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TundraSystem Global LTD.: Developing the Next Frontier of Technology

Classical computing implemented in a CMOS based semiconductor technology is approaching the upper bounds imposed by electrons on how small the device sizes can be shrunk and is unable to solve many intractable problems. The solution to these pain points lie in the Quantum Computing (QC) regime, but popular QC approaches of Dwave/ Google/IBM/Intel/Rigetti using superconductors are not very portable and scalability is questionable on account of the deep super-cooling required.
Thus, TundraSystems Global LTD. was founded in October 2014 to develop from ground up, amalgamating the many developments from different academic sources such as University of Bristol, MIT, the UK Quantum Technology Hubs etc. to develop computational solutions in an all optical regime using Quantum Mechanics fundamental base or the Quantum Computational Paradigm. Since the foundation, the organization has been employing a novel volunteer model of remote distributed team working to arrive at where it is today whilst utilizing the personal financial resources of the principal founders.
Path Breaking Solutions 
TundraSystem’s product portfolio is a full QC stack of software and hardware elements, including an embedded Deep Learning based Quantum Error Correction solution. The organization doesn’t plan to build a gigantic quantum processor or compete in the Quantum race for the largest number of Qubits. At the heart of its Quantum Systems branded as TundraSystemTM is a 64-qubit Quantum processor. Each of these systems will function as a High- Performance Computing Unit (HPC Unit) with which TundraSystems intend to meet the HPC/Quantum Computing requirements of a very broad spectrum. Low end users will be able to use just one to a few stacked HPC Units where as higher end users can utilize a large number of stacked HPC Units.
Each of the TundraSystemTM HPC Units is a full stack Quantum Computer with a Silicon Photonics based Quantum Processor and hardware Peripherals. The software layers come with a Tundra Quantum Instruction Set architecture (QISA), a Tundra Quantum Operating System (TundraQOSTM) and the Tundra Cross compiler with which users will be able to port or quantumize their software algorithms from various other platforms on to the Tundra Platform. Built into each of TundraSystems’ HPC Units is also a Deep Learning based Quantum Error Correction. The TundraQECDLTM is also the organization’s stand-alone Quantum Error Correction (QEC) Solution using Deep Learning. This QEC solution is generalized and embeddable in any Quantum Technology solution, be it computing or communications that is in need of Error Correction.
The Frontrunner 
The Principal Founder of TundraSystems is Dr. Brian Antao, a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University, USA, now settled in Cardiff, UK, with a very broad and diverse Computer Engineering background. It was Brian’s quest for advancing the computer technology beyond the Semiconductor era and into the realm of the next frontier that led to the formation of TundraSystems Global LTD. He first began exploring novel Microprocessor implementation methodologies based in Photonics that led to his adopting the Quantum Computing model based in a Silicon Photonics technology base as a foundation for the new company. Since then he has been the Chief Architect of the product suite that TundraSystems envisages bringing out to a wide range of Quantum Technology Customers.
When Passion is the Driving Force 
Since inception, TundraSystems has been operating on a self-funded volunteer model that may be similar to an open source model. The Principal founder has been bearing the minimal costs involved on a day to day basis. Currently, the organization is actively seeking a seed-round investment and it is open to investor conversations to join in the journey of TundraSystems in order to build a fantastic product line in this burgeoning Quantum Computing space. Contributing a lot to the organization’s journey so far are the stellar teams of Ph.D. technologists, who have been chomping away at the qubits so as to speak to arrive at where it is today in its innovation journey. TundraSystems is a true Global company with its team being drawn from all over the Globe. The organization is very welcoming to enthusiasts wanting to join the company across different levels.
TundraSystems is also very Gender-Balanced and has a good proportion of Male/Female ratio. Passion for what TundraSystem does is its main driving force. The team of volunteers it has on board right now are all actively working towards the goal of getting TundraSystems fully funded and transitioning over to full time staff of the company.
Removing Painful Points 
According to TundraSystems, quantum computing is still in its early days and no company has fully developed a complete winning solution till date. However, TundraSystems is all in it to develop this fascinating technological advancement into something tangible and real that an extremely broad Costumer and User base is waiting on. TundraSystems’ unique differentiation is it wants the complete TundraSystemTM to be fully operational at ambient or room temperature and the company is striving really hard to achieve this. This goal might set TundraSystems a little behind others further ahead in the race such as IBM/Google/Intel etc. who have been forging ahead with deeply super-cooled systems.
As per the organization, it is indeed a lot easier to build a Quantum System in a super-cooled regime where many of the ambient effects don’t interfere or superconductors readily exhibit quantum effects. TundraSystems also has something to offer to this entire technology race in one of its product offerings, it has a very innovative embeddable Quantum Error Correction solution, TundraQECDLTM with which the company hopes to remove a very painful point in the Quantum Technology development cycle.
The area TundraSystems is leveraging the most for its product development suite is the Deep Learning field. The company is using a lot of results from the Autonomous Driving field to build a similar Autonomous Quantum Error Correction solution. This QEC Solution has its own custom-built Silicon Photonics Deep Learning Engine that is tailored now for the QEC, but in the future the organization has secondary market plans to develop this into a standalone General-Purpose Deep Learning Engine that can be used across the board for a wide range of AI/ML/DL tasks!
TundraSystems is also leveraging a lot of the core Quantum Computing research reported in the open literature, but its technology stack right from the Quantum Gate Devices are being developed in house.
Learning from New Experiences Everyday 
As a company the biggest lesson and experience that TundraSystems has gained in its journey so far is on bootstrapping on minimal resources. The company has been maximizing its efforts with no external funding at all. Additionally, TundraSystems is still in the phase of raising its seed-round venture capital.
The organization is yet to launch a full marketing campaign. However, the company will start the campaign as it approaches near the half way mark of the product development and after some bit of Venture Capital infusion. Still the company has made its presence felt through various traditional channels including its own website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
Preparing for Better Future 
TundraSystems is a Futuristic company and its aspiration is to gain a market leading share of the Quantum Computing sector. It has developed a great innovative product base and that will be the driving force behind its market leading aspirations. The organization is a tangible product development company and its value proposition is based on producing tangible solutions that customers can use on a day to day basis.