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UnitedLex: Driving Digital Transformation and Revolutionizing the Legal Industry

For too long, corporate law departments and law firms have been constrained by business models that reward inefficiency, lack transparency and responsiveness, cost too much, and fail to provide lawyers with the skills required to meet the needs of today’s global enterprise clients in a fast-moving, hypercompetitive marketplace. UnitedLex has tackled many of the root cause problems that have blocked innovation in the legal industry and taken a holistic approach that focuses on the underlying economics and service delivery models for each key player in the legal ecosystem – corporate legal departments, law firms, and legal education.
UnitedLex is a leading enterprise legal services provider with more than 2,700 attorneys, engineers, and consultants all over the globe. The company deploys innovative solutions to drive digital transformation and deliver unparalleled business impact for global corporation and law firms. UnitedLex’s suite of legal business solutions include litigation and investigations, law department consulting, digital contracting and commercial solutions, intellectual property, compliance and data protection, and financial advisory.
In December 2017, UnitedLex announced a landmark, multi-year deal with DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent IT services provider, to transform its law function across 26 jurisdictions worldwide. After critically evaluating all aspects of DXC’s global law function, UnitedLex rebuilt DXC’s law department from scratch, deploying cutting-edge contracting technology that integrates with business CRM tools and streamlining the roles of more than 175 rebadged DXC employees in the first few months. UnitedLex reduced DXC’s legal operating costs by 30 percent and created a more agile, strategically-aligned, and cost-efficient department.
Tackling Turbulences and Enabling Clients to Make Better Decisions
UnitedLex was formed to drive innovation, excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness within the legal industry which was slow to apply technology and business metrics to enhance operations, results, and client satisfaction.
The organization has received several industry awards for its enterprise legal services platform, including the ACC Value Champion Award (March 2018); the Buying Legal Council Best in Legal Procurement Award (September 2018); and the First Annual American Lawyer Industry Award for Best Alternative Legal Services Provider (September 2018). UnitedLex is also a member of the World Economic Forum – a highly select group of elite organizations known for their innovative business models, dynamic growth, corporate global citizenship, and visionary leadership.
UnitedLex’s approach to solving eDiscovery challenges focuses on better managing data volumes early in the EDRM, which drives significant spend reduction and increases speed to early legal intelligence. Through its technology and strategic solutions, UnitedLex enables its clients to make more informed, data-driven decisions in litigation and investigation matters.
Revolutionizing the Industry
UnitedLex is transforming the entire legal ecosystem – corporate law departments, law firms, and attorney development – and pulling the legal industry into the digital age. The organization uses technology to simplify and increase the speed of legal service delivery; workflow to allocate tasks to stratified resources; advanced analytics to facilitate better business decisions; and legal teams trained with practical skills needed to be competitive in a changing market.
In addition to shaping new business models for law departments and law firms, UnitedLex’s Legal Residency Program allows recent graduates to participate in a two-year program where they can learn “contemporary legal skills” that are not a part of the typical law school curriculum: project management, e-discovery technology, cyber security, contract management, patent licensing, and IP management.  Residents acquire training in key legal delivery growth areas, engage in significant client contact, and earn a paycheck comparable to a judicial clerkship.
An Attorney Turned Leader
Dan Reed, the CEO of UnitedLex, is a tech enthusiast and former practicing attorney who recognized that legal service delivery was ripe for innovation. Melding his passion for the legal space with his diverse entrepreneurial background, Dan has overseen UnitedLex’s growth from a handful of employees to a highly-skilled global workforce of 2,700.
Prior to founding UnitedLex, Dan served as Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel to Adjoined Consulting, and then as a Managing Director of Kanbay International.  Before Adjoined, Dan guided SmartDisk Corporation through early stage structuring and execution of its initial public offering. During his tenure, SmartDisk grew to greater than $1 billion in market cap.
Dan is an influential thought leader in the legal industry.  His relentless commitment to challenging the status quo, delivering value to clients in a way that makes a difference in their companies’ long-term success, and giving to the community at large by supporting organizations devoted to education and health, are cornerstones of UnitedLex.
Standing Tall Amongst the Competitors
UnitedLex’s Questio™ discovery service is a rich composite of technology and expert consultant-led process.  Questio™ is industry game changer, which has already proven its efficiency through the litigation lifestyle and has also reduced overall eDiscovery spend by 25 percent.
Questio™ provides exceptional clarity and simplicity in pricing and budgeting.  There are no pricing games, no gimmicks – just guaranteed results.  That’s UnitedLex’s Total Project Cost Guarantee, which is essentially a fiscal partnership with clients to guarantee a budget while working in concert to ensure investment is only made on value adding and efficient work streams.  The organization stands by its performance operationally and financially.