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Travelaps: Bringing All Travel Solutions Under a Roof

The World Wide Web is part and parcel of every citizen’s life right now. Every company these days is using Internet and cloud services in order to run their business. The travel industry is also not far behind. Nowadays, people want all services like flight booking, hotel booking, car rental, and other travel-related solutions under a single roof. However, till date, it was a bit of a tough job to integrate all these together, but now, with the presence of various travel portal solution providers, it has become possible. One such company is Travelaps, an online travel portal that is being used by various hotels and travel agencies. Being one of the first Microsoft solutions providers, Travelaps is specialized in travel portal development, XML connectivity, and booking engines. With Travelaps’s system, a travel agency or hotel can start their comprehensive portal within a few minutes and immediately start selling hotels, flights, tours, etc.

The Pioneer Behind Travelaps

Kemal Oral is the Founder & CEO of Travelaps. He founded the company with a massive experience of more than 20 years in the Information System branch of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry. He also founded several start-up companies, and also organized technical teams to develop various IT products in the field of tourism. Kemal has also validated three projects from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and has worked in tourism, both academically and in the field.

As, smaller firms cannot invest significant amount of money needed for a broad range of XML providers, Kemal aimed to provide a solution to that problem. He wanted both flight, transfer and accommodation services to be sold through a single portal that can process online payments, like a modern day AI travel planner.

Making Travelling an Easy Affair

Travelaps helps hotel and travel agencies to sell hotels, flights, transfers and tour services taken from many global XML operators together with a travel agency’s own travel services. The online portal provides central reservation systems, payment processing, marketing management and other integration features. With this brilliant one-stop application, a travel company can start selling their services and receive payments online. Since a travel product consists of many services such as hotel, flight, transfer, tour, and entertainment and as a company cannot provide all the above services, Travelaps helps businesses to put their services together with other external services and sell through dynamic packaging. Travelaps also packs another advantage as it can be used for B2C, B2B and B2E sales. Additionally, it helps to manage and keep track of all sub-agencies and commissions. The portal also enables its users to generate detailed account, agency, and sales management reports. Furthermore, with very fast and immensely secured server which has the highest uptime in the world, the clients are always connected.
Users can turn on & off the XML connection anytime. Also, they can choose their preferred services. The system can compare prices for the same item from different sources and display the cheapest one. Whenever Travelaps adds a new XML supplier, the users get immediate access to their services; the company lets its users add their own XMLs as well.

Travelaps also helps to promote the marketing, sales, customer engagement and loyalty with functions such as marketing campaign, mass mailing, content management system, customer relationship management and 24/7 support.

Unique Services at Lowest Cost

Travelaps offers the best solution that one can get at the lowest cost by helping its clients reach out to more people than ever before, mostly due to the brilliant XML technology and fast systems. It is a multicurrency and multi-language software with a brilliantly designed system that has integrated back office and sales operations. Additionally, it is one of the most comprehensive travel portal solutions that has integrated with more than 25 providers in the industry, including, Expedia, Amadeus, Hotelbeds, Python, etc. The solutions provided by TravelsAps are brilliantly reliable and affordable, and have been used by hundreds of online portals. The organization also offers B2B and B2C sales conducted from a single portal. Adding to that, the solutions it provides are most beneficial for various travel agencies that are looking for an online travel portal which can make offers of their services and other XML services together.

Tackling Uneven Roads

Like many other organizations, Travelaps has also experienced its fair share of challenges while expanding at a drastic pace, both domestically and internationally. However, the most important one was the system performance problems. In the cloud, it is quite tough to know how many clients are using the system at a time, and one must keep in mind that with an increment of the number of customers, the performance shouldn’t be affected. So, one should use all shared sources and algorithms as independently as possible, to not crash. Another thing with the cloud is that the clients are always vulnerable to various malicious cyber-attacks.

In many instances, many Travelaps customers also started facing various cyber-attacks from around the world. On several occasions, at developmental stage, the company had to stop the development and start developing cloud protection systems against virus attacks for several weeks.

Tackling Competitors and Future Roadmap

The organization always embraced the mentality to adopt the current trends as quickly as possible by always putting its customers first. Additionally, it provides 24/7 support in two languages. Travelaps also offers tailor made customized options for its customers, which offers the best compatibility in the market.

The travel portal agency is a novelty in the market that has clients across the planet. It completely focuses on enabling travel agents to connect across the globe for buying and selling a broad spectrum of travel series, right from their website. The organization is also planning for a wider connectivity and extended network for the near future.

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