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Versium: Powering Data Intelligence

As the market continues to mature and the benefits of AI are understood and realized more and more, companies will want to take advantage of the significant ROI benefits that come. The challenge is that this will just put greater pressure on scarce data science resources. Automated tools and technologies will fill this void and ensure that the value in AI modeling and advanced data solutions is democratized and not just available for the Fortune 100 companies with huge budgets. Versium is leading the way in building these automated tools.
Versium is continuing to streamline its data polish, enrichment, and AI modeling services into easy-to-use self-service tools that solve the biggest problems faced by CMO’s today. The company strives to make it easy for marketers to get what they need to improve their data and optimize campaigns using simple to use tool sets or through direct underlying API access.
Beneath all of Versium’s automated data technology is a vast volume of proprietary data that the company owns: LifeData®. Versium’s Life Data® consists of over 10,000 files that contain over 1 Trillion consumer and business behavioral attributes that deliver much richer insights and more accurate predictive models when combined with enterprise data. Versium adds nearly 40 million new contact records to the LifeData® warehouse each month.  Therefore, the company is constantly updating and expanding its business and consumer contact details. This frequency and volume of data refresh ensures that Versium has highly accurate and fresh contact details to power its identity validation solutions so that your communication and outreach is maximized. Constantly refreshing LifeData® provides new and expanded detailed insights necessary to understand your customers and prospects better, to realize new and more granular segmentation and to develop more relevant personalized messaging. LifeData® also makes Versium’s predictive models more accurate when used to target marketing campaigns resulting in maximum conversion rates.
Versium works with marketing agencies and their brands to enable:
More actionable customer data through various automated data polishing tools that eliminate errors and standardize, normalize and consolidate data while also adding additional identity data that extend the ability to reach customers and prospects.
Personalized messaging for marketing campaigns and the best customer experience. Versium’s data enrichment services deliver rich behavioral insights that deliver a deeper understanding of customers and prospects and their tendencies, needs and desires.
Improved targeting using advanced artificial intelligence models to increase marketing ROI. Versium Machine Learning models improve customer engagement and conversion as high as 200% to 350%.
Inspired by poorly targeted marketing campaigns, Versium’s founders made it their mission to deliver the power of data science to marketers in an automated fashion. This enables organizations to become highly data driven with their marketing efforts. The net effect is dramatic improvements in marketing ROI.
About the Team
Chris Matty is the Co-founder and CEO of Versium. Chris started Versium six years ago with the vision of helping marketers to utilize data and advanced AI technologies to improve their marketing and ROI. He lives and breathes technology innovation. Being involved in several early-stage technology ventures, his success spans enterprises in the Internet, mobile, and SaaS spaces. Chris is an industry thought leader, pioneering the white and yellow pages’ online presence during the early days of the internet as a founder of Infospace. He assembled a team of data technology experts with decades of experience dealing with the challenges of consumer and business data accuracy, identity resolution, and advanced data analysis, focusing on automation to bring the technology and value more broadly to the market.
Being responsible for business development and sales at several successful companies over the years, Chris also knows a thing or two about the challenges and strategies of marketing and sales. Combining that in-depth marketing knowledge with his love for bringing new technologies to life, he co-founded Versium to address some of the biggest pain points in marketing and sales — figuring out who is likely to buy and their characteristics, and who will never buy, so you can spend your sales or marketing budget wisely.
Extraordinary Strategies that set Versium Apart
Versium’s extensive LifeData® proprietary warehouse contains both business and consumer data. Their unique, proprietary matching technology means you don’t just get a list of disconnected data, but rich business data along with who works there, what their title is, and other contact insights that can help you personalize your campaigns and messaging. The company offers Predictive AI modeling tools that are simple to use and work on demand, putting rich data and all the power of machine learning into your hands, eliminating the cost of expensive data scientists and other tools.
Versium stays ahead of the innovation curve by constantly speaking with their customers and prospects to understand the challenges they are experiencing. They operate an extensive customer advisory board that provides regular and direct market insight. This group consists of thought leaders from various verticals including both direct major brands as well as channel partners such as agencies and professional services firms. This allows Versium to understand what new technologies are emerging and being considered by the market, the value they deliver and how they will be used and implemented. This ensures that they are constantly evolving their platform to develop new high value and highly desired features.
Data Safety Tools
Versium has a very robust data security and privacy plan and policy. All of their data and partner data is handled with extreme care and isolation for maximum protection. Versium uses a multitude of industry-leading encryption techniques and solutions and conduct regular penetration tests and data safety screenings to ensure system integrity. The Company consistently does their due diligence to comply with industry standards such as GDPR Compliance.
Benefit for Versium’s clients
Clients are getting state of the art AI and Machine Learning capabilities to improve and make sense of their data, resulting in up to a 300% increase in marketing ROI through better segmentation and targeting. Versium is not only offering the power of our LifeData® and unique AI but is constantly finding ways to integrate its technologies into their existing platforms (i.e. Integration into Dynamics 365 for Microsoft and other CRM platforms).
Early Days and Conception
Early on, Versium’s biggest challenge was market maturity and understanding. At the most fundamental level, organizations are challenged with data, its vastness, and the inconsistencies and difficulties that come about from processing at scale. Organizations are drowning in data but starving for actionable intelligence. Few companies truly understand what AI and Machine Learning are let alone the substantial value it delivers. “We are still very early in the understanding and adoption curve,” says Chris.
Future Prospective of Big Data in the words of Team Versium
“Big Data is a term that so many marketing professionals – if not all – know about. But we believe that it’s not about “Big Data” but rather it’s about “Big Understanding”.  It’s about gaining actionable intelligence from all this data, and it takes advanced technologies to achieve this. We are looking to position ourselves as “the beacon in the storm” of making sense of all this data. Our products and services are evolving to make it easy and understandable for our audience; it’s not about all the technical jargon and advanced algorithm names and techniques that only data scientists understand. It’s about the value and output from these systems. It’s not about how it’s done, but the benefits it delivers and how this value can be seamlessly built into the campaign workflow. Our approach is to make it easy for our clients to get what they need. In a world where marketing is so digital and where data and analytics is vital to success, we want to handle the data issues and do the heavy lifting so that marketers can focus on what they’re good at: Telling stories and being creative to get their point across – to the right people at the right time.” − Team Versium.
Chris Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs
“Take the time to fully understand the complexities and challenges of dealing with large complex sets of data.  This ensures that the underlying foundation is understood. Then ensure that you focus on the problems that need solving and what value the customer receives from your solution.  Speak the customers’ language and use their terminology. It will help them to understand what value you bring.  It is crucial to get customer input early to drive optimal solution development,” asserts Chris.
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