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Tyler King- A Fighter Conquering the World

Tyler King, a leader in entrepreneurship, is creating waves across industries through his immense power by accolades not many people are lucky to own.

King, now 33, has been a workaholic since he was 15. Always passionate about computers and electronics – he loved fixing and building them. During his senior year, Tyler had to drop out of school to look after the company that earned him $1 million, solely in revenues. It showed the brilliant mind he possessed and the passion with which he decided to take such a huge decision.

Not knowing what he was supposed to do, he went on to explore himself and gained experiences, both good and bad, at a very young age. Those experiences did not only teach him how the world was not always just but also gave him a direction that steered his life towards assisting people and other entrepreneurs.

Today at just 33, Tyler is the CEO of a thriving consulting business, a budding photographer, a scuba driver, and head of a non-profit organization, and is soon to launch his clothing line.

Not only that, Tyler is known for his public speeches that have fascinated 1000s of people all over the world, motivating them to do things the right way while also paving a successful path for the younger generations.

“All my life, I have wanted to make a big difference in the world. I feel like it’s why I am here. And that begins with ensuring that no one is taken advantage of and has opportunities to improve themselves. I don’t like handouts; I like to provide empowerment so people can become independent. This ultimately helps communities as a whole.” – Tyler King

To say that Tyler has had smooth sailing throughout his life will be an understatement. He has a unique story to tell, giving us a short glimpse of the many transitions that Tyler had to undergo throughout his life.

Formation of Assuras – A Thriving Consulting Business

With his brilliant vision and traction, he found Assuras and turned it into a million-dollar global consulting company. With over 120 employees, the company’s vision is to seek equality and justice within the premise of a corporate empire.

Assuras’ main objective is to give practical advice to entrepreneurs to improve themselves and their dealings by systematically counter-fixing problems from the very bottom of a corporate entity.

Instead of talking to the management, which can, straight up, cause difficulties for everyone, his company’s methodology revolves around interviewing low-level employees and clients to gain more clarity about an organization’s dynamics and day-to-day dealings. Therefore, formulating the best strategy for effective problem-solving.

Tyler’s beliefs and his motto for life are simple; to create ease for others and make a difference in the world.

A Voice from Prison

Not too long ago, Tyler was falsely accused of a digital crime he did not do and was sentenced to serve 6.5 years in prison. The bizarre event was a big blow to his self-esteem and goals when his exciting life took a very distressing U-turn. Despite being a pilot and a scuba diver, Tyler was still caught within the webs of the criminal justice system and found out first-hand how the path to justice is not always just.

It was then that Tyler decided to become a voice for all unlucky people who face a devoid criminal justice system. Today, he is the creative mind behind A Voice from Prison, his brainchild, where Tyler helps people fight injustices done to them within the parameters of a prison. He believes he can challenge the status quo through his passion project.

Cutting his story short, Tyler had no idea what he was putting himself into when he decided to mentor a friend. Because of this one irrational decision, Tyler was incarcerated for a criminal offense that he did not commit. It was later discovered that his friend put all his teachings into hacking their boss’ emails, which by law, is a cyber-crime.

After going through a horrendous experience himself, Tyler became a firm believer in one notion; he needed to take action against those in power.

Since his personal values aligned with the business strategies of Assuras, he knew talking to prisoners directly about their dilemma was the only way forward.

As many entrepreneurs fail to understand what’s going on inside their premises, perhaps the sole reason to hire Assuras’ consultancy services, it is also evident that a person who has never been in jail cannot possibly find a solution for all the abuse and injustices done inside. This is why talking to the grieved party and taking first-hand experience is far more successful than taking opinions from outsiders or the higher management; be it a company or the prison; an approach that is a success at Assuras.

Unfortunately, Tyler is one of the prisoners whose first-hand experiences of the “inside injustices” are proof enough to lead the judicial fight; it is also the only effective way through which judicial reforms can be questioned. Thereby taking a unique approach to solving problems within the criminal justice system.

Learning from Tyler King- the one who fought through the shackles of a broken justice system bravely, gives us hope knowing that he has his best interests in fighting for anyone who is not being treated fairly; be it through his consulting firm Assuras or his project, A Voice from Prison.