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Websites Depot: The Widely-Acclaimed Designing Platform

In this era of digital advancement, digital marketing is the most common and effective way of marketing by far. Every company is striving to have an edge over their competitors by utilizing various digital marketing strategies.
With a vision to create impactful digital experiences for these startups and entrepreneurs, Websites Depot was founded in Van Nuys in the year 2010. During the initial years, the company focused mainly on Web Design and Web Development. However, the team also kept working on Digital Marketing Solutions like SEO, AdWords Management, Branding and Reputation Management. During all these years, the company also incorporated Responsive Web Design and E-commerce Web Design services. Websites Depot is also a certified Google partner since 2012.
The Ardent Leader
Originally from Slovenia, Danny Star, the Founder and CEO of Websites Depot, moved to the USA after graduating from college. He obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Arizona. With a vast experience in Marketing-related positions, Danny started his own entrepreneurship, Websites Depot, in 2010. He has built solid relationships with hundreds of marketers of all types in the Los Angeles Area and is known for his passion and compromise when it comes to Digital Marketing Services, Technology and Design.
Danny is a happy husband and father of two kids. He resides in Silver Lake, nearby the offices of the company. He’s a soccer aficionado and plays regular matches with some of his team members. Danny is in a constant search of evolution and knowledge in this industry, and wishes to apply those values in every project he’s involved with.
Exclusive Offerings
Websites Depot offers a varied range of services including SEO, Adwords Management, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Online Reputation Management. The company also derives expertise in different types of Web Designing like Responsive Web Design, CMS Web Design, E-Commerce Web Design and Web Development.
 It’s a good mix of web design, web maintenance, graphic designs, ad writing, ad management, press releases, and of course our expertise in search engines.”, Danny said in an interview with VoyageLA while reflecting on the services of the company.
Smart Business Strategies
Websites Depot works towards three main goals:
To kick-start marketing campaigns: The company does an overall analysis of the client company and offers a customized marketing strategy enabling them to outshine their competitors.
Creation of awareness:  Another goal of the company is to create awareness by using all the online avenues available to us including social media and email marketing.
Increase sales and profits: The main purpose of marketing is to increase customer base and profits.
After a thorough study of the client company, the innovative team at Websites Depot develops customized strategies to help the business achieving its digital advertising goals. Social Media, SEO, PPC management, and optimization are some of the most effective strategies that are implemented by Websites Depot.
Unique Strategy for Employee Encouragement
Never-ending quest for learning is fundamental to remain competitive, especially in this ripe age of technological advancement and digital glory. The employees of Website Depot are always being encouraged to go beyond their daily tasks and educate themselves by reading books, taking courses and reading magazines and portals related to the industry.
Views on Harnessing Disruption
Digital disruptions are inevitable. They find a way into Marketing and it is a positive thing to adapt to them and start learning their behaviour since the very beginning,” Danny says reflecting on the new age technology, “especially if we understand that 84% of marketing organizations are using AI and machine learning today, and that 3 out of 4 organizations using them have increased their sales in more than a 10%.
The main opportunity that machine learning and AI bring to marketing is the improvement of customer experience and support. However, Marketing essentials like Search Engine Optimization are also being affected by the use of smart devices like Alexa and Siri. The way people do queries is not the same as they do when typing, so the choice of keywords and phrases mutates to fit this new type of queries.
Benefits for Clients
Most of the clients highlight the fact that Websites Depot gives them exactly what they were looking for and even more. This is the result of combining knowledge, a personalized service and going the extra mile to always give more. The team takes time to sit down with their clients, understand what they need, make suggestions and study their audiences and market carefully.
Communication is essential and it doesn’t cease to be less amazing how many clients come to us complaining about the lack of communication between them and their previous marketing agencies”, the CEO says in a bright tone.
Websites Depot has received plentiful of awards and recognition as a top agency in LA in recent years.  In 2016, it was listed in the top 10 responsive design firms by Top Design Firms, and also named as “The Best at Boosting Your Business” by the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, it was listed as the No.5 Best Design Agency by Top Design Firms.
Future Prospects
The company is planning launch a new website in 2018. This whole update for the online platform is a joint effort of the Development & Design Team, SEO, Sales Team, and the CEO. They’ve invested several months in brainstorming and implementing many ideas in coding, content and design to generate a platform that will represent Websites Depot in 2018 and the years to come.
Apart from that, the innovative team of Websites Depot is working towards implementing a new platform with crystal-clear information and real metrics where the clients can leave their feedback and get real-time responses.

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