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Twitter’s New Beta App to Launch New Features

Twitter is going to get refurbished. According to a report by TechCrunch, the mico-blogging platform will soon introduce a new beta program to test out its upcoming features to reshape how the conversation takes place within the app.
The first version of the new beta is said to implement new designs for how messaging take place on Twitter which will include various color schemes and highlighting important replies. These color-coded replies will help users differentiate replies from people a user follows and from whom they don’t. For instance, replies from people a user follows will have a green label, and the ones from they don’t, will have blue.
Twitter is reportedly also planning to allow users to attach tags to tweets as that of Facebook. For instance, user will be able to add tags like “Watching Netflix” to their conversation.
Another feature that is supposed to be rolled out in the future is the ice breaker tweets, which will help to start a conversation about a specific topic.
Additionally, the company might be looking to simplify the app for those who don’t want to deal with additional options by hiding the hearts button to like Tweets and the icon for retweeting. These options will only show up only when the user taps to reply.
Sara Haider, Director of Product Management at Twitter, has confirmed the new features among other changes at a recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
It’s kind of a new take on our thinking about product development,” says Sara Haider. “One of the reasons why this is so critical for this particular feature is because we know we’re making changes that are pretty significant.”
We want to develop a service for the people that are using it, and we have to involve people in that way,” continues Haider. “We have a platform that the world uses to speak their mind, why not use that as part of our development process?”