Berniston Review: Top 5 Crypto Coins in 2024

#1. Bitcoin:  

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the world and continues to be the most widely recognized among them.

#2. Ethereum:   

On the Ethereum blockchain, ether is the cryptocurrency. Similar to Bitcoin, Ether runs on a separate blockchain; but, unlike Bitcoin, Ether has no cap, so an endless amount of coins might be created. 

#3. Solana:  

The Solana platform, which runs on a blockchain similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, has its own native token called SOL.  

#4. BNB:  

As of 2024, BNB stands for the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, Binance Coin. Users who opt to pay in BNB will pay lower transaction costs for this trade. 

#5. Ripple (XRP):  

Running on the Ripple network, XRP has been dubbed a “cryptocurrency for banks” due to its specific design to meet the requirements of the financial services sector.