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Virtual Instruments: Delivering Unparalleled Value to the Customers

Continuous evolution has been and will be the only constant thing in the business world to survive and win the race, and it has been proven by the transformation of Information Technology industry. Virtual Instruments is one such company which has adopted and embraced the challenges and continued improving its applications for IT infrastructure.
Virtual Instruments is a high-growth Silicon Valley technology company headquartered in San Jose, CA. Since its inception in 2008, they have been focused on delivering unparalleled value to their customers through a combination of innovative technology and high-value services.
VI has helped solve some of the most critical IT performance and availability issues in more than 500 of the world’s largest data centers. Their unwavering commitment to the customers’ success has fueled their growth.
Company’s Industry Leading Product Lines
They offer two industry-leading product lines that comprise their application-centric storage infrastructure performance management platform.
On one hand, VirtualWisdom is industry’s leading storage performance and availability monitoring platform for enterprise data centers. The platform empowers customers to deliver on the complex requirements of their storage to application infrastructure and provides real-time insights into the performance and availability of storage infrastructure —across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It intelligently correlates and analyzes an unmatched breadth and depth of data, transforming data into answers and actionable insights. This enables IT teams to promote and guarantee performance-based service level agreements (SLAs), enhancing the value of the storage infrastructure.
While on the other hand, Load DynamiX Enterprise is industry’s leading storage performance analytics solution.It is a software application that analyzes production storage workloads, models workloads, creates what-if testing scenarios, and produces workload performance analytics. It enables workload visibility into the storage infrastructure by working with the Workload Data Importer and Workload Generation Appliances. Load DynamiX Enterprise allows storage managers to: Characterize production workload profiles, create highly realistic workload models, measure storage I/O performance with Workload Generation Appliances, and analyze performance results to optimize storage infrastructure. With Load DynamiX Enterprise you can assess the performance and scalability limits of any file, block or object storage.
A veteran in Technology Industry
Philippe Vincent, the CEO of Virtual Instruments is a veteran in IT who brings over 22 years of experience in technology industries. Prior to the merger with Virtual Instruments, he was the CEO of Load DynamiX for nearly 4 years.
He has been in senior executive positions with BigFix, IBM and Accenture. During his tenure at BigFix, he led several business functions and drove strategy and operations across the company. He helped drive BigFix to a leadership position in the Systems and Security Management markets, and a successful sale to IBM in 2010.
At IBM, Philippe helped in leading the integration of BigFix into the Tivoli business unit. Before BigFix, he was a Partner with Accenture’s High Tech strategy practice, and a leader of its Software practice. Philippe began his career with engineering positions at Alcatel and PSA Peugeot Citroen. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and Diplome d’Ingenieur from ENSAM (France).
Serving clientele of ‘who’s who’ list
The clientele of VI are comprised of the ‘who’s who’ from the list of Global 2000 and Fortune 500 firms, that derives from industries like Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail/e-commerce, cloud service providers, manufacturers, technology vendors and the US Federal Government.They have formed strong alliances with major vendors such as Cisco, EMC, VMware, HP, and Hitachi to provide supreme infrastructure performance management solutions to the most complex and largest physical, virtual and software defined data centers (SDDC).
Their customers include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Lloyd’s Bank, MetLife, Nationwide, Kaiser Permanente,, LinkedIn, Mayo Clinic, AT&T, Sprint, IBM/Softlayer, Oracle, Dell, EMC, HP, Cisco, Unilever, Novartis and 100s of other Global 2000 accounts and government agencies.
Distinctive approach that makes it stand tall and strong
An important point of distinction that makes VI stand apart from the rest of their competitors, is their multi-vendor heterogeneous support. They never worry about what kind of server, network or storage devices a customer has, or what generation they are. Instead, their wire-data analyses lies at the FC protocol level and allow them to aid any infrastructure a customer possesses. Virtual Instruments strives to be the leader in understanding storage infrastructure performance and how it affects the overall application performance.They offer vendor-independent real-time performance monitoring solutions that measure each and every transaction entering the storage array – to the microsecond level.
Glorified future road map
VI acquired Xangati in October 2016, expanding its monitoring and performance analytics offerings with multiple new technologies, including the ability to monitor IP networks, containers, hyper converged systems, and public cloud platforms. In addition, Xangati offered many additional advanced real-time analytics capabilities. All of these new monitoring sources and analytics will be incorporated into the award-winning VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance monitoring (IPM) platform over the next year.
Over the course of last 8 years, VI has consistently invested in developing a collaborative and agile culture where everyone feels accountable and empowered for meeting the company’s goals. Everyone at Virtual Instruments, is focused on going above and beyond to ensure customer success, while following the principle of ‘underpromise and over deliver.’

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