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WaveOptics: Enhancing Your Experience of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gets better as the day passes. Each passing day makes everyone wonder what more can be done with this technology and there are no boundaries to it. Designers, technicians and researchers, scientists everyone is on their own to find new opportunities and the untapped power of AR. While many bright minds have successfully incorporated this technology into business many are working on the unexplored areas of AR. WaveOptics, a company based out in Oxfordshire, England is the global provider of revolutionary AR waveguides, which offers an exceptional service.
WaveOptics is the leading designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides, which is a key component that enables the wide adoption of the vast immersive AR experience among all Industrial, Enterprise and Consumer markets. WaveOptics has the manufacturing process, designing flexibility, price, and performance to make wearable AR commercially and technically viable.
Combining the Real and Virtual World
WaveOptics precisely helps its clients to see ‘Augmented Reality’. The Waveguides developed by the team at WaveOptics is a widely recognized key technology which enables the working of both augmented and mixed reality. This task is undergone by guiding waves of light from a projector to the glass in front of the user’s eye so that virtual objects can be viewed comfortably in a compact form factor.
This ‘waveguides’ enables near-eye displays even with small, light form factors, high field of view and large eye-box. Combining all these features, Waveguides delivers stable, crisp text and imagery, seamlessly layered onto the natural view of the outside world. The conventional waveguide has three distinct grating regions, namely the input grating, a turn grating and an output grating which makes it more complex and expensive. However, the waveguides manufactured by WaveOptics have a similar structure with just two gratings: an input grating and an output grating. The technology that can be witnessed here is known as the ‘two-dimensional pupil expansion’, it gives WaveOptics the ability to create a large eye-box – the volume of space within which an augmented world is formed.  David Hayes, CEO of WaveOptics comments, In simple terms, WaveOptics technology has a compact form factor which is producing a large eye-box user AR experience.”
WaveOptics develops high-performance, highly manufacturable diffractive waveguides –through which people experience augmented reality.  WaveOptics’ revolutionary waveguides successfully combine elements including, the patented diffractive waveguide design with unique material science, enables high performance, versatility and manufacturing scalability for real-world AR applications at a cost that encourages mass market adoption.
Uncharted Tale of WaveOptics
Founded by Sumanta Talukdar and David Grey, WaveOptics commenced trading in 2014.  David Hayes who is currently serving as the CEO of WaveOptics has set new benchmarks and by thus creating great interest in the industry. His extensive experience in hardware and technology innovation across research, product development and manufacturing and his previous position at DAQRI smart helmet and glasses producers is an added advantage.
However, WaveOptics needed to tackle a key challenge to be successful – how to deliver a great viewing experience and high volume capable manufacturing process. The great part is that WaveOptics has addressed both these problems through their waveguide technology.
The unsung heroes of any company are the employees. Nevertheless, WaveOptics takes great pride in its pool of experienced team members. WaveOptics’ management team of AR experts spans over seven decades of accumulated experience covering a range of sectors including consumer electronics, gaming, and defence, medical and mobile. The expertise at the application sector includes heads-up displays (HUDs) and head mounted displays (HMDs), while the technology expertise is very well represented with deep know-how in refractive and diffractive optical systems, optical design, imaging, illumination and integration into other parts of AR systems. This vast knowledge along with practical real life experience has enabled WaveOptics to create waveguides with best in class fields of view, cost effective mass production and maximum design versatility.
The Attributes of Growth
 The innovative and experienced team is the one of the characteristics of success for WaveOptics. WaveOptics attracts talent from all corners of the globe. Being solely focused on waveguides for AR, the team of engineers are very much aware of the end product and its application in the real world.  With technology racing at a breakneck speed, the employees at WaveOptics are encouraged to be creative and innovative to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. This creates a very exciting and rewarding environment to work in, often with a project-based approach.
WaveOptics follows a very friendly and open style of work management, which focuses on two-way communication between the senior management and staff to be clear on the direction of this fast-paced company. The company also invests in staff training and development to ensure every member of staff feels valued and has a clear development plan.
The other characteristic of growth is the waveguides themselves. Waveguides signals the next revolution in AR displays, changing the way we communicate, work and play. David quotes, “In order to achieve successful widespread adoption, AR waveguides need to provide a large field of view with a high quality, persistent, stable image in full color”, when asked about the developments and arising challenges in AR.  However, WaveOptics has readily accepted the evolving changes in this technology and have maintained to offer services that help its clients in their business growth.  WaveOptics’ patented technology can be adapted to fit any end user’s characteristics for an optimal and fully customized AR experience.
A Peek into Future
WaveOptics aims to continue working towards new partnerships, and has announced to launch a module program, that will give early access to waveguide development for faster prototyping. As part of its development cycle, WaveOptics also designs light engines, purely to assist its partners in keeping pace with its waveguide iterations and to accurately present the full potential of its technology.
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