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Verizon Releasing Data Plans for Drones

People purchase data plans for their smartphones so they can send email, check Facebook, and more, but what about a data plan for your drone?
Wireless carrier Verizon will start selling such plans, the Wall Street Journal reported last weekday. The plans supposedly will begin at 1 GB of data for USD25 a month.
Also on last weekday Verizon declared that it has been working since 2014 on the technology behind flying drones over its wireless network.
This year Verizon effectively and succesfully flew a 17-foot anonymous aircraft over its 4G LTE network, the company informed, a technology that could be useful for the things like inspect pipelines or electrical transmission lines.
“This latest trial demonstrated how emerging technology combined with wireless networks can improve safety and security,” Mike Haberman, vice president, network operations at Verizon, told  in a statement. “A nationwide reliable 4G LTE network is the foundation for the future of mobile (Internet of Things)  in the air.”
Usually a drone is flown directly by remote control, and one thing possibly holding back changes to the technology is that federal drone set of laws demand that a drone must be within visual line-of-sight of its controler.