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Vyakta: Making work life worth living

To ‘Vyakta’ is much more than to convey. It is to think without bias, to open your eyes and observe the world as it is, and express your ideas that can change the world. Vyakta as an organisation believes that the quality of work life is critical to a creative existence of the humankind. It should be, ‘Very often, people’s work life aspirations and ambitions are impaired by the insufficiencies in their capabilities. By building the capabilities of human capital, Vyakta works towards achieving its motto ‘Making work life worth living’.
The Philosophy & Culture
Vyakta has traversed from being an organisation that helped unemployed youth become employable, to a team of dynamic coaches helping individuals and companies win at workplace/ in business.
Ashish (the founder) says, “Vyakta’s core strategic strength is its culture. The team is built around the principles of mentoring rather than monitoring. The team members have absolute autonomy in determining their work schedule to suit their functioning style. There are no bosses, no defined working hours, no leave policy, no dress code, no cubicles at work place and no compulsions to do something that you don’t want to.”
The team together breaks all omnipresent clichés of any usual workplace in the industry. With guiding principles like ‘When in doubt, do it’, the team uses its understanding of human behavior, thinking, emotions and habits to surface the meaning and purpose in the learners’ minds. This differentiates Vyakta from its competitors.
With clients like L&T, Asian Paints, General Mills, etc, Vyakta has always received repeat batches. Ashish elaborates, “As a coach, when you really care for the learner and pour enough rigor in your efforts, you push yourself beyond all personal limits to innovate learning strategies for enablement.”
Vyakta Story
Ashish Kumar Jha, born in a small town in Bihar, considers Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith as his primary Alma Mater where he ‘discovered himself’. He later followed his dream to become a journalist.
In search of meaningful work life, he initially started coaching unemployed youth to become employable in the booming ITES sector, and later took his skills to corporate organisations. In 2009, Vyakta was born in its current form. In 2013, V Kishore Kumar, an IIT-Kgp alum and a senior executive with 36 years of experience in Chemicals and Mining Industry, joined Ashish as a partner.
Talent Development Services offered by Vyakta
Vyakta specialises in Communication Skills, which it defines as ‘the ability to formulate ones thoughts with clarity and articulate it meaningfully for the receiver’.
Vyakta builds programs like Mastering English Communication, Executive Communication Coaching, ‘Think and Articulate’, and Effective Reading Skills for corporate organisations. All its programs are customised for the clients. To design the same, Vyakta uses its proprietary tools and models.
Talking about its future, Ashish says, “The most exciting thing about the future is that Vyakta would be able to establish a definitive marketplace where people can seek advisory on their capability building needs, discover optimal learning programs and seek active support from experts to achieve their dreams.”