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Vanbex Group: Bridging the Gap between Businesses and Blockchain

Technology disrupts technology. As with any other pioneering technology, there comes a technological advancement once in several decades that revamps and redefines innovation and enables other technologies to be built on the same. The late 20th century saw the inception of a new wave of digitalism, the ripples of which we are experiencing even today The Internet. Two decades later, the increasing popularity of digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, and its surging rate of adoption is showing reminiscent features of the booming World Wide Web back in the 90s.
The underlying technology behind these digital currencies is Blockchain — the new frontier in the tech landscape. Blockchain Technology promises to fulfill what the internet couldn’t; curbing the problems of privacy and security. Today, businesses still require a trusted administrator, which can manage and record the vast numbers and databases. The emergence of blockchain eradicates this requirement and offers the chance to distribute these digitized ledgers, through a connected network of computers across the globe.
With a vision to tell the story of the companies in the blockchain industry better, Vanbex Group was established as a strategic communications organization. The company strives to further the education and adoption of Blockchain, DLT, and Smart Contract technology into everyday real-world applications. Vanbex firmly believes that these rising technologies will change the current digital infrastructure and processes, much similar to how the internet changed communication during its heyday.
Specialized in all aspects of the Blockchain Industry
Back in 2013, while working at MasterCoin, Lisa Cheng, Founder and Director of Vanbex Group, realized how the token sale ICO portion of the technology was splitting away from the currency and moving into name services. She left MasterCoin soon after, and founded Vanbex Group to provide professional services for other Blockchain projects. Since then, the company has evolved and has specialized in all aspects centred around the Blockchain industry. Whether it is grassroots marketing, communications, PR, strategy, operations consulting or application development, Vanbex ensures assistance at any stage of a company’s growth.
An Expert with Many Hats
Matt Lockyer, Head of Blockchain Communications at Vanbex, shoulders the responsibility of investor relations, onboarding new clients and presenting Vanbex Group services to the world. Exposed to the blockchain industry in 2017, Matt is currently hosting talks and developer bootcamps for Vanbex Group in the Vancouver area. His professional background as a developer coupled with his experience as an academic lecturer, makes him an ideal candidate for Blockchain Communications.
Overcoming the Challenges of Scaling up
As with any other company, irrespective of their industry or size, there are bound to be some stumbling blocks along the path. One of the challenges that most Blockchain companies face initially is scaling up their presence in the existing community and building and educating a new community. Vanbex faced the same challenge initially; through hiring the right people, and efficiently training and educating them, the company drove past these challenges. Matt mentions, “…you really need to scale up the business in order to grow the company and educate the wider audience and community.”
The Advancing Industry Scenario
When asked about the future of the industry, Matt stated, “I firmly believe that the Blockchain industry, the underlying technology itself, will actually derive a lot of its value from disrupting the existing industries. We are already seeing it in the Fintech applications, in terms of remittances and cross-border payments are concerned. There’s gonna be a lot of disruption in financial services and financial technology sector. While the next area where blockchain is slated to rise is the healthcare and insurance industry, wherein both security and privacy is of paramount concern.”
The revolutionary technology will most likely disrupt many of the existing industries, as it boasts the ability to enable transparency, democracy, efficiency and security of transactions. Similar to how the internet had done with data and media, Blockchain will slowly permeate into all existing industries. Vanbex Group envisions leveraging the ginormous potential of Blockchain by leading and supporting innovative technologies and teams within the industry. The company hopes to bring about a realized vision of sustainable technology, security driven architecture, and untapped potential for disrupting legacy systems.
The Future is Now!
The company is presently raising funds, and starting a venture studio, wherein it is going to be deploying Vanbex product groups, which will help build growing companies, internally. By transforming into a venture studio, Vanbex hopes to build the infrastructure and applications that will power the future of blockchain technology.
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