 83 North have invested in WhiteSource, raising a $10 million Series B in June 2017. By using the open source software (OSS) lifecycle management solutions, users get more insight on the open source components that they are using in their products. This analysis tool also allows users to enforce security and compliance policies automatically throughout their SDLC without slowing or affecting the development process.
Processes which make the Difference
Detection, Selection, Alerting, and Reporting – are the key processes that make WhiteSource the obvious choice for developers and businesses. The tool automatically identifies all the open source components in the software. The browser extension reveals any bugs or security risks for each component so that the developer can have more idea about the components before they even make a pull request. The alerting system helps to identify the potential pitfalls in the open source components. One of the core advantages is that the platform provides full visibility over all the components, dependencies, and licenses, allowing users to instantly produce inventory reports. These reports assist to understand the development environment in more comprehensive manner.
A Seasoned Entrepreneur in the SaaS space
Rami Sass is the Co-Founder and CEO of WhiteSource. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a deep background in software engineering and product management. His innovative mindset and pragmatic approach has assisted him in emerging as a successful entrepreneur over the years.  He is a firm believer in the values of the open source community and carries deep acumen in working on complex technical issues and algorithms. His high level of expertise in designing and implementing complex security management and compliance software systems makes him quite popular in this field. His frustrating experience while selling his previous startup to CA technologies when they were asked to produce a full Bill of Materials for all of the open source components in their product gave him and other co-founders the idea of WhiteSource.
Current Trends and the Next Big Change
Continual changes in business requirements and modern IT trends are the prime reason for companies to focus on SaaS technology in order to provide effective solutions. Going by the current trends, this technology along with other XaaS industries are creating new business opportunities in the market. This platform has provided flexibility to the existing stringent business processes. It has motivated businesses to move forward with greater scalability and multiple options to choose from. The next big movement in SaaS technology will be when heavily regulated industries like banking and healthcare will embrace this platform for their security needs. That will be a new era of cloud computing where SaaS solutions will witness wide acceptance and implementation.
Key Solutions – Transforming the Business
The most significant part of commercial software is the open source components. WhiteSource manages to automate security and compliance throughout the entire software development lifecycle including selection, approval, tracking, and management. It also provides real-time alerts on components that can be a potent risk. WhiteSource is the pioneer in developing an Agile open source security and licensing compliance tool which is a perfect answer for the modern software development teams. Covering more than 200 languages and integrating with popular CI/CD solutions like Jenkins makes WhiteSource stand ahead in the league. Maintaining the highest level of accuracy without any false positives is the USP of WhiteSource. By allowing for policy enforcement at every step of the SDLC, WhiteSource is able to reduce frictions between the development and security teams, shifting left security and compliance, thus removing bottlenecks that can slow down releases.
Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
The market and demand for open source components are witnessing an upsurge with the advent of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and ‘the App Economy.  As software development teams struggle to keep up with sprints and short release schedules, they are relying on open source to get the job done. Independent researchers suggest that open source components accounts for 60%-80% of the code base in software product market. WhiteSource has been in the forefront to assist developers and software teams in adopting open source components in their business, while maintaining high standards of security, compliance, and of course quality.
Future Prospective
WhiteSource holds a positive outlook on the future as it continues to dominate the market with new capabilities and features that are about to be launched. WhiteSource is committed to leading the way forward in the Software Composition Analysis space, providing the strongest offering in the industry.
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