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Versent: The Perfect Cloud Transformation Partner

The enterprise technology industry know as “ICT” is operating years behind the consumer technology we know and use every day.  It is nearly impossible to get a “done done” outcome in the Enterprise IT, thanks to its heavy dependence on people, manual process, outsourcing and consumption of proprietary software. In response to this market need Versent was formed in 2014 to change how business gets done and to disrupt the enterprise IT consulting market. Today, it aims to break the tripartite relationship between the corporate IT, IT consulting firms and Enterprise Software companies. The ethos of the organization centers around Discipline + Automation = Transformation. Versents delivery capability comprises small teams of senior craftsmen, with the right tools, and the discipline “to automate everything” to deliver outcomes.
Team of Highly Skilled Craftsmen
Versent was formed by three co-founders named Thor Essman, James Coxon, and Eddie Smith.
Thor is the CEO of the company, with more than twenty years of experience in strategic and operational leadership. He combines a great passion for disruptive technology with extensive expertise in the cultural change and helps to bring together business, technology, and financial interests in order to deliver noticeable outcomes.
With the focus on getting it done, James is now the CTO of Versent. He delivers scalable cloud infrastructure for multi-channel digital assets while ensuing cultural change is expertly managed, and continuous improvement strategies are implemented across all business engagements.
Eddie, CSO of Versent is a respected industry expert, with more than twenty years of experience in the field of digital security. He offers strategic governance, architecture, and design advice across enterprise digital solution, with a complete focus on identity and access management, compliance, risks and security services.
Entering the Ever-Growing Market of DevOps
The company believes that experience comes from knowledge, and the desire to improve the standard model. Based on this belief, the three founders of Versent developed a robust methodology that would set them apart from the rest. The organization’s formula of discipline, automation, and transformation is applied at every step of the way, and its fixed price, fixed outcome approach to IT services provides the customer a much-needed transparency and security that often can be lacking in the IT industry. Versent also believes that without embracing a fully automated approach to business and technology, large organizations will continue to be weighed down by legacy decision.
Standing Tall Amongst the Competition
Versent consists of six different pillars such as DevOps/Automation, Cloud, Identity, API and Micro Services, Big Insights, Managed Services. All these services are designed, delivered, and managed with keeping security as the first principle, then full stack automation as the catalyst for quality, time, and cost. The organization builds for disruption, which is the key differentiator of Versent. Enterprises such as those in the sectors of banking and airlines are now the road to digitally transforming their organizations. Often, they are less agile and take ages to roll out such projects in part, thanks to the large size of the organization. Here, customization, differentiation, and speed works great and are the key factors for Versent when it comes to winning over customers.
Future Roadmap
According to the organization, not following the trends and sticking to the discipline is the key to success. Versent believes tools and new processes will come and go, but the discipline and culture will survive. In order to fully automate, a level of discipline needs to be nonnegotiable. However, at the same point of time, the flexibility to support change, even fundamental ones like a cloud, or machine learning, AI, or whatever comes next is paramount. It also thinks that change is the only constant, so it needs to build for change.
In the next two years, Versent has three goals, which include solidifying its home market, that is Australia and predominant partner in security, DevOps, clouds, API, and data. Expand and replicate the model outside Australia. Grow its subscription business more than forty percent of revenue.
As a subsequent goal Versent is looking to create more than 1000 new jobs for high skilled technology labor in Australia, as a part of a bigger change of shifting the industry back onshore and being part of bringing 100,000 new jobs to Australia over the next two decades.
Employees are the Pillars
When it comes to employees, Versent treats them as a family. For years the company has watched as enterprises have let the technology gap widen between it and everyone who use at home. It brings craftsmanship back to technology, and provide an environment where diversity is expected, accepted, and appreciated in all forms. A challenging environment that is best in the industry and employees can freely test the boundaries and can help to spread the movement to others. Till date, the Australian company has been able to attract some of the best employees in the industry, mostly by protecting the culture and fostering strong, pragmatic disciplines. Versent encourages its employees to be innovative, and it continually invests in initiatives, like meetups, tech sessions, and partner hack.

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