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Turn-key Technologies, Inc.: Shedding Light on Networking Problems

Nowadays, our beloved planet is completely tied up by the world-wide-web, and we cannot even execute our daily tasks without the usage of internet. With this increase in usage of internet, wireless networks have become a necessity for every organization across the globe, and solution providers are challenged to meet the ever-increasing needs of professionals and enterprises. Like all other industries; knowledge, expertise, and innovation are some of the most critical components in the networking industry, and some of the providers are standing out among the crowd, by delivering solutions to transform businesses, healthcare, education and other fields in a highly valuable way. Turn-key Technologies, Inc. isn’t any exception, it is one of the leading networking integrator and wireless communication providers established in 1991. TTI helps in providing network design, configuration, installation, and support services to clients in all 50 states and around the globe. Additionally, the company has already invested heavily in its engineers. The engineers hold certifications from the manufacturers whom TTI represents, and they all hold industry agnostic certifications that help them understand and troubleshoot beyond manufacturer best practices. Since inception, TTI has always been a “customer first and customer last” organization, the company even provides its clients with one year of unlimited access to their 24x7x365 Technical Assistance Center upon completion of an installation.
The Undisputed Leader
Craig Badrick is the CEO and President of Turn-key Technologies, Inc. He joined the company back in 1992 and rose to the position of President and CEO in 1999. With a background in business and sales, he took over a sales roll in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and quickly established himself as an asset to Turn-key Technologies. Craig quickly expanded upon the core business of wireless communications by adding Wi-Fi to the solutions that TTI provides. Thanks to the expertise in wireless technologies that engineers already possessed, Turn-key Technologies quickly became a go-to partner for the manufacturers that were struggling to find competent partners to design, install, and support their products. From the early successes in Wi-Fi, TTI quickly expanded their capabilities to include all aspects of networking from core, to edge, to security and peripherals. Craig has been instrumental in growing the business of TTI over 1400 percent under his leadership and the company was also recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses in America. Craig continues to look into emerging technologies and business strategies to ensure Turn-key Technologies stays at the forefront of the Information Technology and continues to provide its customers with best breed of solutions, along with its best-in-class services.
Being Nimble is the Key
Being nimble is one of the key requirements that Mr. Badrick implants throughout his business. The main goal of TTI is to consult with a customer, design the network, tweak the design based on consultation with the customer and then provide a final design and bill of materials within two weeks. Experienced project managers oversee each installation with the goal of eliminating any unforeseen delays and minimizing any network disruptions or downtime. By eliminating the unknown, and by properly planning, staging and pre-configuring the equipment, the customer faces very little disruption to their operations, even when they are providing a complete network replacement.
Tackling the Competition
Turn-key Technologies is so customer-focused that it has garnered extreme loyalty from its customers, as well as providing a great source of recommendations and referrals. All thanks to the company’s hyper focus on customer satisfaction and the fact that it guarantees all its work contributes to its client’s success. Additionally, the company is also very aware of budgets and the need to provide the best bang for the buck for their customers. Lastly, the company maintains a very small line card with a handful of manufacturers, so that the clients can be assured that they are truly getting experts in the solutions Turn-key provides.
Future Roadmap
When it comes to the future, Turn-key Technologies will continue to invest heavily in its engineers. According to the company, ongoing training is a necessity in order to stay on top of the latest technologies and how they impact the network. Emerging trends like the IoT, Software Defined Networks, Hyper convergence, 802.11ax, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, network analytics and more are all becoming more prominent in the company’s conversations, so providing answers on how technology can assist in the adoption of these trends is very important.
Additionally, Turn-key is also working endlessly to make the industry a better place, and according to the company the key is to be a trusted advisor to its customers. Providing honest answers, designing right-sized solutions, listening to the customer’s challenges and providing cost-effective solutions in a timely manner are all vitally important. Turn-key is also seeing a huge trend for all aspects of IT being offered as a service. Lastly, being able to provide meaningful managed services to augment the customers in-house expertise is an area where Turn-key’s experience, business ethics, and customer focus is sure to grow and make the IT services another part of the business that does not require constant worry and concern.
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