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Versium: Riding on Revolutionary Marketing Insights to Bring Digital Marketing home

When the world was driven by mainstream media, TV audience was passive and could not make an independent decision about what they liked or didn’t like. With the emergence of digital media marketing and advertising has become a harder ballgame. Marketers are having a hard task of chasing the audience to gain their attention and sell their products thereby making it important for marketers to be intelligent, objective, and insightful when marketing through the digital medium. A company that helps marketers understand their audience inside-out is Versium. The company provides quality actionable data, along with tools which help analyze it and gain enriching insights about the audience. The company also provides predictive services, which help their clients improve the ROI of their online campaign by better targeting the right audience for best results.
Unique Business Intelligence of Versium (BI) in a Nutshell
Versium BI enables their clients to achieve three important marketing goals. First, it provides various automated data hygiene and enrichment tools to improve the quality of existing customer and prospect data and makes it more actionable. Second it delivers rich customer insights by enriching existing enterprise data with Versium’s proprietary Life Data® which enables enhanced segmentation and personalized messaging, which results in a rewarding customer experience. Third, the company delivers a suite of automated machine learing AI solutions in order to predict who is most likely to buy or engage to increase marketing ROI. Versium continues to expand data models in order to gain a better understanding of the online consumers.
Business Intelligence as a Weapon
The founders of Versium were inspired by the poorly targeted email campaigns seen during the Groupon heyday.. The campaigning woes they experienced were common among marketers and executives. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective alternative to the mainstream TV advertising. However, it is a marketing area filled with uncertainties, and lacks a set of clear guidelines to follow at the moment. Hence, this field is in a deep need of objective insights which can then be used to form intuitive understanding of the audience. The current challenge for revolutionary companies like Versium is to convince the disarrayed digital executives to follow the path of rationality and invest in data driven AI intelligent solutions.
The Right Leadership for Embracing a New World  
There is a quote often repeated among digital marketing executives. It goes on the lines of, “There is no such thing as a digital marketing expert.” As mentioned earlier, digital marketing requires a set of enlightening guidelines and insightful leadership. Versium Founder and CEO Chris Matty, has a rich history of leading successful technology companies. As an industry thought leader, he pioneered the white and yellow pages’ online presence during the early days of the internet as a founder of Infospace, then assembled a team of data technology experts with decades of experience dealing with the challenges of consumer and business data accuracy, focusing on automation to bring the technology more broadly to the market.  Fast forward a few years and with Versium, he has created a revolutionary data technology company that is truly changing the marketing landscape.
Chris Matty lives and breathes technology innovation in an inspiring manner. He has donned multiple hats in the technology world before founding Versium. Many of his ventures went on to become successful enterprises in the Internet, mobile, and SaaS spaces. His insightful contribution has defined some of the internet business models common in the industry today. His merit and his leadership are set to provide a sigh of relief for the marketing industry through another major breakthrough.
A Real Solid Strategy for a Virtual World of Challenges
Personalized messaging is becoming more and more important in the virtual world. As the audience is passive watching a TV commercial; it is easy to divide them in traditional categories such as men, women, teenagers, older audience. However, a large variety of choices and active participation online makes this scenario further complicated. Hence, it is absolutely essential for digital marketers to start understanding their audience as individuals and form as deep an understanding as possible. Versium with its unique solutions places its clients in the driver’s seat to gain such insight.
Versium’s extensive LifeData® proprietary warehouse contains both business and consumer data. Their proprietary matching technology delivers rich insightful data, which is ready to be acted upon. Versium Life Data® deliver a true 360 degree view of a consumer in terms of bother there professional and consumer personal and behavioral tendencies. Clients using Versium can find out who works in different organizations and their relevant professional information. This data is rich in insight; through it clients can aim personalized campaigns and messaging which is likely to be very effective.  Additionally, Versium offers Predictive AI modeling tools that are simple to use and work on demand. These tools leverage the company’s rich proprietary data set combined with machine learning technology to eliminate the requirement of employing expensive data scientists and other tools. Due to its unique solutions, Versium technology is gaining more acceptance and continues to grow in an innovative manner.
A Resourceful future that Lies Ahead
As AI technology develops and more digital marketing companies realize the potential of BI, the demand for Versium solutions is likely to rise. As the demand rises and economies of scale sets in, data driven AI solutions would become further more appealing for clients. Hence, a very resourceful future lies in store for digital marketers as well as for innovative solution providers like Versium.

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