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Utilibill: Guiding Utilities to the Cloud through Digital Transformation

The market is filled with energy solutions providers. There are very few offering solutions that address one of utilities biggest challenges, facilitating digital transformation to the cloud. Being one of these, well established billing service providers, Utilibill offers a cloud-based utility billing and Customer information platform which helps their clients manage the complete billing processes. Their company purpose is ‘making billing easy’they do this by streamlining the business processes across enterprise.
Utilibill, founded by Igor Green, the CEO and Morgan Duncan, the MD, a billing expert and an established entrepreneur, combined their knowledge to present enterprises with better billing solutions. This leadership has received accolade and awards from Deloitte Australia and Deloitte Asia Pacific, AMA, Australian Exports, Governor of Victoria, AIIA, ACMA, smart 100, Australian Utilities Show to name a few. This utility billing provider deploys a lean Software-as-a-Service model to Startups as well as established large organizations.
Over-the-top Solutions at One’s Step
Utilibill provides a range of services to both small and large enterprises. The company specializes in mid-tier utilities, this segment often does not have an appetite for a SAP or Oracle solution. SAP is great framework for large business, but medium sized utilities prefer working with consultancies to source, deploy and implement solutions.  Utilibill is a perfect platform to deal with common utilities issues at a more acceptable price point and faster delivery time frame. The service offering includes;
Billingone of the most comprehensive billing engines in the business, Utilitybilling record millions of records, on a daily basis. For Utility and for Telco there are very few tariffs or complex rate cards in the market our platform cannot replicate – this includes bundles, fleets, time of use metering.
Invoicing & Remindersfully customizable html invoices making it one of the most feature rich and flexible tools in the market. The automated reminder treatment follows customizable dunning’s process.
Customer engagement portalslet’s face it, consumers prefer to be help themselves. Enterprises are shifting from traditional call center centric solutions to mobile-centric, customer first solutions.  This drives down the cost to serve and increases customer satisfaction. Utilibill allows the enterprises to transition to self-service focused solutions to most use cases.
API—everyone needs web service APIs these days to enable the automation between disparate systems. Utilibill currently offers over 500 pages of documented APIs with working examples to assist their partners and the enterprises integration efforts.
Print Integration– Utilibill not only provide their clients with e-bills but also, handles the print integration, insertion of welcome packs and specials.
Meanwhile, the company also offers other services such as Onboarding tools, AMR and market systems direct integration as well as a suite of payment platform integrations.
Optimistic About the Future
Utilibill invests heavily in innovation, ensuring they continue rise to the top of this industry. A new inclusion in focus this year is investing in channels partners and system integrators. “We have invested heavily in building a robust digital transformation toolkit, we use it internally to transition Utility providers from legacy systems. We now can provide this same toolkit to our system integrators and partners. This enables them to build on their customer relationships, grow their revenue stack and provide more value in these relationships.”
With the rapid increase of agile players in the energy sector, the company believes that the market is shifting, 3 years ago utilities were scared to move to the cloud. Now IT managers and CIOs are looking for implementation partners and suppliers to move to the cloud smoothly and efficiently. It is no longer a question of if, it is when and how soon.
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