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Kevin M. Frain | COO || Elaine R. Sugimura | CEO | vomFASS

VomFASS – Creator and Leader of a Unique Experiential Retail Concept

“In an ever-changing environment, brands must stay ahead of their consumers in knowing what they desire, how they want it delivered, and where they can purchase your product.” In the current culinary & foodie world we live in today, there are demands that industries communicate to the consumers all the why’s, how’s and where’s they can find unique products and ensure the freshness of it. Today’s consumers are more informed than ever on the quality and sourcing of the foods that they eat. This fresh new phenomenon is often described as “foodie culture,” and its changing customer expectations as to what products they want and how much they will pay. Delicious and as fresh as the product can be, and with a unique story behind them, vomFASS excels in catering to the adventurous sensibilities and high expectations of foodies. Part of the vomFASS magic is careful selection and curation of the finest growers and producers from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean.
A Wide Array of Artisanal Products
vomFASS is a unique retail & community event business specializing in a wide array of artisanal products, including the world’s finest oils, vinegars, spirits, wine, gourmet foods, and spices. Experiential retail is where the focus is as consumers are hungry for a more customized interaction with the products they bring into their home or offer as gifts. The company’s customer loyalty base has grown exponentially, as once they taste the amazing products; they understand what quality truly is. Their quality products are what sets them apart and in order to support the franchisee’s and continually improve their education and training on all product offerings, the franchisor created and invested in an internal Wiki. It also acts as an extensive repository for recipes that are submitted by vomFASS’ franchisees, which makes the products come to life. By continuing to learn what its customers are looking for, the company can modify their offerings from product to the retail environment. As a team, they are always striving towards improving the products they deliver to both their franchisees and consumer base.
The combination of exclusive artisanal products and unique in-store tasting experiences provide franchisees with tools to capitalize on two key trends: the foodie culture and experiential retail. vomFass franchisees love to entertain and educate customers on new product arrivals, enticing pairings and how to integrate its extensive line of gourmet products into the lives and homes of their customers. They become ambassadors of the company by leveraging its unique value proposition & extensive product knowledge to deliver the experience and authenticity that today’s consumers demand. The company is proud to have received many awards for both the products it offers as well as its Franchise system. This tradition of excellence is something that embodies everything the company lays their hands on – from store locations to selection of their franchisees and of course, any new product offering.
Excellent Communicator and Great Leaders
Ek2, LLC owned by both Elaine R. Sugimura and Kevin M. Frain who were hired as consultants and Board Advisors to use their strengths as disruptors, and change agents to create the best strategy to move the business forward. With limited resources, all of the changes had to be executed within the current expense structure. As active CEO and COO, they have been able to shift the past losses into current gains. Having held the CEO title in various businesses prior to joining vomFASS, Elaine’s global communication and marketing skills have allowed the organization to grow in new areas of business. Her international business experience and applicable strategies continue to fuel the growth of the company. Kevin has held both COO and CFO titles in his work experiences thus far. He has been instrumental in driving the changes within the overall Operations. Creating and implementing new processes and procedural strategies has lifted the company to a new level of success. The next 5-year growth strategies are not possible without the critical improvements by ek2, LLC. Together, Elaine and Kevin have changed the make-up of the US company; by giving it “the color” it needed. vomFASS is now poised to take on new challenges and will meet and or exceed corporate expectations in the years ahead.
An Experiential Marketing Strategy
The initial challenge in 1994 was when Johannes Kiderlen made an error in his calculations when buying sherry for his wholesale customers. He realized that he had one too many zeros on the order quantity he placed with his supplier and was unable to return the alcohol once purchased. This led to the idea of offering the sherry ala “vomFASS” – meaning “from the cask / barrel”.
Johannes Kiderlen decided to offer the sherry in casks, and he was soon rewarded based on his genius marketing idea. Once the word was out, the business began to rise as he had envisioned. He created an experiential strategy before the world was ready for this type of marketing. As the years progressed, he continued to grow the company with new product offerings marketed in the same manner – “from the cask”. Thus, the world of vomFASS took root and began its unprecedented growth path in Europe. They continue to be the dominant player and the forefather of the taste-before-you-buy concept. As the world continues to move at a fast pace, vomFASS is still the leader in the marketplace for this concept. The company’s goal is to build without ever losing the essence of the brands’ original mission created by Johannes. He aptly stated, “Only the best, always!” “Only the very best ingredients that can be found will be used in the manufacture of vomFASS oils, vinegars, gourmet foods, spirits and spices.”
Ability to Educate Customers
The opportunity to interact and create an experience that is both delicious to their palate and the ability to educate customers with the vomFASS story and how its special partnerships and bond with its producers continues to be one of the key reasons for its success. This is a great opportunity to work with an established brand and use your skills to educate and entertain customers. vomFASS franchisees have a strong set of business skills, enjoy the recognition of ownership, and the opportunity to control their own destinies while providing superior quality products to their customers. “It’s a great time to join the vomFASS family,” says Thomas Kiderlen, owner of vomFASS. He adds,“For over 25 years the vomFASS franchise opportunity has provided the platform for highly motivated individuals to display their communication and business skills and appreciation of gourmet foods & spirits. Our franchise opportunity revolves around educating, informing, and sharing a vast array of products in an exciting environment.”

“Future growth, improved operations, delicious product offerings to the best of class locations and franchise partners will guaran tee the success of vomFASS as we migrate towards major expansion in the next 5 years and more!”

A Leader in the Marketplace
vomFASS continues to be the dominant player and the forefather of the taste-beforeyou-buy concept. The company believes that every business whether they are a franchisee entity must continue to reinvent themselves to ensure sustainability and growth in such a highly competitive marketplace. Having a niche business model, such as vomFASS, will continue to have a place in the market as consumers are always looking to support small businesses as well as exciting experiential retail installations. vomFASS’s Look-Taste-Enjoy concept delivers a retail experience that is truly unique in the marketplace.