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Unified Communications to Revolutionize the Public Sector

It has been a long time since the first IPbased PBX was launched. Still today, loads of organizations are challenged by different UCC technologies. This is the reason; IT decision-makers have to plan for comprehensive UCC strategies, and to invest in them essentially.
Bring your own device (BYOD) approach of the modern day organization and the exhausted budgets are compelling IT divisions to act. The recent advances in enterprise video technologies and services, and the over use of social media for business use are increasing the collaboration options to the employees at the same time, tension for organizations.
Here is how large organizations are looking towards Unified Communications.
Services for Any Need
For an effective and efficient voice and Internet communications available on a single software platform Unified Communications is the most helpful. UC enables an array of services which can be added or removed as required, easily adapting to the needs of the institution and the requirements of a variable workload. Being a backbone to the Public Sector organizations, IT is helping the public to get in touch with their local representatives, and allowing collaboration between Public Sector staff. In lower running costs, simultaneously offering the option to use services on a Pay-As-You Go basis, UC is giving a chance to these organizations to become modernize.
UC Contact Center for Managing Vast Amount of Calls
With the help of modern VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), UC can create a local Contact Centre for public organizations at 80% lower costs than by running physical telephone networks. Using the available computer servers to create a virtual telephony network especially where calls are free to the user, this can be achieved. Having immense capacity, the system can manage thousands of calls at one go, allowing a higher rate of successful call resolutions and while affirming the loss of lost calls. One more striking benefit of UC is the single software platform that permits the user to see who is available at a glance from their displays, so employee can route calls to the most appropriate person instantly. UC will help the employees to deliver better customer service and add up to the morale of staff who will find it easier to successfully resolve enquiries.
Good Replacement for the Expensive New Infrastructure
The ability of UC services to use the existing hardware and physical infrastructure of an organization to create an integrated, modern communications system. UC uses open software solutions to bring everything at one place. Variety of communication softwares like Email, text, voice calls, video conferencing, Instant Messaging etc on a range of devices can be easily adapt to new technology and the changing needs of the organization, with the help of UC. The most important thing is there is no need to get rid of current equipment, because the only required thing is software installation.
Gives Flexibility to the Workplace
Offering a range of services that can be changed to suit the organization’s needs, help organizations to be flexible to avoid a waste of money and resources, helping them to achieve cost savings without compromising on service. This is a way with which the UC user-friendly software platform is accessible from any electronic device, enabling more flexible working patterns for Public Sector staff. Just with the help of a single contact number and email address, employee can access calls, documents and messages on the go, from the office, or working from home.
UC Offering Better Services to the Public
UC Contact Centre services make it easy for the members of the public to get in touch with those who manage local services, with a single contact number for departments or individual members of employees. The all-time availability of these services makes the employees accessible all the time, let them be anywhere during the working day so queries can be addressed without delay. Additionally, the integrated IT platform enables members of the organization to see the available employee, to answer queries, so that calls can be answered at the same time, without any need of call back sometime later. With the availability of greater call capacity and fewer calls lost, UC offers a better, more efficient service to the public.
With these capabilities Unified Communications has the ability to revolutionize the public sector.