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uBreakiFix: Committed to Deliver High-Quality Tech Repair Services

People are increasingly concerned with their electronic gadgets and devices, especially their smartphones. Given the intricacy of these gadgets’ design, they can be damaged very easily, causing frustration for their owners. To address this issue, electronics repair franchising company uBreakiFix stepped into the market to offer same-day repair service of small electronics. The company fixes cracked screens, water damage, software issues, camera issues and most other technical problems.
uBreakiFix repairs anything with a power button. While it specializes in smartphones, tablets, and computers, it also repairs devices like game consoles, hoverboards and drones. To date, the company has repaired nearly 5 million devices.
From Side Hustle to Franchising
uBreakiFix started as a side hustle. In 2009, the company’s founder Justin Wetherill dropped his new iPhone, shattering the screen. Unable to find a reasonably priced repair option, he figured that he could repair the device by himself. After some trial and error, he finally repaired the phone. Recognizing a need for high-quality phone repair, he partnered with his friend David Reiff to start a mail-in phone repair business, and orders flooded in. Months later, they teamed up with Eddie Trujillo to open their first storefront.
Ten years ago, it cost nearly as much to repair a cellphone screen as it did to replace the device itself, and the repair options available were not of the caliber that today’s customers have come to expect. uBreakiFix filled a gap in the marketplace by offering high-quality, affordable electronics repair, backed by a 90-day warranty and price match guarantee. To affirm its business model and perfect its systems and processes, uBreakiFix opened 47 corporate stores before starting to franchise in 2013. It has since grown to more than 450 stores across the U.S. and Canada.
To maintain consistency and quality across locations, uBreakiFix developed a sophisticated training program to equip franchisees with all the right skills, from device repair to store operations. Three weeks of on-site training at the company’s headquarters in Orlando are followed by three weeks of in-store support. In addition, the company has made heavy investments in infrastructure, designing and building a comprehensive platform for point-of-sale applications and seamless communication from the corporate office and between stores.
Strategic Partnerships
Today, uBreakiFix has strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, including Samsung and Google, enabling the company to provide Samsung Galaxy customers and Google Pixel customers with manufacturer-backed, same-day repair service using genuine parts.
The company has also launched B2B partnerships to provide on-site repair service at major retailers like Nebraska Furniture Mart, as well as conversion partnerships, where independent repair companies convert to the uBreakiFix brand and get to take advantage of its partnerships, training tools, corporate support, and more.
Due to its impressive growth and partnerships, uBreakiFix is able to provide tremendous support to the communities it serves, even beyond the walls of its stores. In 2017, the company worked with Google to provide free cell phone repairs to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and in 2018, it offered the same for victims of Hurricane Florence.
Setting Itself Apart from Competition
As uBreakifix has grown its footprint across North America, it has also grown its executive team to provide elevated support and strategic vision. In 2017, uBreakiFix marked its biggest year of corporate growth to date, adding nearly a dozen executive roles to amplify its support offerings, presence and reach. From day one, uBreakiFix has been committed to making high-quality tech repair accessible at scale. The timeliness, customer experience, and quality guarantee continue to set uBreakiFix apart from its competitors.
Another differentiator is the company culture. uBreakiFix is a high energy, collaborative environment. The team embraces creativity and maintains the entrepreneurial spirit the company started with. The leadership team finds that all employees from store technicians to executives all take pride in their work.
uBreakiFix is planning to increase its growth year over year and announce new strategic partnerships that will allow the company to further amplify its support options available to customers.
Why Franchise with UBIF?
“Technology has become integral in our everyday lives. It is no longer ’just a phone.’ It’s a productivity tool and a critical means of communication. uBreakiFix is unique in offering fast, affordable, alternative solutions to a problem that can easily impact someone’s business or communication with family and friends. The fact we offer solutions across a broad range of small electronics from smartphones to tablets, computers, game consoles, drones, and more, coupled with our reputation for exceptional customer service, expert repairs, and knowledgeable team, has allowed us to expand quickly and sustainably. I’m proud to represent uBreakiFix throughout the various communities that call Nashville home.” – Susan Wright, Nashville franchise owner
“I made the decision to become a UBIF franchisee because I saw the value in teaming up with an organization that embodied the same values, vision, and business ethics that I had. Also, having the experiences of all the other stores to draw from, as well as a corporate support team to help tackle the challenges of running a repair business, was very appealing.”- David Hensley, Wichita franchise owner.
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