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Veterans Health Administration Launches A New Program

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin stated that the Department of Veterans Affairs is facing lots of sturdy challenges. Department Of Veteran Affairs has decided to replace an old electronic health record system with a commercial off-the-shelf EHR from Cerner.
VA Healthcare priority is to provide the best healthcare services who have served for the USA. Veterans Health Care is still in progress over the last few years, but still, they want it to get better on their purpose in coming days. In Ada, the appointments are registered before a week for mental care and they don’t have a chance for primary care for returning appointments. New registrations would wait for at least 13 days for primary care and 4 days for mental health care. These two cases can also get the services same day as needed for primary care as well as mental health care.
The head of the Oklahoma City Hospital has come up with the plan of many changes in infrastructure. Parking of 300+ space patient parking garage will be completed by this year. Moving high traffic clinics to lower floor of the hospital, and the work of providing elevators is also in progress. David Shulkin said for the additional funding to be raised in 2018 to implement a new EHR system.
For almost 70 years, they have received the benefits earned through their services to the USA. They even monitored their care in VA spinal cord injury units, and they also funded research and education. Shulkin stated, “While more reforms will be necessary, this is a step in the right direction, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to address the problems that have plagued the VA for far too long”.
To schedule their appointments for health care, they need to contact with a space of two days. Over 8% appointments are no shows, which equates to thousands of appointments every month.
To improve care for Oklahoma’s veterans, they have been committed to help and treat the patients. Even though the challenges are too tough to handle, but taking care and helping out the patients is the grateful gesture you do.