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Trending technologies in 2015 that will change the way you live

New technologies hitting the market with smart gadgets, cars, watches and virtual reality, for which you pay with just a touch on your smartphone? 2015 may make it a reality.
The Smart-Home
AS we are getting smarter with smart gadgets, your home could be smarter too. Whether you call it the internet of things or a smart tech home for interconnectivity of separate devices and ecosystems, where connected devices are added importance in our day to day life. Today IoT is a future of domestic settings. Companies are pulling the ideas of the smart home primarily into focus. Ultimately, it means more smart devices aimed at monitoring utilities and home systems, supporting productivity and delivering entertainment.
Smart Appliances
The Home cannot be a smart home without smart gadgets and appliances. Now home appliances and home gadgets will also pop up in the development area alongwith security, entertainment and utility. For example, if you wear a UP24 – the activity tracker on your wrist by Jawbone, it will alert your thermostat when it notices you have woken up and increase the temperature to something more comfortable. Again a Smart Lock helps you every time when you leave the house. The lock will alert the Nest Thermostat and it will switch to Away mode automatically.
The Vessyl smart cup can accurately identify your drink, tell you how many calories you are consuming, let you know how hydrated you are, and alert you when it’s time to drink again. You can have your refrigerator tell you what is in it or your kitchen range text you when a roast is almost done With LG and Samsung technologies.
Mobile Payments
Mobile payment services are becoming widespread and more usual in 2015. People prefer these services to save time and for their convenience. Now no need to carry cash, cheque, or credit card, a person can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services. Android’s app Zapp launched in 2015, and EE’s Cash on Tap service is laying the foundations for a year where every transaction could get the mobile treatment. Apple and Samsung introduced Pay services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Even Wallet by google has been launched this year.
Drones are used in cases, where manned flight is difficult. The coming months will continue to place unmanned aerial vehicles as a fixture in our collective day-to-day consciousness. Drones can carry lightweight parcels quickly and easily within a small distance. Cities like New York find drones more easier and cheaper than a two wheeler. While it’s the most obvious and immediate application, drones will completely go beyond deliveries. They have been already proven invaluable for cinematographers seeking impressive camera shots, real estate agents filming sweeping tour videos of homes, and farmers analyzing their crops and dusting them with pesticides. It may act as a common device to supervise. Companies like Amazon are very much interested in utilizing them to use for delivery and may be more in coming days. As drones find more utility amongst us, they will become an essential part of our lives.
3D Printing
Recently, NASA made it possible for a 3D printed spanner to be created aboard the International Space Station. Serving to highlight how far the technology has come, this will help 3D printing into an amazing development. Hardware and equipment costs will lessen, leading to increased access to them and can be applied in industrial, health and commercial areas. A 3D printer won’t become a reasonable buy for the home any soon, but yes, 3D printing services will become more popular across the world and more accessible as regulations are cleared up.
Virtual Reality At Home
The Oculus Rift, Sony’s Morpheus VR, and upcoming device by Microsoft are all being passionately developed and tuned up. However, with a bluster solid software support the Microsoft’s device appears to become available at the end of 2015. The Rift and Morpheus VR should follow with consumer launches of their own, and advocates will ensure at least one is accepted. It’s still too early to know whether virtual reality devices have a longer-term appeal or not. The coming year should help to answer the question. When one of the three aforementioned products comes to market, we can be sure the others won’t be far behind.
Connected Cars
Connected cars are already being explored by Apple’s Carplay system. Android’s forthcoming Android Auto will develop the market further, transferring apps and services from our smartphones to the dashboards. But these are just initials. At the same time Android and Apple will be a key in generating thoughts about what drivers need and can gain, cars will become smarter with advance apps. We can take benefit of built in mobile hotspots, smartphone connected security systems and manufacturers’ own integrated systems.
The replacement for HD, 4K as the Ultra HD resolution will only become popular across the world with a fall in price, sensible business models and the expansion of 4K content and services. 2014 was considered to be the year for 4K, but without a convincing argument for the standard and the means that people can access it easily, it did not make a good mark. 4K is now 2015’s to champion and the choices are it either falling away or being moved into an attractive proposition. The latter is far more likely.
Tying your Phone to the hand rather than holding is more convenient now a days, as smartwatches are available with functionality alongwith sporty and stylish looks. If you are yet to succumb to pairing your mobile life with a smartwatch, you may be tempted next year. 2014 saw companies growing in the market and struggle for position, and we can expect to see more. The Apple Watch will solve the problem with hard touch screen by iPhone and iPad users, while Android’s strong end to the year will lead to even more innovation. Some good performing smartwatch offerings will come together with the ongoing development of the Android Wear ecosystem. We can even see a shift away from watches being dependent on phones. A watch with its own SIM-card, number and completely independent data connection cannot be too far away. Samsung’s Gear S has hinted as much.
Wearable Smart Ring
In wearable gadgets, smart ring is one kind of jewelry designed by Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Projects such as Mota SmartRing, and Cuff zipped past their funding goals, proving that women may not be interested in bulky smartwatches, but they sure do love the idea of smart jewelry.
Freshly into the market is Intel’s trending MICA smart bracelet, which bundles smartwatch features into an attractive bangle. The snake skin bracelet even has gold accents and semi-precious stones like pearls tacked on for style. Some rings like Ringly, Mota, and Cuff will ensure that smart jewelry makes it big in 2015.