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Deepak Vijayaraj | Managing Director | Unite IT Consulting

Unite IT Consulting: A Leading IT Solution Provider with Extensive Services

The face of business world has completely changed by the disruptive technologies. However, not every business is ready to get along with the disruption. Many of them are struggling with the use cases and the knowledge of the same and some of them don’t have the professionals in the team. To resolve these difficulties, born Unite IT Consulting, a global professional IT consulting company delivering services in Smart City creation, Cloud, IoT, and DevOps. Unite was formed for the purpose to make a difference for customers, people, and the environment. The company believes that it’s more about improving organization and people, and getting technology to work better for clients. If customers have a challenge dealing with disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things Sensors, Big Data or Analytics, Unite is committed to help these organizations to face those challenges. It is the one stop IT firm that can join the dots of various technologies and provide a complete solution to customers.
Combining Agility with Professional Services 
Unite is providing Strategy & Advisory to companies on driving the setup of smart infrastructure to enhance connectivity, liveability, productivity and resilience. It also assists clients to digitally transform their business to be Agile, using cloud solutions and DevOps. Being vendor agnostic, it provides unbiased solutions to reach the goals quickly. Following are the products Unite has currently :

  • DearBlue Water- Mobile application to monitor beach quality based on real time data received by IoT sensors in the beaches.
  • Asist- Single touch device for seniors and people with disability to call their caregiver at a touch of button in case of emergency. This IoT device can also place a call automatically to 3 persons, in case of a fall or heart beat slows down.
  • WoWCustomerXP -A suite of products in partnership with Freshworks to provide a 360 degree experience for customers throughout their journey with the company from Marketing, Sales and Support.

The company has a range of professional services as below:

  • Cloud services including Architecture, Migration of workloads from on premise to cloud and ongoing Support, as well as setting up direct physical connectivity from Data centre to other Public Cloud provider Data centre.
  • DevOps Implementation for startups to enterprise organizations to get their product to market quickly and beat the competition.
  • Microservices Development based on technologies like API and Docker.
  • Support customers to build Data Lake, Data Management and Analytics.
  • Smart City Strategy, Advisory and Solution Integration using IoT sensors.

A Techno Enthusiast 
The visionary and founder of the company, Deepak Vijayaraj, Managing Director at Unite have over 17 years of experience in IT industry. He has donned many hats in various roles including Technical as Cloud Solution, Architect/DevOps, Consultant and Management role as Program Manager at various companies like Amazon – Australia, Mercedes Benz – India and Cognizant-India. He has worked with many clients including British Airways, BT, CBA, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Unisys, Walmart to name a few at different locations like Canada, USA, UK and Australia. He is a keen enthusiast in emerging technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and is representing the Industry in the Technical user group of Australian Smart Communities Association. Deepak holds a Bachelor’s degree in Informa_on Science and Engineering.
Getting Along with Big Names 
Being a young company, Unite has already achieved some of the milestones like

  • Proud Corporate Partner for the Australian Government in their “Small Business Digital Champions Project”.
  • Supporting Partner for SmartSat CRC to help build Australian Space Industry.
  • Representing the IoT Industry on the Technical user group of “Australian Smart Communities Association”.
  • Taking the lead of setting up LoRaWAN network (The Things Network) in Western Sydney area, that helps local communities enjoy the benefits of a free network for IoT devices that will provide data and help to maintain safety, wellness and protect environment.
  • Recognized as “Top 10 Smart City Solution providers” and as “10 Best IT Consulting companies”.
  • Part of startup programs of CSIRO and Western Sydney University. Unite’s experience has been to be always innovative for coming up with solutions for the clients, and deliver those solutions quickly and efficiently for the customers to succeed.

The Next Big Thing 
IoT sensors running on Cloud infrastructure will be the big thing in technology. These two technologies help in build robust, reliable and secure framework for collecting data from different areas of the community and help make informed data driven decisions for a safe, secure and healthy feasible community.
Visioning for a Comprehensive Offering 
Unite’s vision is to become the “go-to” company. It is committed for Businesses and Enterprises for transforming their legacy IT systems to latest cutting-edge technology using IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Docker and Cloud based on DevOps, Microservices and Agile methodology.