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Trianz: Execution Driven Security Firm

As little as a decade ago, the primary focus of information security and application security was to assure the security of the data center and thereby protect corporate assets from threats. Today, the practice of information security has evolved into a board level imperative that has to both account for and provide assurance that all manner of information and assets, including people and applications, are protected from threat.
CISOs and the entire C-suite are faced with the challenges of securing an ever-expanding set of assets encompassed in private, public and hybrid architectures, provided by multiple applications, data sources and a growing set of endpoints and users, and managed in alignment with a slowly evolving and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape.
Knowing that Information security strategies must innovate and mature to become inclusive of people assets as well as application and data assets and account for a broader set of technologies and ways of working with internal and third party resources; Trianz was founded to help leaders in client organizations, formulate and execute operational strategies to achieve business results from a senior management perspective.
A Company Enabling Strategic Execution
Trianz is a dynamic and fast growing firm that helps leaders in client organizations formulate and execute operational strategies to achieve business results from a senior management perspective. Leveraging the Cloud, Analytics, Digital, and Security paradigms, Trianz brings the best of consulting and technology experiences, execution models and IP to deliver consistent success to clients.
Enabling clients to implement, govern and operate an information security culture from within is the purpose of the Security Practice at Trianz. Their practice is designed to help clients implement strategic information security solutions that address foundational and organizational business processes while executing typical information security, risk management, and assurance services. Trianz have assembled an experienced security practice team with exceptional execution capabilities in assessments, architectures, implementation, analytics, and operations.
A Leader Driven by Innovation
Chris Mullaney—a multi-talented executive with 20+ years at Microsoft, with an outstanding record of leadership spanning a wide array of roles in global information security, regulatory compliance, risk management, antitrust compliance and program management—recently joined Trianz as Practice Head – Information Security.
As a Head of information security practice at Trianz, Chris strengthens its existing information security framework and bring in global best practices to build a world-class information security practice at Trianz.
C-Suite Responsibilities Today
This innovation maturity strategy is at the heart of Trianz’ approach to information security. The goal of business is to enable: enable clients to do great things with the products and services they offer; enable employees to innovate and provide great support to customers; and enable third parties to securely provide innovative, new products and services in support of their clients’ businesses.
To secure the environment against threats, many businesses are focused on developing information security programs that eliminate threats by disabling their employees – eliminating access points, restricting device usage, limiting application development and deployment, limiting or denying third party services in support of business programs. This practice has the impact of providing greater security for assets – if you can’t get to the information, it is secure by default. However, it also sets up an organizational “Culture of No.”
The Culture of No is a clear deterrent to innovation which is a death knell for any business. Because the business imperative is to grow – to improve products and services, to improve experiences for customers – the Culture of No is an effective security program only as long as employees don’t find ways around the controls so they can do their job and innovate.
Typical Security Practice
Trianz’ security consulting services are focused on helping clients foster the Culture of Yes and the team is successfully making it true. Whether Trianz is engaged in assessing client’s readiness for a particular audit, standard, regulation or certification or working with them to implement a governance program that includes implementation of a secure operations center using a DevOps support model, the team focuses on helping their clients develop their own Culture of Yes for information security. This process starts with understanding the clients’ business goals and objectives, current security posture, risk analysis, risk management profile, architectures supported and technology strategy. It includes evaluating each of these areas for blockers to success in implementation, governance or organizational policy/structure, technology choices and regulatory-audit-compliance landscape. Next, in concert with the client, they envision the Culture of Yes for their information security program while leveraging guidelines, techniques, and technologies that support the overall security engagement. Trianz Security is mainly focused on practice areas that includes assessments, architectures, implementation, operations, and analytics.
Measuring Success Completely in Client Term
With offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad, Trianz serve a wide range of clients from Fortune 1000 to emerging companies in high tech, insurance, financial services, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, public sector and logistics industries. Over the past decade, Trianz has developed a reputation for excellence in execution, enabling global organizations to achieve results envisioned by their senior management. Trianz measures success completely in client terms – the impact created through business execution.