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Trility Consulting: A People-first Solution Company

New companies, devices, and services are coming and going at such a high speed, it is truly marvelous to consider how many things can today be controlled, mixed together, managed and monitored. And then big companies enter the mix seeking to stay competitive by introducing their own innovations, investing in or purchasing small companies, their teams and IP, or watching on the sideline as they wonder where this is all going and how they were just passed by a company born yesterday. The industry is changing as fast as the imagination and today’s technology solutions and practices enable change nearly as quick as customers can change their minds. This makes it especially challenging for industry standards, and particularly information security, to be created and/or evolved at the pace of publicly available innovations. It makes it even more challenging for companies and consumers to stay current, let alone fully realize what has value and quality and what does not. It is a spectacular and wonderfully disruptive time of change.
Trility Consulting is a full-spectrum solution company who understands the economics of building and delivering continuous value. The company is transforming the industry with their out-of-the-box solutions in areas including: secure enterprise cloud adoption, PaaS, SaaS, and test-driven Infrastructure as Code, Internet of Things, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and more. The team at Trility spends their time looking to understand a client’s aspirations, strategic goals, tactical needs and even whims; and then they take all of the technologies, practices, and buzzwords relevant to the task at hand and distill it all down into a deliverable solution that the customer demands. The Trility team excels at simplifying the complex.
Distinctive Offerings Customized for Customer Demands
Trility solutions are simple and can be implemented quickly, allowing the client to get straight to building the IoT platform/ecosystem of their vision instead of waiting for technology groups to figure out tools, tool chains, compatibilities, processes, procedures, etc.  Everything the Trility team does from the beginning is designed with test-driven, software-defined infrastructure already baseline compliant for today’s information security standards and performance requirements. Trility solutions are designed and built with information security and performance capability from day one. To date, the Trility team has worked with Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies to startups, one person consulting firms to “Big 5” consulting enterprises, and in every single case they are left with the same theme – people are hard; technology is easy. This forces Trility team members to rigorously simplify and to deliver value now, not produce presentations discussing future value.
Designer of Trility Consulting
Matthew Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Trility Consulting. He has a wide array of interests and most importantly to Trility Consulting and his clients, a constant thirst for knowledge and understanding. While he continually works to understand new technologies, he if often most interested in discovering how these technologies benefit different people in different ways and at different times. His diverse interest in understanding technology and the value it brings to people is best illustrated in the fact that, while he is working in the cloud engineering/IoT space, he is concurrently working with a non-governmental organization he started named Teach People ( designed to enable autonomous, sustainable living opportunities for people in developing nations through access to knowledge and data.
Technology Expert transforming the IoT Space
In addition to full-stack software development and cloud engineering experience, most of the members of the Trility team have embedded, cable, cellular and/or satellite infrastructure backgrounds. These backgrounds gave them a head-start understanding the complexities and challenges of many to many architectures and operational environments. While they were already working with micro-services based, ephemeral and elastic cloud solutions coupled with very large amounts of data and automation, adding in the aspects of many to many vendors, vendor clouds and device portfolios for IoT related projects seemed a pretty natural activity for the Trility team.
Technological Challenges Observed
All new technologies go through iterations of value, and clients need to overcome the desire to be on version one of an idea simply because it is new and has a great press. In terms of making decisions that increase customer value, revenue and return on investment, the Trility team believes that all benefit by taking the time to understand problems, goals, and needs prior to getting caught up in the conventions, swag, sales pitches and fear of being left behind. Choosing which innovation wave to surf is a moment by moment decision and must be discovered by each company, in each context. Know your problem, then discover the solution path.
Future Prospects
The team at Trility spends their time figuring out how to automate everything in software-defined, test-first methods so that customers can get straight to making money rather than waiting until they can start. Working with Trility is an exercise in accelerating the time to market, time to revenue window. Trility clients want to gain market share and revenue now, not when technologists can get to it. Every single thing Trility team does every day is calibrated for helping the client realize success now. “What you will continue to see from us is a smaller and smaller time to revenue/time to the operation window. Vision casting leaders imagine worlds where anything can connect to anything, associative data is leveraged in real-time for automated decisioning and throughput is king. We enable it,” says Matthew about their future offerings.

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