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What are the types of degrees and what to choose?

A degree is the most traditional way for a professional career debut. In essence, the degree is an academic qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study. Students often choose a degree programme to take their next step for a promising career. It usually takes around three to six years to earn a degree, depending upon its level or area of specialisation.
Earlier, students had to take up a three or four-year degree programme to land a well-paying job. Now, with individuals changing jobs and careers more often than in the past, securing a three or four-year degree is not enough. At present, several career programmes make students job-ready besides providing necessary technical skills and theoretical knowledge. These degrees have been broadly classified into four types – Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral. Notably, all these degrees level varies in length, course duration, entry requirements, and outcomes. The core reason behind opting for any of these degrees aligns with students’ interests and professional goals.
In all these above-listed types of degrees, bachelor’s is the most taken route among students willing to make a rewarding career in the future. Besides building a foundation of knowledge and preparing for a specialised career, a bachelor’s degree also increases access to job opportunities, marketability, earning potential, networking opportunities, and economic stability. That’s not all. Bachelor’s degree is also regarded as a pathway to career advancement.
If we talk about the best destination to acquire a bachelor’s degree, it’s none other than Singapore. Interestingly, bachelor’s degree courses in Singapore are an attraction for prospective graduates worldwide. With a multicultural population and vibrant nature, this city-state is home to many top-notch business schools that offer internationally accredited bachelor’s degrees with award-winning curriculums.
Why is Singapore an ideal place to earn a bachelor’s degree?
Singapore is consistently gaining popularity among students in the past few decades due to its world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge academic curriculum, and highly experienced tutors. According to the International Trade Administration, this city-state comprises more than 50,000 international students. In addition, about 34 of Singapore’s universities offer globally renowned bachelor’s degrees. Two universities of Singapore also topped the list of the best ten universities in Asia. Besides this, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has also labelled Singapore as the best study location.
After learning the advantages of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Singapore, you must be wondering about the best programmes for a lucrative career. Thus, we have prepared a list of the top five bachelor’s programmes that will provide you with an edge over competitors.
Top five bachelor’s degree in Singapore

  1. Business

This eight-month full-time bachelor’s programme will equip you with the skills needed to excel at running, managing, or growing your own business.

  1. Accounting and finance

During this eight-month full-time undergraduate programme, you will learn accounting practices and obtain the practical industry experience required to flourish in the finance world.

  1. Hospitality

With this eight-month full-time undergraduate programme, you will acquire outstanding customer service and decision-making skills needed to thrive in the fastest-growing industry.

  1. Logistics

This eight-month full-time bachelor’s programme will prepare you to take on the challenges of globalisation and digitalisation.

  1. Technology

The three-year degree programme equips students with computer science fundamentals and software development and programming skills.
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