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Ultimate Guide to Create a Professional Instagram Account for Your Business

Instagram is a fast-growing and popular social networking website. It is not surprising that more businesses want to establish their presence on this platform. And, they are using different methods, including buying followers to achieve this. Perhaps, you might wonder why a business needs more followers for an Instagram account.

Well, having more Instagram followers makes an account look more credible. It makes more people believe what is shared by the account. Most individuals are interested in the content of an Instagram account if it is followed by more people. With more individuals following you, a message that is shared via your account gets to more people.

Importance of Instagram for Modern Business

Most modern consumers are on social websites like Instagram. That means Instagram is a great place to find and be found by prospective customers. Most audiences on the internet have become accustomed to ads. Instagram is more of a photo-sharing platform. That means it’s a great platform for a business to showcase its products.

Most individuals are interested in value proposition before exploring further. Instagram users are generally more receptive to different types of call-to-actions. Up to 75% of all Instagram users tend to take actions when prompted. Such actions can include searching online, shopping, and visiting websites if they like posts.

Some of the most successful business accounts on Instagram include:

  • IBM (@ibm)
  • Moe Assist (@moeassist)
  • Later Media (@latermedia)
  • Nike (@nike)
  • Chewy (@chewy)

Setting up a professional account for a business on this platform is undoubtedly a great move. It enables a business to effectively interact and connect with young consumers that are mostly surfing social media sites. And the process of setting up a business account on this network is easy.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Professional Instagram Account for Business

Download the Application

The Instagram application can be downloaded for different devices including computers and tablets. You can find it on platforms like Google Play Store. Download it if you’ve not used it before. But the app is mostly designed for mobile devices. However, it can be used on a computer. Nevertheless, you might need some plug-ins for the app to work properly for your desktop computer or the ordinary browser.

Sign Up for a Free Account

After downloading and installing the application, sign up for an account. Do that in any of these ways:

  1. Use your company or business email or phone number
  2. Choose a unique username.
  3. Log in with Facebook account’s details

Use the same email address you do business with. That is because you are creating this account for a professional business. Thus, it is not a personal account.

Link to Facebook

Perhaps, you created an individual profile first. If so, using this platform for business will require you to link Instagram to a business page on Facebook. Navigate to the settings then switch to business profile. You will have to click on promo slideshows before landing at the option to connect your Instagram and Facebook. Once you finally get there, click on “Choose a Page” so that you can change your page from “Private” to “Public”. After that, click “OK” when done.

You will be required to permit Instagram to start managing the new page. Choose the newly created page and then select “Next”. This step can only be completed by the account admin.

Work on the Business Profile

Provide the details of your business so that you can work on the profile. These include the phone number and email address. What is more, fill a minimum of one contact field. This is a must, and you won’t proceed until you do it. If some of these details are available in the Facebook Page, they will be filled automatically.

Once you have filled in the required information, click “Done”. Instagram will reveal another graph icon. This provides insights for using the business account. This page can help with tracking engagements, as well as promotion statistics.

Remember that you can always change the profile page to a personal account if you wish.

Create a New Page

Perhaps, you do not have a Facebook page that you use for business. In that case, click on “Create One” when taken to a different page and required to select a Facebook Page. Set a title for the page and a category for the business.

Other options that you will be given include:

  • Music
  • Websites
  • Products
  • Blogs
  • Local businesses
  • Sports
  • Brands
  • Magazines
  • Books

Picking the right category will make your business profile or account easy to find via searches. If you pick “local businesses”, Instagram will provide options like art, home improvement, entertainment, and bar. Once you have selected your category and subcategory, click “Next”.

Edit the Profile

To add a bio, business site link, and a photo, click “Edit the Profile”. Change details like name, username, and photo if you changed to an enterprise account from an individual account. To enable prospects to recognize your brand, include a familiar business name and a logo.

In the bio, include hashtags, links, and branded language. Provide a brief overview of your business and how it helps customers. Use a casual tone to make it easier for prospects to connect with your business.

Invite Contacts

Ask your business contacts to start following you on this platform. Navigate to the settings and then select “Invite Facebook Friends”. Your network on Facebook will automatically be sent an invitation notification. You can also invite friends in the other networks, including Twitter, Yahoo Contacts, and Gmail.

Grow Your Account

Begin to create and publish content in the account. You do not need professional skills to do this. You can even reinvent some of your photos. Take some time to learn the most appropriate ways to use Instagram for business growth and ensure its effective use.

The Bottom Line

With over 25 million businesses using Instagram, no company can afford to be left out of this platform. And for a business to get the attention of the large Instagram audience, it must create an attractive and optimized account. Follow these steps to easily create a professional business Instagram account.

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