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Vion Corporation : Paramount Customized Analytical Solutions

For any enterprise, forward-thinking solutions are the gateway to enduring success. As a leading IT enterprise solutions provider with over three decades in the industry, ViON Corporation stands apart by delivering both government and commercial clients a powerful combination of experience, teamwork and technical leadership.
ViON has leveraged more than three decades to build its DataAdapt platform, which is a preconfigured, validated architecture that takes the guesswork out of Big Data initiatives and dramatically speeds time to value for the company’s customers. ViON develops customized analytical solutions with extreme flexibility to bring a new level of intelligence and efficiency to the way in which people, businesses, organizations, governments, and systems interact.
Commitment to mission success is in ViON’s DNA. Customer intimacy has long been the fuel that drives ViON’s success. It ensures that ViON customers can count on the best level of service and support in the industry, meeting the requirements of their organization.
Tom Frana, a Consummate Leader
Tom Frana is the President and CEO of ViON Corporation (ViON). With over 40 years of experience in the information technology industry and more than 35 years in the vendor environment, Mr. Frana is a consummate leader and proven IT executive who has supported a wide range of functions for both federal and commercial customers during the course of his career.
Mr. Frana has garnered experience in systems engineering, sales, marketing, customer service and general management with ITEL, National Advanced Systems and Hitachi Data Systems. He has held positions in Europe as Vice President and Director of Systems Engineering and Customer Service and Support; Vice President and Managing Director in Asia/Pacific; and Vice President and General Manager of U.S. Operations for Hitachi Data Systems.
Mission-Critical IT Infrastructure Solutions
ViON delivers and maintains mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions on an enterprise scale for the federal government, public sector and commercial market. ViON is well known for its cost-effective compute, network and storage, security and big data capabilities, delivered on premise or through the cloud anywhere on earth. Supported by cleared resources that are highly trained and armed with the industry’s latest certifications and specializations, ViON has a legacy of helping its customers meet business goals and mission objectives, support war fighters, drive innovation and business growth, and deliver citizen services.
ViON has proved itself to be extremely flexible and has adapted easily to changes in the technology landscape. Rather than substantially changing its business, ViON has matured its business capabilities as data and computing have become more sophisticated and technology has advanced. ViON’s Cloud, Big Data and Cyber Analytics solutions are a testament on how ViON understands the needs of its customers and develops solutions to meet them.
ViON’s privately-controlled ownership model will continue to allow for rapid response to changes in customer requirements, now and in the future. ViON is always moving forward and investing in its people and the innovative technology solutions that will drive success for its customers – whether that success is defined by meeting a mission objective or driving business growth.
ViON will continue to be a leader in the government and commercial markets by providing end-to-end data management solutions spanning leading technology OEMs in Storage, Servers, Networking, Cloud, Security and Big Data.