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What To Do With Your Junk Car: 5 Tips and Solutions

Many people end up owning what is considered a junk car. It’s not your beater that gets you to and from work or the one that has some cosmetic damage that your friends call your “hunk of junk.” To fit the true definition of a junk car, it either needs to be beyond repair, or the cost of the repairs doesn’t come close to justifying fixing it.

This can happen in a few different ways. A car gets the title of “junk car” if it’s been ridden until the wheels fall off and it’s no longer operational, or it’s been in an accident that damaged it so severely that the repairs aren’t financially smart.

What To Do With Your Junk Car

If you have a junk car and have no idea what to do with it, you do have several options. There’s no need to hide it under a tarp so you don’t get dirty looks from your neighbors. Your options range from giving it away to scrapping a car for cash. Depending on what your financial needs are, there are a couple of different routes you can take.

Private Sale

Depending on how junky your junk car is, you can try to sell it yourself. As the old adage goes, there truly is a buyer for everything. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Although selling a junk car to an individual could prove to be frustrating and fruitless, there are a few circumstances that could trigger a sale.

  • Classic or vintage vehicles – Older vehicles, and not just those that are deemed classics, could be desirable to a select crowd. There are plenty of car clubs that place value on what the average passerby wouldn’t see the allure.
  • Buyers looking for spare parts – Backyard mechanics are always on the lookout for the same make and model as their project car. It could be a long shot, but there may be someone looking for the same car to scavenge the parts from.

Your best options for selling your junk car to a private buyer are to hit the internet. Posting an ad on sites like Craigslist is free, and you could connect with the right person. Other sites to consider are Facebook groups that cater to guys who like to work on cars. This certainly isn’t the best way to get top dollar, but it will get the junk car off of your hands. Before considering this option, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the scrap car value. The value is primarily determined by its metal weight and the potential for reusable parts. Other factors that come into play include global scrap metal prices, the make and model of the car, and its overall condition. Having this knowledge as a starting point ensures a fair transaction whether you are selling your junk car to an individual or a junkyard.

Sell It To a Specialized Dealership

Just because your vehicle has extensive damage or maybe doesn’t even run doesn’t mean that it’s valueless. Located throughout the country are specialized dealerships that purchase junk cars. Most will give you a more than reasonable offer, and some will even send a tow truck and pick up your vehicle. They are the experts in handling these types of sales, and typically, they’ll handle all of the paperwork required by your state.

Take It to a Junkyard

Another option is to check with your local junk or scrap yards to see if they purchase junk cars. They’re not looking for vehicles to resell, so it doesn’t matter what condition yours is in. A scrapyard sees the value in your junk car in the metal that it can scrap and sell. It is a bit of a sad ending to your car, but it does eliminate your problem. Don’t expect to get top dollar, and the price they offer you can vary depending on how much scrapable metal your junk car has and what the going rates are for it.

Donate It to Charity

If money isn’t an issue, several charities will take a junk car off of your hand. However, many unscrupulous businesses hide behind the guise of being a non-profit when, in fact, they aren’t. If you’ve found a reputable charity and decide to gift them your clunker, you may be able to get a tax deduction for it.

Give It To An Auto Mechanics School

Although you won’t get money for it, some vocational schools will accept junk cars. Most are always on the lookout for vehicles to use so their students can have some hands-on training. Much like donating to a charity, there could be a tax deduction in it for you.

What To Do With Your Junk Car Solved

If, for whatever reason, you end up in possession of a junk car, you do have several options for what to do with it. Some choose to do the philanthropic thing and donate it to a charity or a vocational school. These options could lead to a tax deduction. Private sales could prove to be difficult, but if you have time on your side, scouting out buyers could bring you a few bucks.

The easiest and most profitable way to unload your junk car is to sell it to a dealership that specializes in buying junk cars. You’ll get the best price, and it’s a hassle-free way to not only get rid of an unusable vehicle but also get the most money for it.